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where using discord now to meet up, and to arange plays (digital or spreadsheet). here is a link:

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Be this box or fiend from hell? It has arrived! I have used a copy of The Cape to show the sheer scale of it all. It all looks amazing and I’ve conscripted some friends to play it later on. I hope all your copies show up soon, too!
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Dead Group?! Or....?

So ... is it time for this Community to go away?
There just doesn't seem to be any activity except for spammers dropping something dumb on people every now and then.

been weeks sins i last checked this page. well the page is becoming less relevant as time goes by. however i do miss the spreadsheet games. as i learned most of how the game works from those games.

who is up for a game in about 20 min?

the spreadsheet is acting up again. can someone fix it?

well i gues, this forum is sorta dead.
since video game and not beeing able to make events....

time for some games agian. i am missing these games. instead of making events that might nog get people, ill ask here.

who wants to do a game in the weekend of the 9th until the 11th of this month?
it wil be the regular EU time (2 pm for all you americans) (7 gmt).

So do we need to plan a session to save the UK from itself?
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