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i was riding on my horse blackwind in the forbidden sands and i was wearing my hood and cloak so no one will know who i am. I was sent on this mission to delivered a message to the empire and night being to rise and i made camp then a sound came up. I looks around got my bow out and ready and waits then u
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A single dragon, along with a rider arived at the capital. The dragon seemed so large that it could wipe the city if it wished to do so, but it did not act as the rider got off of the dragon.

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general raven was paying a visit to the northern capital due to an imperial garrison had been killed he arrived with 13 thousand imperial knights and had just made camp to rest his men twenty miles from the capital +Melaura Russell​ (closed rp)

+ZenpaiRazengard would Begin there next wave and attack before the demons could first he readied a massive catapult bombardment and would also advance his knights etc(open rp)

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Name: darkrai

Army type: archers

Armor type: none

Numbers: over 700 000

Banners: see the pictures

Country: lives in nothern mountains and in the village

Leader: shaden

Bio: darkrai is assassin she has no leader but she will kill for payment of course her parents died in war when she was 15 years old and now she lives in the northern mountains and there is a village that she lives on her own.
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+Zenpaigeneral raven was looking at battle maps and strategic positions they had control over the southern farms but the demon hoard in the North proved resilient and unwavering in defense he had heard some of the time traveling fools had entered his camp but he refused to accept them entrance to his command tent +Luke van Wyngaardt​ (open rp)

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Name: raven norune riesfeld
Age: 23
Rank: general high tier 1st
S/o: straight
Title: hero of the northern lands
Gender: male
Primary: long sword serrated blade
Secondary: metal pike
Defense: crest shield
Armor: heavy black iron full plate armor with chain mail
Marital status: unmarried until given political marriage
Army: razengard death lance cavalry
Height: 6" 2
Weight: 156 without armor
With armor: 275 pounds
Appearance: pictures
Faction: imperial kingdom of razengard
History: he was born before the demon kings offensive in his father's castle his mother was general before he was his mother trained him and sent him to squire for the king within two years of Service he finally became a knight and accompanied the king in many battles till the death of his mother and the king then the crowning of prince archilles he swore alliances to and became general of the death lance cavalry now he leads the charge against the demon army
Dragon partner: kirestall

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The great army of fire started their march through the lands of man, as they heard about the losses of the army of the humans, they decided it was time to show themselves for the first time in a 1000 years since the last dawn of humanity. They started with smaller cities and towns close to the demon border, razing through most in the matter of minutes.
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