It all started when I found myself running through the dark with a girl wearing a white cloak. She was shouting that they were coming. Suddenly I woke. I sat up and looked at the clock, I saw that it was 1:00am. I start talking to myself, "I wish I could stop having these awful dreams." I got up and went to the mirror and looked at myself. I stared at the mirror and studied my 18 year old self. I still had my normal red/brown short hair, freckled covered face, mischievous brown eyes and light skin. I was nothing special feature wise. Suddenly I heard a bang downstairs and I jumped with fright. I heard steps coming up the stairs so I grabbed my fencing sword and went into the corner and put my back against the wall and stood at the ready for the danger. My door burst open and a person wearing a white cloak walked in. The person pulled down their hood and I gasped. The person was a girl. She had light brown skin, brown hair, and intelligent brown eyes. She looked about 17 years of age.
            “Put down the sword before you hurt someone.” She said.
So I put it down in the corner and walked to the center of the room.
            “Who are you?” I asked.
            “I’m River and I know your name is James.” She replied.
            “Wait how do you know my name?” I asked.
            “We have been watching you.”
            “Ok.... well why are you here?”
            “The Shadowmere are coming for you because you have been having bad dreams.”
            “Wait who are the Shadowmere and what about my dreams?”
            “The Shadowmere are a race of malignant beings whose form is basically a solid shadow. This allows them to be like chameleons in the shadows watching and plotting. They have been surviving on Earth for millions of years with us waiting.             Also they are almost impossible to kill, you need to have a white diamond blade to kill them. The reason they are coming for you is because dreams of the future are the first sign that you are a mage and they need mages to power a machine that will bathe the world in shadows and allow them to roam free and become the tyrannous rulers of this world.” River explained.
            “So they need me to power a machine because I am a mage?”
            “How can I be a mage if mages aren’t real?”
            “They are real, people just don’t want to accept it.”
            “Earlier you said we. Who is we?”
            “The order of the...”
            The door burst open suddenly but there was no one in the doorway.
            “GET BEHIND ME!!!” River shouted as she drew a sword with a pure white blade.
            “What is goi....?” I started asking.
Suddenly something nailed me in the head and everything went black.
            When I woke-up River was crouched beside me with her sword on the ground.
            “Take this.” She said as she handed me a sword almost identical to hers and a white cloak.
“We have a long way to go before we get to safety.” She said as I put on the cloak and sword belt.
            She stood up and offered me her hand. I took it and she helped me up. I looked around my room and saw two dark masses that looked like shadows even though my lights were on and there was nothing casing shadows of that size. One was sprawled on my bed and the other was slumped against the wall.
            “Come on, we need to go.” River said.
            “Ok.” I replied.
            We walked out of my house and into the night. As we stepped out River grabbed my arm and pulled me into the bushes.
            “Shhh, Look up the road.” She whispered.
“Oh” I said when I saw the group of Shadowmere a little ways up the road and on the other side. “So we need to evade them.”
            “Yes” she replied.
            I got into a crouching position and started moving slowly through the bushes in the general direction of the Shadowmere. They were making these odd grunting noises that I assumed was them communicating. Suddenly one of them held up a hand and started turning around. I froze and motioned for River to do the same behind me. It had fully turned around by the time I looked back and the Shadowmere had also turned around.
            “I think they might have noticed because of the white cloaks.” I breathed.
            “When I tell you to, run.” She breathed back.
            They had begun to move toward us. The moved out of the light and I lost track of them. When I caught sight of them again they had crossed the road and were beginning to speed up.
            “NOW!” River yelled.
            We started running through the dark, white cloaks billowing around us. As we ran I could hear the Shadowmere grunting in such a way it made me think they were being tormented.
            “THEY ARE ALMOST UPON US!” River yelled.
            “I'LL HOLD THEM OFF.” She shouted.
            She turned to face them and started drawing her sword. Suddenly there was a black flash and she was sent fly through the air.
            “NO!!!” I screamed.
            I stopped running from them and turned and drew my sword. I ran to River and checked her pulse. I sighed with relief because she was still alive. I stood and faced the Shadowmere. I counted five in total. The formed a semicircle around me. I took my fencing stance and barely noticed my blade was covered in white fire.
            I lunged at the one directly in front of me and impaled it through its chest and it burst into white flames. I turned to face the other four. I instinctively pointed my sword at the nearest one preparing to lunge again but before I could, white flames burst forth from the tip of my blade and engulfing it. It let out this awful scream that paralyzed me for long enough for one of the Shadowmere to take my blade. The other two grabbed my arms and pinned me down. They tied my hands together and forced me to kneel before the one with the blade. It swung it at my head. I closed my eyes and prepared for death.
