Bloody Romance, Chapter 2

After the day of the murder, you built up a new routine.
Instead of heading your way to University, you said you´d quit--your cousin, Lara, was a billionaire, and she would send you money every once in a while.
You decided that, since the murderer knew you, he would be expecting you on the place you went everyday: the path to University!
From that day on, you usually staid home doing whatever, or you would take a walk on the woods.
That´s right--your house was located on the very edge of a big, dark forest, mostly full of slender trees.
You didn´t took a walk very often, because every time, you would feel like you were being watched.
You knew someone was watching you--and you could bet your bottom dollar that whoever it was, it was behind those trees.
But what you didn´t know was...that the person watching you, was the murderer.
Sometimes, when you went to sleep, you often heard strange sounds at your bedroom window--like the soft whimper of a dog, and then growling, and sometimes even a voice whispering; «Shh!!! Do you want her to know we are here?»
It was always scary, so you made sure you locked your window and ran the curtains before you went to bed.
Of course, sometimes, you couldn´t sleep because of that. You would just hide under the blankets, but still you could hear the voices.
But on a night, exactly at the 31st of October, you life changed drastically....

Bloody Romance, Chapter 1

Yet again, just a perfectly normal day.
It was mid-October, and you were just leaving from your University when you got a message on your phone.
It was your best friend, Cassandra. She had staid home with your parents, and you found it weird that she would message you.

"(Y/N)!!! QUICK! HOME! NOW!"
With alarm, you ran home, without looking to see if cars were crossing.

«Oh God....what could have happened?»

When you entered your home, the sight took away your breath;
There was blood practically everywhere, an in the floor, both your parents were lying, their limbs full of cuts, bleeding.
"C-Cassandra...? Could...could you tell me w-what happened here?"
You asked trembling.
" happened while I was i-in the kitchen and...and w-when I c-came back....w-well, I saw them dead and...well, y-you better check this out..."
Cassandra led you all the way to your room.
In the wall was a message, written on a sticky scarlet liquid...blood.
«I am gonna get you, (Y/N)»
You gasped. Whoever left the message there knew you...but why did it want to get you?
"S-see? I t-told you!"
"Oh my God..."

Sleepy Cat-Heads...and Hoodies~

Sandscar laid dead on her pink blanket. She had been there, lying around since 3A.M., surrounded by fantasy books.She had gotten herself a cold. Every time someone would TRY and get in, she would screech.
"Come on Sandscar, you can´t stay there the whole day!"
She heard Jeff crying out.
"Go away. Leave me here to die"
Suddenly, she heard a little "Click!" and she saw the door open. She was ready to start screeching untill she saw who it was.
She then hid under her blanket and said nothing.
"I know you are here, Sandscar."
She knew it was him. It was Hoodie.
"I-I´m not here...!"
"Gee Sandscar, you sound like Sally!"
Sandscar took a peek through a hole in the blanket.
"C-Can you g-get me some c-cheesecake???"
Suddenly Masky got in angrily in the room and screamed at the top of his lungs:
Sandscar growled at him and Masky retreated.
"Okay. I´ll get you some."
First he passed by her bed and lightly kissed her forehead.
«Oh my StarClan~»
Then the door closed.

Definition of a Monster.
Told From Full Moon’s Perspective.

