Anyone 'member when Temple of Time was all the rage? Needed all the mask, and the bosses drops to get the Marble of Chaos every single time? Now, it is just do it once, and congratulations, I can now make millions of them with just a few item from the past... Well, back to being nostalgic. After ToT (I believe) Empress came out. I 'member when the strongholds were full in every channel during a 2x event, or after a hot time that gives the 2x coupons... Always has a Bishop or a Phantom with Holy Symbol (HS). Now a days, its just hackers in Haven, and people soloing bosses. What happen to Maplestory's glory days?

I miss the old Zak... The one where there wasn't that stupid insta-kill thing with the arms. I 'member when CZak was a walk in the park. Now, its an ungrateful, immortal rock that deserves to rot deep in a hole... Then again, it kinda already it...

Anyone remember the big ol' tub of scales named Pianus? You know... the giant fish in Aqua that was needed to get Hero's Will to save your life when you get seduced by Horntail or C Zak... That guy. Anyway, for you people who find him "useless" now, if you want a wee bit of XP and Reward points (I think twenty per side), go and bring home the big one!
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