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Name: Featherstorm
Age: 22 moons
Gender: She-cat
Rank: Warrior
Looks: Light gray with dark gray tabby stripes. Blue eyes
Personality: Quite soft. Doesn't have much self-esteem and is quiet.
Mate: None
Kits: None
Crush: None

Featherstorm woke up, standing up, padding away to camp. She sits middle of the clearing, grooming herself.

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Name- Stonykit
Age- 3 moons
Gender- She-Cat
Clan- ThunderClan
Rank- Kit
Mother- Silverheart
Father- Greenclaw
Sister- Forestkit
Personality- Cheery, Curious, energetic, hyper
~ Bio ~
She Is a 3 moon kit, along with her sister Forestkit. The two are the kits of Silverheart and Greenclaw. She loves playing with the other kits, and hates silence!!! Her and her sister are complete oposites

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Name!: Sunfeather
Age: 19 mooms
Gender: female
Rank: Warrior but most of the time is in the medicine den
Looks: Golden with darker gold stripes and blue eyes
Personalyty: Kind, confused (she has a sickness that deletes her memories every day and that's why she's lonely), caring, quiet. 
Mate : none (open)
Kids: None
Crush: none (open)

Is There More Than One Clan?
If So May I Have The Leader Position If It's Open?

I'm leaving this community because people aren't very active, sorry, bye every1! Also there are only 5 members :v

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Name: Skybreeze
Past Names: Skykit, Skypaw,
Future Names: Skystar? (Maybe)
Age: 48 moons
Gender: She-cat
Rank: Warrior
Future Rank: Maybe deputy and or leader
Past Mentor: Unknown (Deceased)
Past Apprentice(s): Unknown or None (Open)
Current Apprentice: None (Open)
Future Apprentice(s): Unknown or None (Open)
Mate: None (Closed)
Crush: None (Closed)
Crusher: None (Closed)
Kits: None (Closed)
Father: Unknown (Deceased)
Mother: Unknown (Deceased)
Uncle(s): None
Aunt(s): None
She Littermate(s): Moonsky (Deceased)
Tom Littermate(s): None
Niece(s): Cloverpool, (Living)
Nephew(s): Burntclaw, Redfur, (Both Living)
Likes: Sleeping, resting, good news, starclan, looking at stars at night, and other.
Dislikes: Morning and daytime, having to be awake, dark forest, bad news, and other.
Fears: Outside camp, other clans, and other.
Personality: Kind, caring, helpful, grumpy in the morning and daylight, and other.
History: Unknown

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Name: Cloverpool
Past Names: Cloverkit, Cloverpaw
Age: 23 moons
Gender: She-cat
Rank: Medicine Cat
Past Mentor: ________ (Former medicine cat's name)
Current Apprentice: None
Future Apprentice(s): Unknown
Mate: Forbidden
Crush: Open
Crusher: Open
Kit(s): Forbidden
Father: Unknown (Deceased)
Mother: Moonsky (Deceased)
Uncle(s): None
Aunt(s): (1 Related To Moonsky) Skybreeze (Living)
She Littermate(s): None
Tom Littermate(s): Burntclaw (Living), Redfur (Living)
Niece(s): None
Nephew(s): Flamepaw
Personality: In RP
History: (Told By Cloverpool)
"When I was a kit, my mother died giving birth to me and my littermates, Burntkit and Redkit. We had a foster mother who was actually our aunt, Skybreeze. I was already planning to be a medicine cat once I was 5 moons old. I let my other littermates train together to be warriors. When I became Cloverpaw, ________ (Insert former medicine cat's name) helped me sort herbs, learn what they do, and some are just unknown in our clan. Once he/she died, I was already 12 moons. I don't have an apprentice yet, I just know that Redfur and Burntclaw's lives aren't going very well, they aren't getting along. So I have been thinking if I should try to stop them, or just leave them alone."

Flamefur was laying in camp, grooming her fur
+Bluestar The Warrior Cat

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