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There is a new post at FilmProfit, looking into the place last year's box office income compares across time, and whether it seems to tell us digital is engaging in eating the box office lunch. I hope you find it interesting:

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Villa Clara , Cuba _ Un paraíso de salud olvidado _ Hotel Elguea #cuba

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There is a new post in my series on the Six Key Risks in Making a Film, this one is on Greenlighting, the process of fully developing your film in preparation for finance. I hope you find it interesting:

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In honor of our 19th season of "Fine Cut," now airing on KCET, we asked 2 filmmaking veterans about the pros and cons of attending film school. Here is Marco Williams advocating for attending film school.

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Call for Entries,

Submit your 3 minutes of short video based on the theme: EYE DONATION

Last Date for Submission short film is: 31st October 2018

The festival will be held in Delhi on 1st December 2018

Our Jury Members will evaluate the top 3 videos, winners will win exciting cash prizes and momentos

Hurry, Participate Now!

Website Link:

Registration Link:

Awards Link:

Our Jury:

Our Rules/Terms & Conditions:

Facebook Link:

Twitter Link:

Instagram Link:


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“Three years from now, the theater business is two-tiered, it’s top is $100 million plus budget films. It’s a heightened experience — it’s almost virtual reality. Below that, the theater business is dead and a lot of companies are out of business, a lot of theater chains are out of business."

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If you are a director with a hesitation about connecting with an audience for your work, watch this interview with Yance Ford.
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