Can someone fill me in on what's going on because every which source says something different.

I've heard news of scammers acting like they are from or who are attempting to steal your items saying that they will ban your steam account if you decline the trade. Please, watch out for this.

彼らは、「」 または 「」 からのような演技する貿易を拒否した場合、彼らはあなたの 「steam」 アカウントを禁止すると言ってあなたの商品を盗むしようとしている詐欺師のニュースを聞いた。これに注意してください。

Alright, thats it. I've fucking had it with these spam messages. The group can no longer be joined unless invited to permission to join. This will take place starting today around 5PM EST.

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What do you guys think of what Gaben is doing to stop these?
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Could do more but... yes?
Good enough.

Update: Just banned a few people for spamming this group with Malware-giving "Anti-Viruses." Please do not click any links that seem suspicious, especially on Steam.

Hey, guys, just joined and spammed and I have to agree Steam isn't the safest place to be around, especially with random friend requests with private profiles .-.

If your account gets hacked and VAC banned, you cannot get that revoked.

What are everyone's thoughts on that.

Alright. It's done. Listen. Anything not related to the title of this group will further more be deleted. I've had enough of the random shit being posted on this group. I made this so that we can discuss what we can do to stop this.

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I've never heard about this hack, or malware. Or whatever it is that's going on. But just to make sure. Does it look something like this? Cuz this guy has been spamming me with stuff like this on Steam
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Steam needs to start cracking down on this shit my inbox is full of these fucks trying to get my account...
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