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Please, everyone, new or old, re-create your characters using this sheet. We're like half starting over and half not. Everything that's happened and fancy little RP world still happened, but this is a chance to completely update your characters without having to worry about anything, plus all of the jobs will be open to anyone. EXCEPT people who had the jobs previously will get first dibs on those jobs. 
~Note: The Old Character Sheets tab has all of the old character sheets for older members, if you wish to keep your character.

*Name:* ((First and last please. Of course, middle names are obviously welcome. Anything extra is always welcome. Be creative. ^-^))
*Nickname:* ((This could go anywhere from a shortened version of your character's name to what your character is notoriously known for.))
*Gender:* ((Yes, as silly as this question sounds, it can sometimes be difficult to tell by reading the name or even looking at the picture.))
*Age:* ((Humans, even if they are Atlantians, do not live forever. If you make your character 900 years old, then your character has been dead for more than 800 years.))
*Birthday:* ((Keep in mind that this is the year 2665.))

*Appearance:* ((Pictures are also welcome, just make sure to fill out the information below.))
*Eyes-* ((It's important for you to realize that Atlantians have very bright and unique eye colors. An ordinary human or even a half Atlantian would have ordinary eyes.))
*Skin tone:*
*Body type:*

*Occupation:* ((If your character is younger, they can't have a job because they're still in school. Other than that, feel free to take anything that's not taken. ^-^))
*Powers:* ((A maximum of five powers is in place, and keep in mind that that is extremely rare and powerful. If your character has royal blood, then they are allowed to have six powers. Of course, you have to ask for that first. If your character is a human, then NO POWERS. And if your character is half Atlantian then you can only have three powers and not super powerful.))
*Weapons:* ((If any. And this is a section for preferred weapons, not "every single weapon that my character is capable of using."))
*Personality:* ((Don't make them too "perfect." That gets rather annoying.))
*Strengths:* ((Yes, I too hate this part of a character format, but it makes for a better, well-developed character.))
*Weaknesses:* ((This part too helps for that well-developed character that we're shooting for. It also helps show me that your character is not too powerful.))
*Biography:* ((This is not optional so please give us an at least semi-descriptive biography.))

((Feel free to add any additional information you would like to! ^_^))

Adia laughed, shaking her head as she smiled. It was a nice sound, and a pretty sight for her to be happy. "Come on. Let's go tell him- maybe he'll know where Lucy is?" She stepped out of his arms and reached for his hand.

Lucy was asleep, her head resting against Axeaus' shoulder. Also she would wake at any sort of noise, she looked almost peaceful.

+Jonathan Musgrave​

Teverus Cain was a man with great devotion to his deity, the goddess Nas'Shiv. So when she told him to go to a particular part of the forest and dig up an amulet that the gods had enchanted ages ago, he did it with great haste. So here he was, standing in the middle of the forest with a magical amulet in one hand and a shovel in the other. Now what exactly was he supposed to do with this? Bring it to Nas'Shiv? "What are you, and why should you attract the attention of my mistress?"


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Name: Sabre Circe
Nickname: Some fear that her name has dark powers, and refer to her as The Crow
Pronouns: she/her
Age: Sabre was 24 years old when she was put under the spell of the amulet.

Appearance: //Segovia Amil//
Hair: Long, raven black hair
Eyes: Dark brown
Skin tone: Pale
Body type: Lean and flexible

Occupation: Assassin
Powers: The power Sabre once had was experimented with and altered by various masters. She was born a weakling, with only one power to herself.

~Manipulative Empathy: Born with Empathy, Sabre was trained to use her powers to force emotions onto others, while blocking out the affects of anyone else's emotion.

~Invisibility: She was not born with this power, but one of the assassins that raised her force fed her a potion that fled her blood with the magic of invisibility​. It only lasts a few seconds before wearing off, and will sometimes fail to work.

~Silence: Sabre bargained with one of the gods for this power. It allows her to seal a room with silence so that no one may hear what occurs within.

Weapons: She prefers to use daggers and other small weapons that she can hide under her clothes.
Personality: Sabre is very quiet. After so many years of existence, she finds words less important. She tends to get into arguments often, and although she says little she shouts every word. There is very little kindness left in her heart. She hates anyone with the amulet.
Biography: "I was born in the tiniest of towns on the edge of the mountains. This was before humans ever mingled with Atlantians, so when I was born with dark eyes, the only explaination was that I was a weakling. Powerless. My mother's mother cast me out, and I lived in an orphanage an hour from the town until they found me. A slim little girl, quiet and sneaky- the perfect candidate for a new assassin.

"They renamed me, reshaped me, into their perfect weapon. I killed my first nobleman when I was 14. They let me celebrate, drink an entire bottle of red wine, buy a dress from the best seamstress in town. As my list of kills grew, so did my notability. As a civil war brew, the king grew wary of my power. He called down the gods to reign me in, and someone listened. He was given an amulet that sought out my soul and trapped it. Whoever was in possession of the amulet was in possession of myself.