    That was the very first thing I was aware of upon returning to consciousness. That and the sensation of throbbing pain in my temple. I groaned, opening my eyes and looking at the stone floor that I was currently sitting on, trying to get them adjusted to the darkness of the cold room that I was in.
    I took a double take; this was no normal room. I was in a cell. How did I get here? Why couldn’t I remember what events had taken place to get me here? My head hurt far too bad to be considered a normal headache. Perhaps it was a migraine. Perhaps it was something else. Had someone knocked me out to get me here? Most likely. It would explain most of this strange situation.
    I tugged at the chains around my wrists. They were bound to the wall tightly, I could tell by the way they jangled. So I was in human form as well. I sighed. The way that I was chained up was painful, but it wasn’t agonizing. My arms were just raised up slightly and being held up firmly by the cool metal. It made my arms incredibly sore, but I could take it.
    The way the shackles around my wrists were locked, I knew that I was going to have some serious red marks left after I managed to get out of here. My wrists were already stinging from the way the steel was clamped around them, and it was hard to ignore it, but not impossible.
    I looked up from the floor to the bars in front of me. Ah, so I was in a jail cell, like I was some type of criminal. Fantastic. This is just how I wanted to spend my day.
    Small, quiet footsteps caught my attention. They sounded oddly familiar. My wolf ears perked up, listening closely as my curly dark brown hair fell into my face, giving me a kind of weary look.
    A guard stopped in front of my cell, regarding me with his cold, blue-gray eyes. “You have a visitor,” he announced in monotone.
    I snorted, glaring at the guard. “Lovely. I haven’t even had time to freshen up and someone’s here to see me. Who is it?”
    The guard stepped aside and I found myself gazing into the same shade of green eyes as my own. Except they were wide and terrified, and when I looked at the visitor’s face as a whole, I saw the black hair with the white stripe down the middle and the deep forest green bow perched atop their head.
    “Cinder…” I whispered.
    “Full Moon…” she whispered back, her voice quivering.
    The guard turned to leave. “You two have ten minutes only. Don’t try any tricks,” he snapped as he marched away.
    “Jackwad,” I muttered under my breath. I looked back at Cinder, who was staring at me with complete horror in her eyes. “You. Do you know what happened? How did I get here?”
    Cinder opened her mouth to respond and paused, looking down. “You… you attacked them… you attacked those innocent people…”
    I furrowed my brows in confusion. “Huh?”
    She looked up at me with all the confidence she could muster up. “We were all out on our monthly sister outing… we went to the movies… we were walking back home and these people- men- approached us. They started harassing us, and you… you… you attacked them. Your eyes… they turned a dangerous ruby red… you wouldn’t stop… you killed them, Full Moon.”
    “I… killed them? A group of men?” I questioned, blinking and trying to process the information Cinder had just delivered to me.
    “Yes… all of them. Then these guards showed up and… you attacked them too. One of them had to knock you out with a frying pan… and then they took you away. None of us could do anything…” Cinder finished up, her gaze locking back down on her feet.
    “A frying pan?” I snorted.
    “Yeah… the baseball bat didn’t work. It splintered in half over your head,” Cinder murmured.
    It was quiet for a moment before Cinder looked back up at me, interlocking her fingers together. “Do you even remember what you did…?”
    I frowned. “No. If I had remembered it, I wouldn’t have asked you what happened and why I was here.”
    Cinder nodded, looking anywhere in the room but at me.
    “So, why are you here? Visiting me?” I interrogated.
    “Oh. I, uh, wanted to see you. Make sure you were alright after last night’s… incident,” she responded quietly.
    “Make sure I’m alright?” I repeated, my voice growing louder. “Cinder! I am locked up in a jail cell! I am chained to the walls! It is freezing in here and these shackles aren’t exactly comfy! Do I look alright to you?!”
    “Don’t yell at me!” Cinder snapped. “Not when I’m the only one who bothered to come check up on you!”
    “I don’t need you to come check up on me, Cinder!” I snarled. “I’m not a helpless little child who needs someone watching out for me like that!”
    “I never said you were!”
    “Well, you sure as hell implied it!” I hissed, jerking forward but being held back by the chains binding me to the wall.
    “I didn’t mean it like that!” Cinder shouted back at me, taking a threatening step forward.
    “Sure you didn’t!” I replied sarcastically, rolling my eyes.
    “You know what?” Cinder hissed, narrowing her now blazing green eyes. “You’re right. You’re not a child I need to look after. You’re the complete opposite. You’re a monster!”
    As soon as she said it, her eyes widened and she covered her mouth with both of her hands.
    I blinked in mild surprise before closing my eyes and gritting my teeth. “Maybe I am.”
    “Full Moon-”
    “No, no, Cinder. You’re right. Look at me. I am a monster,” I growled.
    “No, wait, I didn’t-”
    “You deny it now. You deny the truth,” I chuckled darkly. “Well, you said it. And it’s true. I’m a monster. A monster who could easily snap you in half with a quaint flick of the wrist. A monster who could rip you apart, limb from limb. I could destroy you. I would destroy you.”
    “No! You’re not-”
    “Not like that? Oh, but I am. I killed innocent people Cinder. And I feel no remorse. None. My conscience is clear. I could kill you just the same,” I said, opening my eyes to stare at the trembling girl in front of me.
    “Stop talking like this-”
    “Stop speaking the truth? You’ve always known that I possessed more strength than you. More strength than any of you, actually. It’s common knowledge that I could kill you all. I really could. I’m truly a monster. I’m the very definition for the word monster. So face the facts, Cinder. You need to avoid me. Stay away from me. Not like someone like you would want to be near a monster anyway.”
    “Full Moon, your eyes!” Cinder squeaked.
    “What about them?”
    “They’re red again! Just like they were that night!”
    I blinked furiously. My eyes didn’t feel any different. Just maybe a bit hotter than eyes should typically be. “Are you sure? I feel nothing. Wait, is this a trick? Are you distracting me?!”
    “No! Your eyes really are red!” Cinder defended.
    “How can I trust your word right now?” I challenged. I wasn’t so much not trusting her as I was curious to know what was going on with my eyes. I knew deep down that if I challenged Cinder, she would find a way to prove it.
    Cinder’s wide eyes glanced around the vicinity, looking for something to show me the truth. She gasped suddenly and darted over to the corner, returning with a shard of a mirror. She held it out to me through the bars in her small hands, and I looked down at my reflection. Just as she had said, my eyes were crimson colored. “What-”
    “See? I d-didn’t lie to you. I wouldn’t.”
    I sighed, closing my eyes and taking deep breaths to try and calm myself down. It worked, but slowly, of course. “I know you wouldn’t, kid. But truly, I am a monster. It doesn’t matter what you say or think, it’s who I am.”
    “Full Moon, no-”
    “Don’t argue with me,” I snapped, clenching my fists. “I know myself better than anyone else. I know that I’m a monster. I always have been one, and that will never change.”
    Cinder went silent, most likely not wishing to argue any more for fear that another horrible thing would fall from her lips. I could tell she didn’t agree with what I was saying, but she wasn’t going to fight me on the subject anymore.
    The moment of silence was shattered when I heard clicking footsteps echoing down the corridor. The guard came around the corner and tapped his wristwatch. “Time’s up. Leave.”
    Cinder nodded softly and looked at me. “I’ll see you later, Full Moon…” she whispered before walking out of my range of vision.
    I watched her go, my heart aching for the first time in years. I hated fighting with that kid. Plus, I didn’t want to be contained in this cell for much longer, no matter if I deserved to be or not. I was still a wild animal at heart, and we wild animals don’t like being kept prisoner in cages.
    I knew that if Cinder was right about anything that day though, whether she meant to say it or not, it was that I was a real monster. A cold-blooded, heartless, emotionless, black souled monster. The other thing she was right about was that I would indeed see her later. But it was probably a bit sooner than she had anticipated. What can I say? Cages, cells, things like that, they’re really not my thing. I hate being locked up and contained like some kind of… what was the word? Monster.
    Yes. That’s it. That’s me. I’m the very definition of a monster. And I hate it.

