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Crescent walks through the garden and looks around at everything "reminds me of our adventures right Scarlet?" She smiles as a voice echos in her head "yes it's very pretty here if you think this is pretty you should see my planet" Crescent laughs and continues walking she stops laughing and turns around with an emotionless face "what do you want" she speaks bluntly

(Open no text talk)

(Try and get atleast some action going on in this community :(.....)
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I'm kinda confused.. about the symbiote (?) Things...

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Name: Maverick Kane
Age: 17
Nationality: American
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Serious, calm, can be a bit self righteous
Family: Darren Drew (Life long friend)
Academic Class: D
Bio: Maverick was an orphan and met Darren Drew when he was very young and in an orphanage in California. Maverick was involved with gangs for a long time. When he was in Detroit he and a few of his friends stumbled onto a counterfeiting operation in the orphanage. After he was moved to New York where he met a mysterious being. This person got Maverick and Darren out and working for them. Maverick feels a sort of debut of graduated to the person. He became a lieutenant for this person and now works for them. The person feels a concern over the Symbiotes and Maverick was sent to the Manor. He and the person he works for are sympathetic to Symbiote and work to their protection.

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Name: Scarlet (Symbiote)
Crescent  (human)

Age: 116 (Symbiote)
18 (human)

Nationality: American

Gender: female

sexuality: straight

Personality: sneaky, blunt, smartass, has anger issues, doesn't trust easily or at all, mischievious

Family: her mother and father are off somewhere on adventures while neglecting her and her brothers one of her brothers is dead

Symbiote abilities: shadow manipulation, when aggravated the whole body catches on fire, so Crescent is basically a walking fire hazard, strength, speed, causes Crescent to age alot slower than other humans (all her past friends are dead and she's still young), controls fire, can heal any injury great or small

Acedemic class: class B

Intelligence level: S

Creation: another planet

Bio: Crescent is the type of girl who is always finding trouble and by trouble I don't mean drama I mean life threatening trouble she's a dare devil if you prefer her brothers Adrian and Daniel would always warn her about making smart decisions but she would just roll her eyes and continue on with her plans well this time she went a little to far and as a result her oldest brother Adrian was killed in her own way Crescent thought it would only be fair if she died the same way he did so she went back but instead of being killed she survived but the injuries were severe the doctors didn't know if she would live her youngest brother Daniel would come and visit everyday and whisper things to her while she was unconscious he would tell her things like "I need you" "Adrian's death wasn't your fault" "come back to me Cres don't die on me you're all I have left" one night after Daniel left she was visited by Scarlet she wasn't really unconscious that day she just didn't want to see the look of sadness and betrayal on Daniels face she made a deal with Scarlet she would heal Crescent and allow her to be pretty much invincible as long as she would protect Scarlet so the deal was made after years of being together Crescent and Scarlets adventures lead them to where they are now
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Last chance to make your characters or else I'm kicking you.

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Name: Jason Sir Vandon.

Symbiote name: ColosiFang

Age: 18

Gender: male

Normal height: 5ft 8in

Sexuality: straight

Race: Canadian American

Symbiote ability: above natural super human strength, Speed, has fair climbing ability, fair stealth and fair web ability.

Specialty: strength

Family: lost his father when he was three due to his father's habit of drinking, lost his mom at 13 due to murder, moved in with grand parents, grandfather died at 16 from heart attack, grandmother is still alive..

Personality: quick minded, smart, witty, flirty, calm, mystique, mischievous.

Symbiote intelligence level: 9.5/10

Bio: I done mentioned his family. Even though his grandmother is still alive he hardly ever sees her. He steels to get his money and uses it for college which was initially paid for by his grandmother before he came in contact with the symbiote at age 17. He is now 18 and dwells at the manor..

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You were walking down the street not knowing that I was watching you from the roof of a nearby building licking my chops. suddenly I left into the air as you looked then you... (open RP)

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(Name:) Amara O'Ryan

(Alias:) The Crimson Banshee

(Age:) 50 (looks 21)

(Gender:) Female

(Weight:) 125

(Height:) 5'6

(Race:) dhampir

(Ethnicity:) Irish

(P.O.B:) Dublin,Ireland

(D.O.B:) June the 19

(Branch:) N/A

(Rank:) N/A

(Vehicles:) Motorcycle

(Weapons:) dagger (not useful against her kind but uses it for self defense and sometime is cutting rope.)And a sword cane

*(Powers):*Shadow minpulation tur a shadow into a solid object, Psychic link can communicate with someone they build link with, and sonic scream

Special Skills:) inhuman Agility,fast reflexs,amzing speed.a long lasting stanima,but can get tired if running constantly

(Personality:) Sarcastic,laid back,smart,creative

(Likes:) Music,time to herself and time for her friends as well,whiskey,cats

(Dislikes:) putting up with vampires that think there supieor to others,scaredy cat humans

(Bio:) Amara was always a cheerful child. Her parent raised her like a normal kid .She was educated but did play with the children in her village. She grew up in Dublin but moved to Cork,Irleand in 1924 when she was 15 becuase her mother wanted to leave sense the previous one was starting to get to crowded. She did not exactly adapt well to the new setting she began to almost go feral.She took teenage boys that thought her attractive and would lead into woods to w"Hang out".What she actually did drain them.Soon the teenages began to call these incidents the curse Crimson Banshee. Well her mother began to worry yet again.So they deiced to held her control herself and retrained her on how to act in public.She lived in Cork until she was 18 -1926- then her parent sent her to New York for college and so she could make a few new friends that aren't human.She earned a masters degree in the musical arts.She was known to work as a street musican,but she did work with underground networks for assassin requests.After doing this routine for several decades she eventually became a underground. star for her stunning ability to do her job efficiently without hesitation.
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If you refuse to make a profile I will kick you. I'm tired of my communities dying immediately after I make it.

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"Hello, and welcome to my manor. Is there something that I may help you with? Shelter? Protection, perhaps?"

"Are you real? Or are you the artificial ones? Created from my kind and forced to hunt us to extinction."

Name: Decaen(Symbiote) Alexander(human)

Age: 200(Symbiote) 20(human)

Nationality: American

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Personality: The Symbiote is normally calm, and collected until it's been aggravated. Alexander is a fun loving spirited human who spends most of his time reading and tending to his duty as a lord.

Family: Father deceased Mother deceased

Symbiont Abilities:
•Liquified Body: The body slowly transforms into a strange metal type liquid not found on earth. It can form any style weapon after that, whether a gun or a sword, and even can form a whip.
•Transmit: When the host is close to death, it can leave and find another.
•Super human abilities: It offers the host the ability to hear better, smell better, and see better in certain conditions.
•Healing: Decaen can heal any disease known to man and unknown, and can heal damage done to his body.
•Liquified Body(Part 2): Due to the liquid body, Decaen is immune to melting and many physical attacks, even devouring the entirety of his enemy once he grabs them.(only gonna do that if you allow it)

Academic Class: Not needed

Intelligence Level: S+

Creation: Other planet

Bio: During a supernova, hundreds of thousands of Symbiotes were sent off planet to find and colonize a new one, with hosts that can withstand them. On its journey on earth, Decaen found Alexander. He was weak from an illness that the humans called cancer, and was slowly dying, desperate for some help. Decaen made a decision to help the boy, but in return he offer shelter and protection from the other humans and their artificial Symbiotes that hunted them. Upon entering his body, he was able to kill off the cancerous cells and prevent any other disease form. Alexander held his end of the bargain up and is now using the manor as a safe haven, teaching the younger ones and offering protection against any dangers.
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