"I once tried to take the amulet for myself. It burnt my hand and left me unconscious for a week and a half.

"Throughout the centuries, the amulet has been stolen, hidden, sold, given... and I am trapped under it's power. I cannot die unless someone releases my soul from the amulet. After the rise of The One, most of the gods retreated from this world. Not many people are immortal, these days. I am left to wander alone, waiting for someone else to find my amulet and place me under their power. My last master died of old age. He was a kinder man than most. He released me from his service before he died, and told me the amulet was hidden. But the amulet has been hidden before. Someone always finds it.

"The gods that still listen are kind to me. They give me the blessing of near endless sleep when I am under no one's service. It is as close to death as I can reach. However, I can feel something is brewing, just beyond the edge of my corner of my forest home. I hope I am not needed. I pray it."
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+Jonathan Musgravecontinuation

also she is alone for now and vulnerable hint hint

Adia kept running, deeper into the elaborate gardens. A lot of it was untended to and messy, overgrown plants over the path. She didn't stop to try and help them, though, scared and helpless herself.

+Jonathan Musgrave

Kadalia was lounging. Well, she was doing the closest thing to lounging, which was sprawling across her too small bed, one leg hanging off the side, her head pressed against the cold wall. It was the best she could get in her cell, unless she wanted to sprawl out on the floor.

She hears footsteps coming down towards her and glanced towards the sun coming in through the window. It wasn't exactly time for her lunch, but she wasn't going to complain if it meant food.

+Jonathan Musgravereboot roleplay

Adia hadn't left the library in awhile. After Ragnor's death, she had gone out to his funeral and nothing more. However, missing books were piling up, as people had gotten used to Ragnor paying them a visit when their book was nearly due. Putting on a brave face, Adia had tracked down all of the books, and was now crossing the castle to visit one of the science labs, to inquire about three books that were months overdue.

She knocked on the door of the lab, glancing about the hall, hoping both that someone was and wasn't there. If someone was, she would retrieve her books and end the day. If there was no one, she could retire early without anymore human interaction.

sorry it's very bad

(Continuation. +Natalie Tyler-Pond.) Apollyon forced himself to sit up, wincing faintly when he did. "Adia..." He trailed off, unable to think of something to say.

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"You got guts, I'll give you that. Unfortunately, it's not enough!"
Name: Abaddon Naarth Nathayim
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Birthday: April 13, 2638
Appearance: See below.
Hair: Light blue
Eyes: Dark silver
Skin tone: Pale
Body type: Muscled and fit
Powers: He can summon Golems made of various materials, but only if he has the material with him to use for creating that specific Golem. For example: if he wanted to create a Blood Golem, he would need a little bit of blood, so he might cut himself a little to draw blood, or he might shoot a enemy and use some of theirs. All of the Golems have their own special abilities, but none are exceedingly powerful and each has a drawback. The strongest, and rarest, Golem, which is a Magma Golem, can spray things with pure molten stone, but it drains itself of life by doing so. Abaddon can also regenerate from injuries, but can still die from serious injuries like being shot through the heart, lungs, etc., and the regeneration takes longer when the wound is more serious.
Weapons: A sword and twin pistols.
Personality: Arrogant, bold, and hot-headed.
Strengths: Creatively coming up with ways to kill, torture, and interrogate people, fighting with almost every kind of weapon out there, and being a jerk.
Weaknesses: If you get him angry, he will make lots of mistakes. And his Golems can't live for more than 48 hours at the most.
Biography: Abaddon's past is known only by himself and four others, including his brother. Around two years ago, Abaddon and his brother made themselves known to Atlantis. They said that they supported the Queen and that they would keep a careful eye on the country to insure that nothing harmed the queen, and then they faded from public sight. Now with recent events, they've resurfaced and have caught the public's attention with their warnings that the war will soon become worse
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Name: Daemon Asaak Nathayim the Fifth
Nickname: His brother calls him Five. To everyone else, he's simply called Daemon.
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Birthday: June 21st, 2636
Appearance: See below.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Light green
Skin tone: Pale
Body type: That of an average adult human male.
Powers: He can give or remove energy from non-living materials. This allows him to do things like; superheating a sword without compromising the integrity of the blade, remove the kinetic energy from a moving object, stopping it in place, lower the temperature of glass, etc. He can also manipulate the energy in the air around him to create force fields and he can teleport for short distances.
Weapons: A red sword.
Personality: Curious, bold, and a know-it-all.
Strengths: Intelligence, combat skills, reasoning and investigation skills.
Weaknesses: His curiosity often gets the better of him and his powers can tire him out.
Biography: Daemon's past is known only by himself and four others, including his brother. Around two years ago, Daemon and his brother made themselves known to Atlantis. They said that they supported the Queen and that they would keep a careful eye on the country to insure that nothing harmed the queen, and then they faded from public sight. Now with recent events, they've resurfaced and have caught the public's attention with their warnings that the war will soon become worse.
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