The End.

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Should I continue the story
So here's the prologue!

I still remember the day it happened, I was an office worker. Then it popped up on the news. many countries took up arms against it, all lost. Many other countries isolated their selves from the world. Then it hit south america, all countries not hit declared martial law, many flocked north to other countries. Any who saw it couldn't speak any words to describe it. The united states built an impenetrable wall for defense. The us and many other countries started the UCAI or united countries against it. They sent in many soldiers but many never returned. After 10 years it had grown even closer to the wall. The UCAI had trained many soldiers for those 10 years, sending them to get tested and building special weapons for them. I was one of the lucky one who made it through the course. They sent us all into the forbidden land to hunt it. Which brings it down to me, I've spent 3 years in the waste or forbidden land, I'm one of the last of the originals. The others are new, just sent in. I'm known as elder for my experience out here.

Angel's Past

"Angel, darling, it's time for dinner!" a bitter sweet voice called from downstairs. I winced slightly as all eyes turned to me, glaring with jealousy. I set down my history book and slid out of my broken bed, opening the door and running out. The hall was rotting and had stains all over the walls, showing how old they were. I slid past some of my roommates till I made it to the broken down kitchen. The woman who called smiled, cupping my chin and rubbing her thumb against my skin. "How's my little Angel? Are you hungry? I made dinner for you." She stepped back and held out a plate for me. "You should know by now that you always eat before the rest."
I glanced at the plate. "But I don't want to eat before everyone. It's not fair for them..."
She paused, like she was trying to not explode. She then grabbed my arm harshly, pulling me forward. "Listen here, girl. You are my favorite, so you should be happy about that. Do you know what I go through just to make sure your life is wonderful?"
Wonderful? Yeah, sure... I winced, feeling her nails dig into my skin. Great, another bruise... I nodded my head quickly, feeling my eyes tear up from the pain. She shoved the plate into my hands, standing straight again. "Kids, dinner!"
I turned and headed outside, my little feet making small creaks in the wood. Everyone rushed to the kitchen, ready for a nice yummy dinner. I sat down on the porch, my feet unable to touch the ground. That's what happens when you're too short for your age. I'm about six... or was it seven? I'm not sure.
Once I finished eating, I set the plate down and watched a few bunnies run around in the yard. My fingers twitched with want. I wanted to run like them, run free. I was part raccoon anyway... My purple hair swished behind me, touching my shoulders gently afterwards. Smiling slightly, I stood up and brushed the dirt off my dark grey worn-out clothes before running back into the house.
I was living in an adoption home, but it was more like a child prison. No one comes here to adopt us. It's just us and that lady that favors me.

