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Get ready for a new server!

Looking for new host.

I'm so confused, why are all the normal people that don't play Minecraft joining? Did I post to everyone on accident?

Can I be a redstone engineer too? Also my ign is SolarpandaS.

Owner: ALTA2017 Me
Host: +Henry Stark 
Co-owner: Game_Boy53
Co-Owner: Awesomeness1199
Head Admin: *
Admin: scenequeencutie
Admin: *
Admin: *
Admin: *
Head Mod: EliteHateNachos +Applejack Pony 
Mod: dmailhiot +Daniel Mailhiot 
Mod: +Jonathan Lavenant 
Mod: +Tyler showers
Mod: +Sarah Stoddard 
Mod: +Shardul Shetye 
Mod: +benjamin long 
Mod: +Ammon Smith 
Mod: *
Head Builder: ninjawolfgirl
Chief Redstone Engineer: SolarpandaS

* Pending
^ Temp.

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