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Welcome! My Name is Sonoko! Welcome to the New Hero Club! And there's some things that you need to know before you start to Roleplay!
1) At the beginning of your Character's Roleplay Journey, you will only have one Fairie, of your own creation, unless you use a Character from the Universe, such as Yuna, Which you must ask me about first, and if they are already taken tough luck. Also, to get another Fairie, you must undergo Mankai, in which you must defeat 5 enemies, and repeat the process for more, but remember that you must go through the Sangei after, in which you lose the use of one item in your body, such as a fragment of your Memory.
2) No Inappropriate Roleplay or posts, Which is a little obvious.
3) Currently, you are limited to 1 Character, but this may change.
4) You MUST have a Character and a Fairie to begin Roleplay.
5) Arc dates will be given in advance, to give you time to prepare, such as a Vertex Rush, or Dark Hero Fight.
6) One Roleplay Post Per day for each person.
7) No Godmodding.
8) Please, state if your character is a Dark Hero or not, when making it.
8) Please enjoy!
(Rules will be updated at times.)
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