A week since updating to the newest version and suddenly whole regions do not rezz when using my TanGLe avatar?!?! Some few mesh items appear with time, but nothing else, although scripted items levae shout-outs in chat. I can log with my Kitely avatar and HG to the same region and everything is there?!?!

Any ideas what has happened and if it is really viewer related?
(A friend is using another viewer and has no problems seeing everything on my region)

I'Ve been getting this error message when logging in for the last few weeks.
ASSERT (mComplete.size() != 0)
Never had it before. I checked the net and have seen that there was a bug report for it back in 2013 and the problem is caused by wearables.
Login usually disables at "Connecting to Region..." stage and sometimes after <5 tries, I do manage to log in but do not land on my region, but at the grid welcome area.
Any ideas what I should be checking? Many thanks

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New Firestorm Viewer Release!!


Fixes etc.. for Opensim:

Mesh Rendering – FSEnforceStrictObjectCheck:As a rule of thumb, mesh objects should never be uploaded to OpenSim using “Analyse”. With Firestorm 5.0.11, any mesh objects which are uploaded with Analyse will likely render as invisible if the Debug FSEnforceStrictObjectCheck is set to True. To avoid this, set FSEnforceStrictObjectCheck to FALSE.

More OpenSim OSSL functions added to the script library – see the release notes for a full list (FIRE-21301).

Inventory should now load correctly on OpenSim (FIRE-21376).

SL Grid Status tool should not longer be active on OpenSim.

Crash when teleporting - LLVOSurfacePatch::dirtyGeom() (FIRE-19720)

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Interesting remarks on Inworld Review for Jan 15th. According to the people on this presentation, the situation is that MySQL / MariaDB is not supported by v9.X of OpenSimulator. That's not what I'm reading anywhere, but that's good to know. Also, since when is it difficult to run MySQL as stated in this video on LINUX? And the commentary regarding Firestorm on this video has no explaination for what is a "mess". Maybe some actual information on what "exactly" is a mess, rather than making a blanket comment like that would be more productive. Great idea to alienate one of the viewers that supports OpenSimulator. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zn5KLaHIkdE

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Fresh install of Firestorm graphics turned all the way down, MaxFPS set to 130. Still not more than 85FPS at most even with little to nothing in frame. System utilization barely above idle. There surely must be a way to get more than this out of it?!

Amazing job on the new Firestorm!! Works great both in OS and SL!! Thank you again to the Firestorm Dev Team!!

Anyone who would like to test a new FS beta for Opensim please feel free to drop me a message and we'll set you up...

Has anyone got opensim working on Ubuntu 16.10? Ever since i upgraded OpenSim dns lookup is not working.

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Here's some typical misinformation for the world of the uninformed OpenSimulator community. This was posted in the group "Virtual Worlds" who if they moderated their community wouldn't allow a boldfaced lie like this to be presented. This is one of the reasons why Firestorm remarks that the OpenSimulator Community spreads negative propaganda about them. Incidentally - the statement by this user and this group is completely FALSE. Firestorm works in OpenSimulator.

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