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If your S.E Michigan home or business has suffered storm damage call ProRestore toll free
@ 1-800-RESTORE (737-8673) or 1-248-268-1589. Crews are ready 24-7

#winddamage #stormdamage #ProRestore #insurancerepair #waterdamage #tornado #thunderstorm #haildamage #emergency #michigan

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ONE-The ONLY tribute to Metallica

Hosted by: Shakespeares Lower Level

Where: 241 East Kalamazoo Avenue
Kalamazoo, MI 49007

When:31 Jul, 2014
31 Jul Start Time : 08:00 PM
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Hi Amanda and anyone else checking in,
I'm wondering if there's a list of events for the SE Michigan startup community posted somewhere online. I don't seem to be getting Monica's email updates anymore, and the process of going website to website looking for stuff to put in our events calendar has become really time-consuming. Any suggestions?

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Great resource! This workshop will go over the basics and an SEO Strategy for your #Biz  

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What local podcasts do you listen too? Check out this #Detroit  one

How is your week going? What challenges do you face?

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Dr. Anil Kumar In Lead For United States Congress 11th District Congressional Seat In Democratic Primary

Dr. Anil Kumar, according to a Target Insyght Poll released today would win the United States Congressional Seat for the 11th District in the Democratic Primary. For more details visit : #MichiganCongress #MIElection2014 #Michigan11thDistrict #MichiganElection

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A little late...but tomorrow in #detroit  is the social entrepreneur awards: 

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A great event + competition for social entrepreneurs in mIchigan.
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