"Hurry up!"
"I don't understand why we're doing this..."
"If she's the favorite because she's beautiful, we'll just have to change that, won't we?"
I rubbed my eyes awake, sitting up. Five of my roommates stood around my bed. The girl closet, Miley, smirked, setting down the scissors in her hand. My eyes widened when I saw the girl next to her holding strands of purple hair. I reached behind my head to grab my hair. On my left, it was the same. On my right... there was no soft feeling of hair. Just empty space. They cut the right side of my hair shorted. I screamed in shock and slight fear. "W-What did you do?!"
"That's what happens when you're the favorite," Miley hissed, shoving my back. "Get lost."
The door slammed open. "What is going on?" We all stopped, turning to see the lady standing there. She gasped in shock, seeing my hair. "Oh my... Your hair..." she clenched her fists, eyes filled with fury. "How dare you cut your hair without permission!"
I didn't waste a second. I threw the scissors at her and bolted for the window. I tugged the lock open and shoved the window open. Hearing a scream of fury and pain, I jumped out of the building. Once I was on my feet, I ran.

Two weeks... I think... I'm not so sure anymore. My memory keeps getting worse and worse. I rubbed my tear stained cheek, sniffing. I held my growling stomach, stumbling through the streets of a lonely town. Seeing no cars, I started crossing the road, closing my eyes.
Suddenly a car honked, blaring lights shining through my eye lids. I snapped them open, turning my head in time to see a car crashing straight into me.
Everything went black.

Beep. Beep. Beep
"Cadin, how many times do I have to tell you to stay off your phone while driving?"
"'Bout twelve times now."
"You idiot! You probably killed her!"
"Shut up, Spike! Does it sound like she's dead? The damn heart monitor is still beeping."
"Boys, stop fighting."
I groaned, opening my eyes. Standing over me was a woman with wavy brown hair and eyes. Next to her stood a boy around my age with messy brown hair and light brown eyes. Sitting in a chair against the wall was a boy around 18 years old. His hair was black and slightly messy, barely covering his orange eyes. He grunted, looking at me. "She's awake."
The woman sighed in relief, looking at me. "Hello there. I'm so sorry about my son," she smiled, setting her hand over mine. "What's your name?"
I furrowed my eyebrows in thought. Name...? "I think... Angel. My name's Angel."

(6 years later)

I stared at the pages of my science book, unable to process anything. I growled in frustration, slamming my pencil down and covering my face. I can't do it... I'm just dumb. The door opened, making me open my brown eyes. "What?"
Cadin stuffed his hands in his pockets. "Puppy says dinner will be ready in a few. So get ready."
My heart stopped. "Angel, darling, it's time for dinner!" her voice... I nodded slowly, turning back to my book. Cadin left the room, probably thinking I'm just studying. I looked at my mirror... at my hair. It grew back, but I had to cut the other side. Now my hair was back to my shoulders, soft and wavy.
Like when I was at that adoption home.
Before I even knew what to think, I ran out of the house. There was a bridge nearby, I think. Ugh! Stupid brain! That woman will come back for me! Now that my hair is back, she'll find me and keep me! She beat me for messing up my hair or getting a small scratch on my face. I can't go through that again.
I smiled inside my mind when I spotted the bridge. I panted for air, climbing up onto the wall. I stared down at the road below where cars drove by without a care. My brain stopped as I took a foot off the wall.
I jolted in shock, opening my eyes. My feet fell off the wall. Wind rushed past me, blowing my hair back. I widened my eyes but didn't scream. This is what I wanted... right?
A hand grabbed my wrist, stopping my fall. I squeaked, snapping my eyes shut. Cars rushed past under me, not noticing a dangling girl. I looked up, a gasp slipping out of my mouth. "Cadin?"
He held my wrist with one hand, dangling with me as well. Spike stood on the bridge, holding Cadin's feet so we didn't fall. Cadin glared at me slightly. "What are you doing? Do you think this will accomplish anything? Why would you go out and kill yourself like this?!"
I turned my eyes away from him, bowing my head. "I can't do this, Cadin... She'll come for me..."
"I won't let anyone take you," he said, his voice softening slightly. He reached down with his other hand and grabbed my wrist. I heard him mutter something, but I couldn't make out the words. Spike hauled us back up as Cadin hauled me into his arms, making sure I wouldn't try and fall again. Once my feet were on the ground, I sobbed, falling to my knees. Spike kneeled down next to me, wrapping his arms around me. Cadin patted my head, sitting down on his knees next to us. "Hey, don't cry... you're alright now."
Spike smiled, patting my back. I sniffed, hugging both of them. I whispered softly a "Thank you" to them, burying my face in Cadin's arm. They exchanged a look before hugging me back.

