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Excel Vba : Filtering Using Text Boxes

A nice filtering template.
The value in textbox is searched as part or whole in the column.
The results found are shown in the column, the other data are hidden.

Sample file can be downloaded from Youtube link.

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Basic data analysis for beginners
Please comment what changes you want to see

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Product Filtering Between Two Dates Using Userform

The products between two dates easily can be filtered through userform .
When the dates (start date,end date) are entered in text boxes and if report button is pressed the userform
elongation effect is activated and listbox appears.

The found results are listed on the listbox.

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Creating Invoice And Entering Data Quickly Through Userforms

In this invoice template ,the userforms that contains textbox,listbox and buttons are used to enter quickly data of customers and products.
Ago,requested data can be searched in list through the text boxes . Then, when the list item is double-clicked or when the enter key is pressed, the item's data is entered in the sheet
The created invoice can be copied to selected record sheet.

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Excel :Fast Date Entry To Active Cell With Right-Click Menu

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Excel Dynamic Listbox

An easy way to add data into activecell.
When any cell is selected in column A, the hidden listbox appears. The data selected from this listbox is entered into the active cell.

Info and example file at :

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Excel :Creating A Combobox Containing Only Unique Alphabetically Sorted Values

Sometimes unique values need to fill the combobox and need to sort alphabetic..In this way, the processes may be easier.

The unique values in Column A are populated to the combobox in this example and are sorted in alphabetic order.

Also combobox in userform can be filtered on listbox and copied results to other page.

Vba codes and to download template :
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