Gigapxy 1.0-2.2 (a patch) is out, featuring a minor bug fix and an update to handle new licenses (old ones should work fine).

Tip of the day: make sure that core dumps are enabled and actually do get generated from gws and gng (take a moment to check by killing a gng with ABRT).

Note: both gws and gng feature enforce_core_dumps setting.

Crashes are really rare these days (months pass before I get one from clients) and difficult to reproduce. Do tell when one happens.

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Gigapxy/HLS is in the foresight. In serving the content, it could do it all or delegate serving video segments to a third-party component. Which way would you prefer?

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Gigapxy: both M3U8 and segments
Gigapxy: M3U8, nginx/apache: segments
Can go either way

Gigapxy 1.0-2.0 is out. The new features are:

1. SSM (source-specific multicast) via udp://from@group:port URLs;
2. Source-URL redirection via HTTP 302;
3. Conservative caching : HEAD replaces MIN_CACHED as the default caching mode - see man gng.conf for details;
4. FreeBSD 11.x and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS support.

Some bug fixes too, but not so many of those as VERY few crashes were reported from the last release.


IGMPv3-based SSM support has been added to the plan for the next release (1.0-2.x). Thank you everyone who voted. 

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Do you handle (as channels) HTTP sources that may redirect via HTTP 301 or 302? Would gigapxy's handling source redirects be of any value?

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Definitely yes
No redirects on my side, no use

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SSM (source-specific multicast) support is going to be in the next official build. For unofficial builds (Ubuntu 16, Debian 8), please go to the bug tracker:

Test away, your comments and notes are welcome. :) Cheers.

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Would you benefit from IGMPv3 support in Gigapxy?

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Yes, definitely.
Don't need it.
Not sure.

Happy New Year 2017! Thank you for your support of the product. I wonder if this community grows to (at least) a 100 by the end of the year. Yup, I have my hopes.

Q1/2017 GPL is out on the website. The entry-point price has been lowered for those on a really tight budget.

Those of you who request a license for FreeBSD 11 up until January 10th get a 20% discount off the regular price (if priced by Q1/2017 GPL). Those who recommend this product to others may expect other discounts as well (if those recommendations result in a purchase).


Thanks for adding me. I have a question regarding the software, do it let me to join igmp in regular way:

udp:// because udpxy does not allow this, and I am seeking something that can do that.

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