Does anyone work for a school district that does not ask for parent permission to use the Internet?  I'm thinking students/parents may still need to sign a responsible or acceptable use agreement, but with so much tech integration use of the Internet is just considered part of the educational setting.  Any examples out there?  

Random question:  a year or so ago at one of the Iowa tech conferences someone presented on a system that a district was using to "gamify" PD for their teachers - I believed used badges, etc...  Anyone know of what this system/website/company was?  And I want to even say the school was Bettendorf.... but could be off base on that too.
TIA for any help!

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Going to share something since no one has in a while and this looks like  a great group of educators.  I created a Smore page of resources for Digital Citizenship with our high schoolers.  It includes a video I made about the roll out of our #ameshighpride  tag.

Who's offering summer professional this year?  What are your topics?

Hi all - I was supposed to do this back in October!  Let's use this community to connect and share!
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