I noticed there is no listing for the spells Stinking Cloud and Wall of Fire. Is there a general rule I overlooked. For example, "if a duration is not stated for a spell, then the spell lasts 1 minute/caster level." Or, something like that? Thanks!

I am unclear how fighting with multiple weapons interacts with a fighter getting multiple attacks per round. Could you provide an example of how, say, a 10th level fighter using a long sword and a dagger? What about if the fighter was specialized with the long sword?


So I recently picked up a ton of 1st edition D&D stuff and I remembered the rules for integrating Gamma World into the game. That made me consider something: it'd be pretty cool to see a supplement like Golden Scroll of Justice that puts science fantasy into ADD. I may even be interested on working on such a thing

Quick question about the cleric: should they be using attack column "B" for levels 1-3?

I had a question, if I may. My Google-fu has failed me in this regard, so I beg forgiveness if this has been answered before. Is there an official Adventures Dark & Deep trademark license? Is it even possible to publish anything (like a campaign setting) and denote compatibility with Adventures Dark & Deep?

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Yay! Christmas came early!

The three core rulebooks and Forgotten Lore supplement pdfs have just been updated. You should get notifications in your inbox from RPGNow.com at some point in the next few hours. 

These updates include a variety of minor corrections that folks have pointed out since the last updates (sorry, there is no listing of the exact changes), a fix to the GMT missing bookmarks issue, and a change to the back page text omitting the reference to Gary Gygax (as the notoriously litigious Gail Gygax has trademarked the name "Gygax").

The hard copy files will be updated in the near future, but obviously those will only be relevant to those who buy new books.

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Here is my updated map. I think it's at a point where it's functional for game use.

Help! The cover of my Bestiary (Hard Cover) is beginning to split. Any reccomendations on how to repair it?

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