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Created a tech support/talk group in Telegram to discuss topics interactively (avoiding those endless email threads).

Here we are::

News/info channel:

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Would you want DVR capability in HTTP (linear) streaming?
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Yes, definitely.
No, don't need it.
Maybe I'd use it.

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GigA+ 0.2-0.0 has been released.

Among the new features:

1. Third-party DVR-link formats supported;
2. Unified control script (gigaplus setup|start|stop..etc.);
3. Crash management (every module is monitored for crashes/exits);
4. Time-shifted DVR channels (watch from N minutes back);
5. Improved setup (easy-to-read setup manual, UI wizards);
6. Stability patches (bugs squashed).

For the gory details, refer to:

New features:

NB: FreeBSD users get bonuses, as usual. Ubuntu 18.04 support is in the works, meanwhile use the Ubuntu 16.04 package, thank you.


Easter sale: 20% off GigA+ or Gigapxy, invoiced on April 2nd-7th.

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Right now, Gigapxy (and GigA+) allow to pull reports in HTML or XML. Would you see adding JSON as a value-added feature?
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JSON is a value-added feature
HTML/XML work for me
Neither, another format is needed.

QoS for GigA+ is in the works. If overcharging network with (bursts of) data is one of your issues, it might work for you. Files could be now streamed, or half-streamed (with 2x speed). Let me know if you have specific scenarios, a test build is almost ready.

Gigaplus 0.1-8.1 has been released.

The following features have been added:

1. gxseg (segmentation component) has been re-linked against a special version of ffmpeg/libav that is capable of running 24/7 without a need to re-start (or 'roll over'). It may be safe enough to disable roll-overs now for one's HLS vsm;

2. SSM (source-specific multicast) is now supported for UDP sources, both for linear streaming and HLS;

3. Playlist aliases for time shift: now you can associate a playlist name with a specific time shift. Use playlist.m38u for LIVE streams, use two-hours.m3u8 (or any other suitable name) to watch streams 2 hours back from now.

A few issues affecting handling of HTTP requests (by gxws and dwg) have been fixed.


In the spirit of diversity:

If you're running an ARM/MIPS server (or a powerful enough device of one of the embedded architectures) that you'd imagine using Gigapxy/GigA+ on, please kindly let me know - you may get a free license (terms discussed individually).

About 24 hours left in the free FreeBSD 10.x/11.x (6-month) GigA+ license offer, and only one unallocated license left.


FreeBSD 10.x/11.x free licenses for GigA+ can be claimed until March 1st, 2018. Licenses last 6 months. No limits on configuration options, 1 license per enterprise. The number of licenses is small. Claim by email, please.
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