Each planet in the The Dortar, the presences' solar system, has sentinels on them. For every different kind of presence, the sentinels have a different color. Midorians, the green race of presence from planet Midor, have a green sentinel. Azurans, the blue race of presence from planet Azura, have a blue sentinel. The list goes on.

On Porfyrio, Omnipotent's home planet, people only called Omni the omnipotent because he knew the Krimson king, and was the only Porfirian to obtain the godly powers. Omnipotent's true name is Porphyrius.

During the experiment with Crowley Emmers, Aros, a creature from Ether, appeared and crash landed on Earth, into Complectus. Aros made his way to Crowley, and became one with him.

They told the story wrong. HE told the story wrong. The pod was never lured to Omni's powers! He kept the truth a secret. No one knew why for sure, but here's the truth:

The planet Neco was used as a prison for the Gray and Shadow presence. Their kind was viewed as sinful; unreal. The mothership of the Krimson presence always kept watch, because inside of Neco was the pod: A key to unlimited power. The Grays and Shadow wanted the godly powers so bad that they eventually broke out of the prison. They breached the walls and stole an escape pod. The pod of power was magnetized to the escape pod, which made the crash into Krimson's mothership more powerful. The Grays and Shadows fought over the powers while the Krimsons tried teleporting the pod of power by opening a portal into Omni's home planet 'Porfyrio'. When Omni tried teleporting the pod somewhere else, he opened a portal to the human solar system. Gloom was following the Grays' and Shadows' ways, and so he pushed Omni in. 

Sentinels, they call themselves. Their black feet are like forks. Their heads are like lanterns. 12-13 feet tall, they are.

3 tall figures with wide torsos and bulky cybernetic appendages appear from the distance. One of them is blue. One of them is yellow, and the other is green. The green one seems to have something protruding from it's back.
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