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Name: Nashi Flame
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: Stubborn, Smart, Loyal, Loves Having Fun, Doesn't Always Take Stuff Seriously
Guild: Fairy Tail
Guild Mark Location: Forearm
Guild Mark: Color: Red
Strengths: Is really powerful and never gives up, She'd do anything to protect her friends
Weakness: Is extremely afraid of Spiders and heights, Doesn't Always Do What She's Told
Power: Fire Dragon Slayer
Weapons: 2 Red Katanas, A Red Crystal Bow
Likes: Animals, Fire, Friends, Music, Having Fun
Dislikes: Arachnids, Heights, Bullies
Bio: Unknown
Other: Wears a Red Crystal Necklace
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(closed rp for +xavier scoot and +mj winn)  *I sit by the nearest coner waiting to start the mission* they take to long

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Weapon:aura(favorites being a bow for long range and bone staff for Close combat and sword)
Magic:Fire and and transformation magic
Personality:A lone wolf and serious while under pressure. However he is friendly to anyone as long as they are friendly back
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( closed For +Reapers Grimm)
I sit in the back of the guild with my hands folded and head down, my cloak and hood hiding my face, my gaze focused on the table. I look up slightly towards the quest board and sigh, one of my eyes covered with a thick black cloth. The old guild master walks over and sits down Macrov: when are you gonna go and pick a job Violet I look at him with my good eye and say nothing. He nods Macrov: seems so

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 (Profile Update)
Features:(pic below) White hair slightly spiky,electric blue eyes, and a runic dragon tattoo on my chest.
Strengths:i command powerful control over lightning and electricity. my physical strength and speed is unmatched agasint most after the death of Shadow my dark side spirit.
Weakness:i still have bouts of power bursts which have only gotten worse over time lately causing massive destruction if i cant get it under control in time to move to a safe place.
Power:Second Generation Lightning Dragon Slayer
Likes:thunder storms,the color blue,being alone,the darkness and the sound of the wilds.
Dislikes:scientists,the cold,ice magics,being around others.
Bio:four has been four years since she left....and i was left alone. i don't remember much...only waking up with the soft scent of lavender and the warm touch of her hand on my cheek slowly fading....i try so hard to remember.....remember her face her name what she sounded like...all i have is this note and when i hold it its like i know exactly where to go but i don't know who im looking for...i do not know why or for what purpose i search...but i do. i seek answers to a question that seems to have the past four years i have honed my power beyond what most thought i could. i have a hold on lightning stronger then even masters and my physical abilities are stronger then that of even a Brute style fighter. i have earned a name among many people as a savior or a protector...but i don't care for it....i don't care for any of this....i wish only for peace and to find the answers i seek and find the one i am searching finally at last....find the truth in my life.

Natsu Dragneel:
Lucy Heartfilia:
 Gray Fullbuster:
Erza Scarlet:
Wendy Marvell:
 Gajeel Redfox:
Panther Lily:
 Cana Alberona:
Elfman Strauss:
Gildarts Clive:
Juvia Lockser:
Laxus Dreyar:
 Levy McGarden:
 Lisanna Strauss:
 Makarov Dreyar:
Mavis Vermillion:
Mirajane Strauss:
Fried Justine:
Macao Conbolt:
Romeo Conbolt:
Reedus Jonah: 
Nab Lasaro: 
Alzack Connell:
Warren Rocko:
Wakaba Mine:
Daisuke Kageura:
Visitar Ecor:
Max Alors:
Laki Olietta :

Attention Fairy Tail members....i may be adding the ability to create your own guild!!!! if you approve of this idea please comment so and if not please comment so...thank you

Attention fairy tail members! i am going to be adding the privilege to become characters from the anime.... i will make a list of the characters...sign up quickly if you want one!

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Profile update:
Name: Violet TimeArch (Aka Fairfey Fairy)
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Feature: blue eyes, peach skin, a slight dark pink color hair
Strength: i can control time
Weakness: i can only fast forward or go back in time, no one else, and i can only freeze a few objects or people for as long as im in the area, i cant freeze the whole world.
Power: Dark arch of time
Likes: not much anymore but the wish to be remembered by someone close to me.
Dislikes: people who trick me, hurt my guild members.
Bio: i regained my memory of everything that i had done and started learning the arch of time. i learned how to control my dark magic inside me and fuse it with my new magic, giving me the ability to go back in time, forward in time, and freeze it. i fixed a mistake that happened several years ago but by doing so every thing that i ever done and everyone i have ever met has been unraveled and forgotten, the only one who appears to remember me is Lucy, the one that i had killed years ago. ive become an S class wizard because of my strong abilities and im now always in and out of jobs, avoiding everyone as much as possible.
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(closed rp for +Reapers Grimm )
i sit in the Guild hall mopping over a paper in my hand, Leo leaning against the wall with his arms crossed i cant believe we didnt get paid after all we did
Leo:Could of been worse
dont remind me
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