Hallo geo pals,
first let me intrudece myself,
I am HR_s00va / GEO Sova reviewer from Croatia (for HR, BiH, MNE and SRB) and need help considering my visit to Germany...
...I will be in Mainz/Frankfurt/Kaiserslauntern area from 23.04. to 25.05.2016. and would like to meet with local geocachers and reviewer/reivewers and also to make an event on Sunday 24. 04. 2016. in Mainz/Mannheim/Kaiserslauntern and need a nice place to do it and meet local geocachers. Any recomendations?

Many thanks...
Greetings from Croatia :)

HR_s00va aka. GEO Sova

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Just to let you know!!

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My first successful lockpicking cache! Anyone know which cache this is?

Welcome to the ALL NEW Kaiserslautern Geocaching community. I will be using this site as a base camp for all Kaiserslautern Landkreise (county) Geocaching events and announcements.  Please invite all your Geocaching friends to come join us in all the fun!!
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