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Learning never stops get started with the very basics Integers

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Class 7th math chapter 1 integers exercise 1.1 ques 6

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Class 7th chapter 1 Integers exercise 1.1 ques 7

We Have Started a initiative To teach math from very basic to class 7th ncert syllabus. Please help our cause by just placing your valuable comments.

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Disk to Sphere, classic example of quotient topology
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Hi +Zohreh Jafari !

OK, I just cracked open the book.  The first chapter is on Set Theory and Logic, and I think you and I both know that material well enough to skip it--unless you wanted to go over that for any reason, then I'm happy to talk about it and do some selected exercises.  But otherwise I suggest that we start at chapter 2.

I tried finding out why you couldn't post, but I still don't know.  Hopefully you can post to this.

Section 14:  I have no questions or comments.

Section 15:  No questions, only comment: "unless one of the spaces, X or Y happens to be empty, in which case X x Y is empty and our whole discussion is empty as well!" got a chuckle out of me.  :)

I'm currently learning Topology by reading through Munkres' text, anyone interested in forming a study group?

Chapter 2, section 12:  I have no questions or comments about this, so unless you do, moving on.

Chapter 2, section 13:  What are your questions or comments?  Mind are below. 
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