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"Bloody hell!" HMHS Britannic had just hit a mine and was flooding slowly George at this time had been reading in his cabin when the mine hit in about 5 minutes he was on the bridge looking at the bow. "I'll be damned if she survives."


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"All ahead full!" The cry rang out as Olympic steamed into the open water of the Atlanic. The three steam whistles moaned and the engines were heard all the way up on deck. Olympic was on its way. Thick black smoke belched out of the funnels. Kenneth looked up at the enormous towers that were blowing coal dust. It was one of the best sights he had ever seen.

"ICEBERG, STRAIGHT AHEAD!" The entire crew heard the lookout scream it. The bell rang three times. Everyone in the crew had trained for this, but wished it would never happen. Now it was. The man at the helm steered the ship hard 'a' starboard. Kenneth gave the command to put the engines full astern. The bridge was in a blind panic.

Name:George Keith
Line:White Star line.
Job:Second Officer.
Personality:Stubborn and rude at first but once you get to know him he is kind.
Biography:Born in the 1890's George was born rich he had a passion for locomotives as he owns a LNER B12 and LNER J72 built in 1898 and the B12 built in 1911 he owns 5 coaches he joined the White Star Line at Age 20 he went up the ranks quickly and is now a second officer.

Name: Kenneth Thompson
Alias: Kenny
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Class: Crew
Line: White Star Line
Job: Second Officer
Nationality: English
Personality: Rather stubborn and strict, but when you know him well he's quite kind.
Biography: He was born in England to a middle class family. He loved ships since he was little. So when he was old enough, he joined the White Star Line. He went up the ranks quickly and is now a second officer.
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