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Hello, Welcome to Hamilton roleplay Community here we can just act like historical rapping men and women!

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i love watching the fandom rp alexander because they make him write non-stop and make him not sleep for like three days and make him so extroverted and happy

when in reality he slept regularly, spoke to his wife and children regularly, wrote moderately and only stayed up writing when he absolutely needed to, he was a victim of depression and was actually introverted

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NAME: Angelica Schuyler-Church

AGE: 25

WHERE I LIVE: New York City

SPOUSE: John Barker Church

CHILDREN: Philip Schuyler Church

Angelica Schuyler makes her first appearance in "The Schuyler Sisters", as she and her sisters, Eliza and Peggy sing about the revolution happening in New York. Later, she and her sisters attend a ball proposed by her father, Philip Schuyler, in which she meets multiple revolutionary allies, including Alexander Hamilton. Eliza emerges with immediate feelings for Alexander upon sight, but does not approach him; Angelica strikes a conversation with him in turn and is attracted to him both by looks and demeanour. Angelica then realises her sister's extent of feelings for Hamilton and hides her own allure to him for the sake of her sister. As being a loyal and loving sister, Angelica attends and toasts Eliza's wedding to Alexander Hamilton, singing of how she will never be satisfied, but is happy for her sister.

While Hamilton works at home, Angelica tells Hamilton to convince Jefferson that his new financial plan will work, so that the Congress will accept it and put the plan to action. She also informs him that she will arrive at New York to travel upstate to her father's home in Albany. During this time, she and Eliza try to convince Alexander to accompany them on vacation to Albany. Alexander refuses, saying that he has to keep improving his plan for Congress, and the sisters travel upstate without him.

During his time alone, Alexander Hamilton has an affair with Maria Reynolds, and to keep the affair secret is forced to pay her husband, James Reynolds, an amount of money. Meanwhile, Aaron Burr, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison recollect on how lucky he is that George Washington always happens to support him. Alexander is afraid they will demise of his reputation and openly writes about his affair to save himself, meanwhile thoroughly bringing down and shaming his wife. Angelica comes from London when she heard about the affair. Hamilton is relieved, thinking that she has come to help redeem him, but Angelica replies that she did not come for him and stands by her sister's side.

After Hamilton's death in a duel against Aaron Burr, Angelica returns with her sister. She supports her sister for the rest of her years, and Eliza sings about her reliance on her older sister until Angelica's death in 1814, after which she is buried in Trinity Church near Alexander.

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Does anyone want to do a Hamilton family roleplay?
Alexander: Me
Elizabeth: +Doodle Sketcher (?)
Phillp Hamilton: +Rylan The Blue Pony
Angie Hamilton:
Alexander (jr):
James (Baby): +ᏆhᎬ ᎠᎬᏉᎥᏞ's ᏟhᎥᏞᎠ
Phillp: 13
Angie: 10 or 9 (which ever)
Alexander (Jr.): 5
James: 3 months


Thanks for le invite

I AM NOT THROWING AWAY MAH SHOT to join this place...

FRICK YEAH THIS PLACE YES YES YES sorry excited thanks for the invite but thats it for now I LOOK FORWARD TO THIS PLACE
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