To Jack I want you to go look for the post I did just for you ps love your Vedas

+Mas Leon​​n you are fucking retarded. When I heard you had assholes bugging you I thought it was real assholes. Now I realize it was fucking 2 OBVIOUS troll accounts that can't even spell, and 2 actual smart people who know what they're talking about. Just ignore them you fucking crybaby, Don't keep involving them in everything you do, stupid cunt

Oh right comint on this if you hate yoshi 

Wut is this poop?

Just a week ago or more. We have this bitch. +Angrybirdone who made a collection of me. And saying gay stuff. Now if your following me. You might know him

I love you people

Here's my plan. I invite him. And we just talk mad shit about him WITHOUT HIS ASSHOLE FRIENDS 

I thought this was a anti angrybirdone community. Oh well ill stay anyways.

Aww look at this. This bitch is saying we love us. GAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

I know many of you don't know him. Here his account +Angrybirdone​ 
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