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Name: Tomo dachi
Nickname: Tomoe
Personality: cheerful but dense and annoying
Magic: wind power
Level: Normal
Guild: no guild
Species: human
Abilites /skills : makes ice cream, good with animals , and knits well.
Likes: ice cream ,dogs or any other cute animals , knitting ,and fun games
Dislikes: bossy people, fish
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Name: Molly
Personality : Fun, thoughtful, caring, but can be very serious at a lot of times
Level: Above average
Magic: Shadow. Prefers to use shadow bullets and uses it the most often.
Ability/skill: Good with children. Very fast and flexible.
Guild: Fairy Tail
Species: Human
History: Unknown

Crystal is super bored. (Come role play with me!)

Molly walks around the guild awkwardly as Levy shows her around.

Molly lingers around the job board determined to make a good impression on her first mission.

Mio is practicing shooting arrows at objects, Levy makes for training.

Levy is going on a hike up the mountain. " It sure is hot" Levy says as she wipes her forehead and drinks water.

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Name: Crystal
Personality: cheerful, curious, friendly but serious in battle
Level: above average
Magic:ice and crystal magic
Ability/skill: can withstand degrees below zero, can sew and knit, knows survival knowledge (like how to set a tent ,igloo, catch and cook prey over fire,etc)
Guild: fairy tail
Species: ice girl
Partner: none yet
History: she lived in the northern border and decided to explore the other lands. She needed a job so she joined fairy tail

Mio is wandering around not sure what to do.
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