Hi All, how do you display the first date of a period you have selected? ie. if you select 2nd Jan-8th Jan, I want to just display in a scorecard (or similar) the first date ie. 2nd Jan.

Seems like a simple thing to me!

Also - how do I setup SQL as a datasource and have it automatically update?

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I need your help in order to create a Data Studio Dashboard with a pie chart using data out of a google spreadsheet with the following structure.

In principle I have a column with dates (each line represent a calendar day) and several columns with different tool unavailability causes where we put the hours when the tool was not available. The last column ist he residual availability time calculated (24-SUM(Cause1:Cause3).

I would like to show on the dashboard, for a selected timeframe, the pie chart with the percentage of each cause and the percent of availability time, but I'm struggling in getting the result I need.

Do you have any hint in order to do it in the right way?

Thank you.


Can anyone help me with this please?


Column X

Creating a bar chart out of this will give me 3 bars:

2 A

1 A,B,C

1 C,D,E

Wanted result:

3 A
1 B
2 C
1 D
1 E

Is this possible, please?

One of my customer's dashboards has apparently randomly changed layout, and they have not had success it getting it back to the former (correct) layout which they had.

Does anyone have any tips how they can revert to their chosen layout?

I am looking for help creating a scorecard using data studio. I created a content group called brands within Google Analytics but I am now looking to take each of those brands and pull the data into a dashboard setting. Any advice on how to do this since content groups are not standard?

I have a problem with my filters.
I have three filters in a page.

Normally if I click the filter which is Quality for example, I get the months and the item. However, when I start with months, the quality (showing values in mT) does not show. How do you resolve this?

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I am trying to get a certain table with several data sources to show the following.
I have grouped different goal IDs into custom calculated fields called "contact" and "downloads", and I want to have all the different hostnames shown and the joined goals thereafter.
How can I do this?

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Hi, everyone. I get an error when accessing a report using a shareable link it says that "the report cannot be viewed at this time" as shown in the picture what is the work around this error


Hi, I would like a 'clear selection' button/workaround please for my report. There is one natively available to users when the report is shared but not available if the report is embedded. Any ideas, please?
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