Great work on the Random Dungeon/Wilderness Tables book!

Has been a while!

After doing all work that needs to be done I am back into looking about the game.
I need to understand the combat a little bit so help me out. From what I understand
1) players and monsters decide what to do at the start of combat round
2)based on (1) they roll initiative with bonuses or penalties
3)we have the "close" action Which pretty much means engaging an enemy into combat and being locked with him

1)what happens if or a pc and a monster decide to close on each other but one of them does it first. Is the action of the other lost? Or can they opt to attack instead?
2) what happens in general if till the turn of the npc/pc the action that was decided upon pre-initiative rolling cannot be done. Does the pc/npc lose their turn?

Thanks for your time!

Hm. Going through the best value for money manual in the OSR, aka the Adventures Dark and Deep one and I have the question regarding the stats
, particulary the number appearing one.
What's your take one this one i.e 30d10 orc warrrios. Is that a lair? A battalion? A force that players encounter on the wild? What was the original use of that stat as intended back in conception? Thank you for your time!

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+Joseph Bloch Is there a way to make the character sheet pdfs form fillable?

Sandbox design and adventuring :

How do you do it?

How much design is too much?

Do you just place a current status quo around the area and just let the PCs pick whatever thread you like? Or is there a grander design

PC and deaths :

How much is too much? Maybe I am just late to the party but even some Homlet stuff (ie deadly spiders ) seemed a bit too much.
How do you balance out deadliness vs frustration?

In the same vain, traps and telegraphing/fairness? Do you guys have even the smallest hint about various traps or do you go for it ala Tomb Of Horrors style? Or does it depend on how the PC party approaches stuff?

Thanks for your time!

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Old(right) and new(left) . Not too shabby!

So, dungeons and mapping.

How do you guys deal with it? Do you draw the dungeon map for the players? Do you describe it to the best of your abilities and have them map it out themselves? Or something else?

Interested in hearing all different kinds of opinions~

Session numero trois
PCs arrive into the Hommlet rat room. Fighter Woman goes ahead gets attacked by 6 rats. PCs go full pyromaniac on them. Dose them with oil and throw a torch on them. Rats on fire and dead. Maybe me deciding to not have them roll the torch was a mistake but i found that to be incredulous.
Slime time. They pass the first one and it misses. So they arrive at underground level. They manage to search the rumble and find the 2 hidden doors. First the fighter tries to bash it open but fails and the thief picks up the slack. So they find both rooms and search them up a bit. Find the cloaks, decide to wear them. They go into the cells, find a person near a pillar half alive half eaten and chained to the pillar being paranoid on his last breath. Zombies strike!
Cleric turns like 6(thank god for the homebrew Pelor plus). And they fight the rest. Halfling has climbed on bars and tries to just spam holy them. Half of their holy water is bogus, courtesy of the traders who also tried to sell them rapid dogs, so i give it a 50% chance but have them roll damage anyways. They are unlucky 70% of the time. Fighter goes toes to toes against 3 zombies. Mows them a bit then they overwhelm him and get him at like -6 hp. Cleric and fighter go in to help and they manage to fend them off. They kill them all then heal the Fighter to like 2hp then realise that there's like 6 more undead turned somewhere nearby. They lock themselves in a cell and poke the things when they get to close. They manage to get rid of the rest that way. They try to go back. Second slime strikes. Misses(stupid things) and stays put on the floor. They decide to leave and go to town and rest, still wearing the cloaks(free info for the spies).
They sleep and then my story-teller-who-can-still-make-sandbox-work syndrome kicks in. Also, i hadn't preped all the stuff i wanted. I guess just love the describe-vividly-and-in-character-and-then-have-the-mechanics-roll style i guess. Players end up playing a bit of their background which was pretty much improvised on the fly. Turns out fighter that almost died and cleric as kids had burned the halflings home as a prank and her parents died. Female fighter gets mostly a nightmare involving her papa and shadows and all things she loves burning around her all in livid detail. All in all, the scene is set for our heroes to be a bit invested then either succeed or (terribly) fail. I am quite pleased with myself, i have mixed some of the elements i liked about story-games-done-right(introduced to me by one of the best DMs i ever met) with the elements that draw me into the OSR. Take what you like, drop the rest I guess.

Alas we are reaching a turning point. Lareth is bound to notice that someone has broken into the fortress(twice) and zombies are dead as well as stuff is missing and there's the problem of his hirelings missing from upstairs. Those ones posed as common bandits. They were that as well but had been hired by him afterwards. PCs have left a big trail for him to follow(cloaks are a give away). The Traders will probably tell and give them away. Zert on the other hand wants to use them for his own ends which include money and Lareth's destruction. Sure they have Elmo, but the poor fool does't know that much about all this plotting.
So next session, will warm them up a bit with a few more background RPing. However, that will be all for naught. Lareth is bound to strike and no matter the means he will employ, one thing is for certain. The hand of the Temple will strike and this PCs will either succeed or die.

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