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Welcome +Sigmund Petersen to OpenKollab. Thanks for joining :)

 See also the google group. 

Is the "about" correct here? Looks like isn't related.

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Welcome +Trey Wedge to OpenKollab. This is the G+ community version of .. we are still around but have dispersed except for an occasional burst of inspiration.

It looks like it has been 2 years since anything has been posted here.

Has everyone forgotten about the group like I did, at least until Dante-Gabryell Monson (Welcome, Gabryell!) requested to join.

What is everyone doing out there in the world?

I've been taking some notes recently on observed/intuited dichotomies of collaboration style, in the interest of developing some profiling mechanisms and questionnaires for would-be partners and groups (self-assessed, or peer review).

While I wouldn't suggest a definitive compartmentalization in one mode or another of these pairs, they could be useful advertisements of preference and tendency, and perhaps designated via a scope of competency rather than a single point of station.

Curious for any tweaks or additions to this growing list, grouped somewhat roughly, with several overlaps and parallels. I could see a radial or spherical map of all this, with connective chords?

challenge - flow
plan - explore
focus - juggle
barter - donate
open - reserved

chat - observe
sense - process
mellow - fierce
huddle - solo

dearth - bounty
novel - routine
vertical - lateral
simple - complex
adequate - optimal

text - graphic
tinker - talk
improv - order
effect - adapt
scout - safety

Any related assessments that you'd point to along these lines, including some of the more familiar personality profiling regimens? I will add to and clarify this post as intentions and potential applications clear up! Kind of an open brainstorm for now, if you will.

Hey Folks - good to see a bit of activity here... I'm wondering what the status  of the OK Wagn wiki's is... There was a lot of good content/intelligence there and it would be nice for it to not just die on a server...

I had an interesting set of experiences this last weekend that deeply underscored the polarity between gift culture and barter culture and what these imply for the dynamics of open collab. It even leads me towards distinguishing co-creation as a separate/related phenomenon or paradigm, arising mainly from the first of those two modes. Not that they are entirely exclusive or irreconcilable (tensions within polarity is where I find a great deal of latent energy to reside), but perhaps they should be better explicated and managed within an intentional group scenario. Curious how folks here may see/feel in regards to any of that. I can say more re: my experiences if it strikes a chord or raises questions for anyone.

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This effort seems relevant. I haven't been to any GAs myself, but I'm going to keep an eye on the results of this survey. 

"to learn what procedures and facilitation techniques worked and did not work; to learn what the demographics of Occupy GAs has been and how marginalized communities have been represented; and to compare the GA methods of different Occupies around the country."

These dimensions align with emergent process architectures and participation concurrency which, theoretically could be modeled, measured and (re) mixed.

Something that could be of interest to this group: I am working with a lawyer friend on "Source Control" for legal, so that legal docs can be managed like Open Source code is managed. Think of contract as pieces of software that enable business transactions. And figure a set of templates that you can copy and customize however you want. When you do so, you have the option to making these new docs available back to the community (save the personal data, contact info etc...)
And as more and more people use the system we can mine the data to see what type of clauses are used for what type of transactions and build intelligence.
I am using this system to manage contract for my current project and we have started adding and codifying legal docs of various kinds.
The UI is still rough, using MediaWiki, but it works. 
Anybody interested in exploring this further?
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