           When death never came I opened my eyes just in time to see the Shadowmere's headless body slump to the ground. I glanced toward where River was last and she was still there. I rolled over and saw the Shadowmere that were next to me were now standing back to back each holding some sort of black shadow sword. Then I saw the culprit or more culprits of the disturbance. There were three of them. One was wearing a white cloak much like the ones River and I were wearing. The other two were wearing some sort of white modern knight armor. The Shadowmeres turned to face the new party of people. The cloaked person raised their hand and then suddenly both of the Shadowmere's heads exploded without a sound and they slumped to the ground headless. Then group turned towards me.
The person wearing the white cloak lowered their hood. It was a girl. She had light skin, golden blond hair, and sky blue eyes and looked about 16 years of age. She walked toward me and held out her hand. I took it and she helped me up.
            "I'm Kate," she said.
            I nodded and noticed that one of the knights was walking toward Kate. As he walked he took off his helmet. He was also light skinned with brown hair, blue eyes and also looked about 16 also. Kate turned toward him.
            "What is it Joseph?" she asked.
            "We need to get River back to base now, she has been hurt."
            "Marry," she shouted to the other knight, "You a Joseph grab River and carry her. We need to go."
            They nodded and walked to River. Joseph put his helmet back on and helped Marry pick up River.  Kate turned up the street the same way River and I were going and drew her sword and started jogging forward. Before I followed I grabbed my sword and sheathed it and ran and grabbed River's and followed Kate with Marry and Joseph right behind.
            After about twenty minutes of jogging, Kate turned us onto a path leading to a church. As I studied it I noticed that there were more people in white armor or white cloaks patrolling around. I also noticed that there were search lights trained on the church eliminating all chances of there being any shadows.
            When we entered I expected for there to be pews but there were none. Instead of pews there were tables covered in swords, armor, cloaks, computers, cords, maps, and books. Where the podium and alter was there was a training rink and there were people ages twelve to twenty sprinting around and such.
            Suddenly Kate said, "Joseph, you an Marry take River to the medic then report back to me."
            They walked off carrying River.
            Just after they left a kid ran up to Kate and started talking to her. He was an intelligent looking Indian kid with brown eyes, black hair and about 17 years of age.
            "Kate, Will wants me to tell you that the Shadowmere are forming five large groups near by." he said.
            "Tell Will that I'll ready Gama Squad." Kate replied.
            He nodded and ran towards the training rink.
            "What is this place?" I asked Kate.
            "It is called Delta Temple." she replied.
            "Are there more like it?"
            "Yes, all three of the others are here in Atlanta."
            "What are they called?"
            "The original one is Alpha Temple, and there is Beta Temple, and the Alpha Tower." Kate said. "Alpha Tower is sending over two mages to help aid in your training, but for now Joseph will be teaching you what you need to know about sword fighting. You have the next hour to wander around and get to know everyone."
            I nodded and walked toward the stairs to the upstairs. The second floor was a long hallway filled with many rooms branching off to the side. I saw a few people standing around talking but nowhere as many people as downstairs. I glanced into a few of the rooms closest to the stairwell and saw they were bedrooms. I decided to go down the hallway to the right. As I walked down the hallway I noticed that there were fewer and fewer people walking around. When I reached the end of the hall way there was no one and all the doors were closed except the very last one at the end. It was opened just a crack and there was light flooding out into the hall. As I got closer I could hear someone talking. When I reached the door I realized what I was hearing.
            I was hearing the rasping bark of a Shadowmere and the voice of a human. I peeked in and saw that the person had their back to the door and their hood up and that the Shadowmere was talking to them.
            I gasped and started to back up. As soon as I was out of earshot I sprinted down the corridor to the first room with a light on in it to get help.
            I burst in and ran head first into Kate. She had been drawing and was about to change when I bust in.
            "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?!?!?!"
            "I saw a Mage talking to a Shadowmere down the hall, we need to hurry to catch them."
            She frowned then said, "Show me."
            I took her hand and dragged her down to where I saw the Mage and the Shadowmere.
            When we reached the end of the hall and looked through the door they were gone. "I swear there was a mage talking to a Shadowmere right here."
            "If they were ever here, they are gone now."
            I crossed my arms and sighed. "Sorry about barging in like that, but I was trying to find someone to help me."
            Kate Laughed as I babbled.
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