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WARNING: This community will no longer receive updates!

Join us over at the 200wordrpg subreddit to find discussions, feedback, and mini-challenges.
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After the brief GenCon hiatus, Axthetable is back for the rest of the 2.5 interseasonal. In this episode Ric & Rob head to the 200 word rpg playfest to try and play as many of the competitions entries as possible (spoiler, we ended up playing too many of them all the way through to get too far!)

0031 Shuffles & Skeletons by Carlos Martins
0525 Build Your Own RPG by Andrew J. Young
0710 Manic Pixie Dream Girl by Jenni Sands
1050 Demon Dare by Daniele Di Rubbo
1457 Time To Run by Sanchit Sharma
2427 Fair Verona Burns by Adam T. Minnie

Thanks to Sanchit for playing with us and +David Schirduan for organising the competition as a whole.
200 word rpg playfest
200 word rpg playfest

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I have bad news

The 200WordRPG G+ community will be disbanded soon. It's just too much work constantly filtering out spam; and doesn't get much discussion anyways.

So join the new discussion community at:

Let me know what you'd like to see on the subreddit, and how we can make this community even better!

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Updates and thoughts! Comment on the original post, if you please :)
200 Word RPG Updates

The @200WordRPG twitter account has been posting a random entry every day for over 3 months! I love reading through them every day and thinking about what works/what doesn't. Studying these little gems is a great exercise to improve your game design chops, and the twitter account makes it easy to turn into a habit.

The website has been updated! Now each entry suggests 3 other entries by name. It's easier than ever to find yourself going down the rabbit hole of micro-games.

The next big step is the creation of a central community. The Google+ community works okay, but is somewhat awkward and requires a google account. It also favors images and links rather than interesting discussions (no replies, no threads, etc).

Honestly, a subreddit might be the best way to go. I need to do more research on modding and managing a subreddit community. If anyone has any suggestions or experience that might help, please reach out to me!

As for next year I'm still working out some of the details and prizes, but here are a few things I'm considering: (feedback welcome)
- A group of 50 or so volunteer readers to sift the first round of entries.
- Having a bunch of readers would also allow us to have less judges and tighter discussion about finalists.
- Running a small kickstarter to fund PDF and print collections as well as offer small prizes to volunteers and winners.
- Specific judging criteria (Innovation, Engagement, Theme, Writing)
- Anything else I should look into?

Excited for next years challenge! Let me know if you have any suggestions or thoughts!

200 Word RPG Challenge
200 Word RPG Challenge

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Trash Pandas is live!

Trash Pandas is a goofy RPG about raccoons on a heist! It plays in about 20-30 minutes and is for 4 players exactly. There's no GM, and no need for prep. (There's some printing and scrounging involved, but that's it!)

It's like Ocean's 11 or Leverage, but you know, raccoons.

A finalist in the 2017 #200WordRPG contest, Trash Pandas has been expanded and upgraded. Each Trash Panda has their own unique portrait by +Ray Otus! Trash Pandas is formatted for table play - every thing you need is on your character portrait.

Plus, more exciting heists for the Trash Pandas team.


Thanks to +David Schirduan for hosting this challenge and helping me get to this point.
Trash Pandas
Trash Pandas

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I fixed my little #200WordRPG bot, and it should be correctly posting ONE entry every day, instead of one every minute....boy that was weird.

I love the entry of the day; it's a great way to absorb a little bit of game design every morning.
200 Word RPG Challenge
200 Word RPG Challenge

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In my quest to move from a RPG wanna-lancer to a freelancer, I read and play a number of new [to me] games. Among the best I've discovered is Santiago Eximeno's Memories. This is no slight to the other developers on the 200 Word RPG Challenge because any game that can be covered in 200 words is an accomplishment, but Memories is one of the most intense games I've seen. I review and heap praise on the game at the Tessera Guild but I wanted to come here and thank ya'll for creating the 200 Word RPG Challenge. Without it, gaming would be less special.

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Hold your entry in your hands! Become a "Published Game Designer"!

Print collections of the #200WordRPG Challenge are now available! Huge props to +Thomas Novosel for his incredible work.

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The random Entry for today:

This was one of my favorites from 2015! One player plays as the Bandits, another as the villagers. Really cool ideas and clever mechanics.

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Physical copies of the 2017 #200WordRPG Challenge coming soon! VERY SOON!
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