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We really enjoyed this contest, thank you to everyone who helps make it a thing! Here are our entries for the 2017 competition. We made them look pretty, cos why not.
We entered the 200 word RPG contest. It was heaps of fun and amazing to read all the great entries, I'm stoked by how many people got on board. Our submissions below.

PDF version, and our other free games here:

Hayley: Tales From the Lost Kitchen
Vee: All Things Grow
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I just wanted to say that the new website for the challenge is great, it's fantastic to be able to replace all my old sets of URLs for Google Docs, PDFs and personal sites with simple clear ones.

It's even helped me find more things I'm interested in from last year.

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200 games in. Talking about some near misses and valiant attempts.

Sorry if you don't do flash. I'm new to video-making.

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I'm trying to review all entries for this year, preferably before the 7th when winners are announced. Here's how I'm doing.

Screeching to a halt before the STOP sign that tells me entries are closed, then chucking it through the window anyway.

On Time, Under Budget, To Requirements

Corporate doesn't want the impossible, they want client satisfaction. Or at least the satisfaction of contractually agreed deliverables. They've done the hard part, now you're responsible for the rest.

One player is Head Office, the rest represent various departments of the Company. Head Office determines the overall goal. Each team member secretly contributes an objective that they must achieve for their department. Head Office will then propose a series of resolution scenarios. Successful resolution of all action items is not mandatory for goal completion but will be reflected in your periodic appraisal.

When your actions are opposed by the enemies of the free market, bureaucratic interference, the insidious competition or your own team failing to understand the item priority development queue, roll 2d6 and choose from: On Time, Under Budget, To Requirements. On a 6- pick none, on 7-9 pick one, on 10+ pick two. For each that is not chosen, Head Office will explain the additional complications or cost. If your actions co-align with your vocational skillset, pick an extra option.

Take inspiration from 2300AD, The Office, Crimson Permanent Assurance and Paranoia, and implement synergetic terminology in a pro-active paradigm!

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My entry: a mission-based cyberpunk game. Includes a mission generator!

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Some interesting statistics and facts from this year's challenge:

Can someone help me finding a game from a previous year? It was a game about using business cards to create a dungeon, but I don't remember how it was called. :( 

I mixed up my time zones and missed the deadline! Is there any way to submit late?

Hi, is it possible for the judges to publish list of their favorite games? I understand that they have to choose 4 that will go to the second round, but I bet that that will like more than four. I'd love to read all the games they think are great, even if they didn't qualify for the next round. 
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