"I don't want to lose you... I don't want to lose anything anymore..." ~Cadin Black

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Me having my kits.

Chapter 1.
"Oh come on! Push, kittypet!"
Shianne and Moonfrost were helping me have kits.
"Um.. Can't I have my ice cream?"
I looked at Shianne.
<She's the best doctor EVER..>
I thought to myself.
"Meooooow! Meow!"
They were two little kits.
A she-cat and a tom.
"What is the girl's name?"
Asked Moonfrost.
Shouted Sunpool busting in the operation room.
"No! I'll name her... Pawkit."
Sunpool looked at me with a frown.
"And the tom.. Bloodheart!"
"Why?! That's my name!"
Said my new mentor, Bloodheart.
"I know!"
All of us chuckled, but Bloodheart didn't.
"Well, here are some beautiful kits!"
And they grew into great warriors.

❤The End❤

This is Bloodheart (below)

How I found out I hate Primazon
"Hey, Sandscar!"
Primazon called out to me when I was on my way to school.
"I hear you have a boyfriend!"
I blushed, because me and my best friend, Ravenclaw, were hanging out last night, maybe she thought it was a date.
"Hello, my little pearl.."
I heard someone behind me.
"Jeff! Get away! I can deal with this arse-hole alone!"
"Oh, no, you can't, honey."
Yep, Jeff the Killer is my BOYFRIEND.
I'm sorry to tell.
"Primazon, isn't it? Well, why don't you GO TO SLEEP..."
Primazon looked scared at Jeff's bloody smile and ran off.
Jeff kissed me real quick and went off to school laughing.
The End.

If I Died Today
Told From Goldfang's Point Of View.

Bloodheart was talking to me, although I didn't listen to him.
"Goldfang! You need to listen to me!"
"What do you know? What if I died today and all you told me was how to catch birds?"
Bloodheart mumbled something and let me go to see Vividclaw, our leader.
"Will I participate in the battle tonight?"
Vividclaw looked at me.
"Well, yes, my apprentice."
She said with a purr.
I was so exited! My first battle! Woah!
"Really?! Amazing!"
.Chapter 2, The Battle Against ThunderClan.
"Murr-au! Mi-arr!"
Cats were fighting everywhere!
You could hear them howl and hiss, and scratch, and bite in every corner!
"Agh! Gold..fang! P..please!!"
Bloodheart called out to me when he was pinned to the ground by Blackspot.
"No! If I died today, it would be like a warrior!"
Bloodheart looked at me with proudness in his eyes.
"You are very brave, that will make you a fair warrior one day."
"Shut up! This territory will be ours as soon as all of you die!"
Blackspot said
"No! Me-ow!"
I jumped of the rock to pin Blakspot to the ground and save Bloodheart.
I felt him run out of air as I pressed forward on his chest.
"You dirty bag of flees!"
I screamed out, and burried my claws onto his chest, right on his heart
His final breath.
"ShadowClan wins! The leader of ThunderClan is dead!"
I heard Vividclaw say.
I was proud, and most importantly, Bloodheart was proud.
"You did well, my young apprentice, I am proud of training you."
"Most importantly, you are safe!"
I ran up to Bloodheart and cried.
We went happily back to ShadowClan camp.


How Do You Spell That?

“Hey, Moonfrost?” Buddy called out, scratching his head with his pencil eraser.
“Yes, Buddy? What is it?” Moonfrost answered, turning in her spinny chair to face the husky who was busy at work on a writing prompt that Moonfrost had assigned them.
“How do you spell ‘I’?” he questioned, furrowing his brow in intense concentration.
“Oh, e-y-e,” Moonfrost replied happily.
“No,” Buddy interjected, shaking his head. “The other ‘I’.”
“The other ‘I’-” Moonfrost began but stopped abruptly. She stared at Buddy with wide, disbelieving green eyes. “Are you serious right now?”
Buddy looked up, his electric blue eyes blurry with exhaustion. “Yeah. How do you spell…” he trailed off, seeming to realize what he had just said. “Oh gosh dangit.”

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