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I've prepared short form that will help me plan what should I include in the new version of EZ-GUI. So if you have one minute please help. Also please share the form to others.
The link is here:


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My wife has small YouTube channel. Due to recent changes on YouTube they plan to disable monetization because she hasn't got enough subscribers. So if you can please help and subscribe. Thanks
colorful pompom
colorful pompom

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Hi Ezio....
i tried to follow me Mode on EZGUI normal, orbit, wand modes....
but i didnt work...

any advices please..?

htc M8 Unable to install

I found a big bug on ezgui. If you using 3D mode and enter to motor test menu, and exit from this menu than motors automatically goes to 100%. Its very dangerous!

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I have been trying to get ez-gui to work with an esp8266 adapter. I have tried many flashing combinations and have gotten the module itself to work with several of them... I am able to connect using the clean flight configuration over wireless, but when I connect using the ez-gui app it freezes and lags out.

I have tried lowering the baud rate, turning up the refresh rate from 150, 200, 250, 300...

I am using an LG v10.

the ESP8266 device is the ai-cloud inside

naze32 rev6

Any suggestions or feedback I can provide?

For some reason EZ-GUI now can't connect to my BeerotorF3 via OTG. It worked flawless about 3 month ago, but now - don't work on my Moto X (1-st gen).
When I plug USB cable and press OK - "There's no USB devices connected".
LED lights are blinking slowly on the FC at the same time.
I've checked cables using other phone (Samsung galaxy S4) - cable is working fine, connection is established (even with non-beta version of application - I'm using Betaflight 3.0).
Does anybody have an idea what went wrong/how I can fix it?
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