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Hey guys sorry I haven't been on lately. Ive had problems with being able to pick up my guitar. Emotional shit

In music and the teacher is not teaching us nothing today. .. :/

So since I've been here last I've preformed at most 20 different songs live on stage or for people around me;
Nord mead
Sovngarde song
Mr Brightside
So you wanted to meet the wizard
Believe in yourself
Y'all got it
Thnks Fr Th Mmrs
Wake the white wolf
Brightside of life
Broken (my own creation)
Alone together
Carry on my wayward son
Make it stop
Slow ride home
Khe Sanh
Here without you
Everyday Life
Skyrim theme song
March down
and much more

+Jordan Mizuki-Kun
+Drew San Senpai
Do use keep accepting people's invites on here? One minute I'm getting invites. But when I check them there's nothing their...

+Jordan Kun i challenge you to a guitar battle on variety night!!!

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hope the sound works on this

i preformed at a concert called Unplugged. Its a school thing where only acoustic music is played i preformed 3 songs but this video shows only 2 :(
anyways i got some really positive feedback from the audience after it and im going to be preforming again at the end of term 2 of school

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So here is a small video of. G D C chords its not but.I hope it helps

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Im improving little by little
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