anyone have WeChat?i  invite you join my English group on WeChat

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If you are looking to learn english speaking but you are afraiding to commuting and hesitation.

We, Genlish brought to you the concept of "Easy Learning English on Phone". So explore yourself with us. 

Give us a miscall to get free demo now :

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Hi friends – Here is a helpful video - Learn how and when to use Articles-A,  AN and THE. Also posting a link to a FREE course on English–
Hope you find this helpful!
Be Persistent, Be Focused, Move in the Right Direction and you can learn anything.

Improve Your Vocabulary -
The accent was formerly placed on the middle syllable of this word.

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Improve your vocabulary
Account Current. The symbol ajc means 'account current.'
Tt is often improperly used as an abbreviation of the word ' account,'
in the sense of description or narrative.

I'm not a native English but I do want to speak like them..
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