Reflection Module IV Chapter 9 and 10
Chapter 10

As the daughter of a retired military member and the wife of a retired military member, I so get this chapter. Chain of command is a strict, structured, foolproof way of dealing with a team of members with the same focus , values, an mission. Appropriate steps are to be taken before going "higher" in the chain of command to ensure problems can be addressed and resolved before getting too far or out of hand. It is imperative that every know their responsibilities and what is expected out of them in order to maintain the strength and integrity of the "chain". Everyone is essential and everyone is important. The strength comes from teamwork and the focus of the mission.
I liken the same analogy to this chapter about the organizational structure. The organization climate is of interest to me. The quality of work that can be delivered can depend on the work environment climate and how well everyone in the chain of command follows the rules and policies. It is essential for every person to understand their responsibilities, adhere to them and be accountable for them. The overlapping oversight of different individuals within the structure is in place to ensure effective and quality services are delivered to the client and changes can be made if something is not working. Policies and procedures of any organization are an essential part of ensuring the best outcome of the intended work but it is useless if the organization is not aware or educated on these standards. Continuous monitoring, education, accountability and communication are essential in any work environment and I am happy to know the importance placed in these values for my intended profession.

Reflection Module IV Chapters 9 and 10

 Chapter 9 Service Coordination deals with how the service sources are referred, contacted and services attained for the client. The policies are very formatted and structured. They are set up so that the client is the focus and all services attained are the best fit for the client- always with the highest level of care for the client. Each form of services is formulated to fit the client and their needs. Continuous monitoring is implemented in order to ensure the care is moving in the right direction and so are the clients needs. Should an area need to be "tweaked", monitoring ensures the need can and will be assessed. Advocacy is high on the list. Should a clients needs be not met, some part of the team will be in position to recognize, it and alert the appropriate team member (the case manager) and action can be taken on behalf of the client.
I feel the service coordination is set up to continuously monitor the progress of the client and be able to intervene at the appropriate time should something not go as planned. Every team member has a place and duty to perform. It's like "it takes a village", not any one person can do everything no matter how well their intentions are. The more  caring, concerned, professional eyes and ears involved, the better likely the outcome for the client and that is what it's all about.

Hello all. We are coming down to the final week. Hope all is well and please let me know if you have any questions..drr

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Ten minute example of a client intake. What's your thoughts?

I am confused on how we are suppose to do the bio! Do we use to same case as the intake? And is this the clients social history? "Encompassing the bio-psycho-social-spiritual aspects of client’s current life situation" this is what mainly confuses me! Help please! :/

I have completed the grading of the papers and assignments i received on BB and through emails. If you have not received a grade for the intake form or reflection, please let me know. Thanks

Students, I will have all the assignments and papers graded this weekend. My apologies.

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The assignments list shows that a reflection paper was due. There was not a link. Will a reflection paper be due or does the Assessment take the place of it. It's sort of confusing!
Dr. Randle, will you give us feedback on our Intake Form?

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