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(open rp) i was this cave that had alot of minerals and crystals in there,i was in there so i could take some minerals ad crystals to sell them and get money but this place was surrounded of guards , the only thing i gotta do is asassinate them with my claws, i didnt even know the soldiers and all of u were defending this cave anyway u guys were searchi ng around if i was there but couldnt find me but one of u did found me by turning on the lights around me making the diamonds glow next to me and i smiled happy getting caught oh u caught me great i waved smiling,hearing and making a plan to escape or take the minerals

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Name:monster cat


Type:DJ cat (with out eyes)


Sexuality:well idk



Eye color: don't have eyes)

hair color:none (don't have hair)


Skills:parkour, lying and sneaking

What I love to do:celebrate holiday, steal stuff,play music, make songs and explore the world

What I don't like:stealing my songs, try to attack my friends and interrupting me

Villian or superhero:villian

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This is a very blunt statement, but, um...

I think this community has died?

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name:grim reaper
age:why do u wanna know
my weapon:a scythe,two revolvers and a grain sickle scythe
what am i:a skeleton
personality:rude and kind
what I don't know to use:electronics stuff
where I go when im alone:grave yards,the ocean and the forest
what I like to do:take care of souls,take souls,explore,fight demons,protect souls and learning to use electronics
what I don't like:try to hirt my souls,demons getting close to my souls,destroying nature and attacking citizens that didn't do nothing
relationship:single as always
my son:grimcale
my poem:despair fear and grief they all visit tonight my heart is frozen,my feelings gone numb if I could if i could only see the light

anger,rage and loss they are old friends of mine my eyes are blinded,my thoughts locked the edge to madness a thin line

pain,crazy and sorrow just won't leave me alone my memories are clear, my future clouded destination yet unknown

doubt, captivity and desperation have just arrived my soul is lost, my love has choked dont know if it can be revived

loneliness, hate and revenge have no secrets for me my hope crumbled,my spirit breaking darkness sees its opportunity

sadness,agony and misery came to stay my courage grows dim, my strength is melting and the light inside me fades away

(it's a poem of mine)
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Your name: Alex

Superhero name: Wingsgirl

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Sexuallity: Straight

Crush: Open

Relationship status: Open

Relatives: Open

Likes: flying and skateboarding

Dislikes: Bullies and getting captured by villains

Weaknesses: Water on wings

Powers: Telekinesis, flying, and basic magic

Bio: She used to live in the science lab forced to be tested on until she escaped when she was 10 and lived in the streets until she found a place to live in which is in someone’s basement.

Trainers: Open
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( +Shawn Ritsworth)

Alex is walking in the park by herself with her wings folded behind her. She is glad that the city is safe for now, it have been hours since another chaos. She smiles softly as she push her hair away from her eyes letting her shiny blue diamond eyes, her eyes sparkles in the sunlight. Her long and soft hairs hangs down swaying a bit as she walks. You see her walk and you...
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Any girl wanna do a ship rp with Adam?
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