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Wish to tell you all about an on going and very difficult problem and getting married in Ireland. That this Irish Citizen is going through. He met Maria Liza Villanueva Salvador Navas on Yahoo Chat room on the 22nd of March 2006. We learned at that time that she was a single mother with six children and living with her parents in the Philippines.

She asked about her husband there in the Philippines and was told she was separate from him and learned at that time she only had just the one husband.

They talked for some time during 2006 and got on really well and she was always interested in Ireland and what it was like and how to get a visa to Ireland. She was told at the time that he had no knowledge of how one would get a visa to Ireland and told her at the time that he would do some research for her and found out that she needed to know someone or a family member that was living in Ireland to sponsor her and become her dependent.

Luckily for her she had a sister living in Ireland at 17 Liffey Court, Liffey valley park, Lucan, Co. Dublin and somehow she got a Tourist visa to Ireland in October 2008 for a three month stay at that time.

She arrived in Dublin Airport in 2008 however her sister was with her and her sister was not all too pleased to meet an Irish Citizen. Maria went to live with her sister in Dublin as he was living in a homeless shelter in Dublin at the time. He did however get to meet Maria while she was living with her sister and took her to see all the places in Ireland she said she wanted to see and was asking him about how to live in Ireland long term and again he was honest with her and told her he had no knowledge of how one would go about doing that and even though she didn't believe him and he express that he would do research for her.

She went back to the Philippines and to his surprise she returned to Ireland in 2009 as he learned that a person would have to wait months if not years before they are granted another visa to Ireland. He asked her how she was able to be successful in getting a visa to Ireland so very soon and was told that her sister helped her.

In 2009 she was still living with her sister but only learned that her sister only allowed her back on the condition that she had no contact with him but they met in secret. The reason for her sister actions was she hated and discriminated Irish People and wanted nothing to do with them. That the impression and feeling he got from her sister and seen how she behaved around Irish people.

Maria loved Ireland and it's people and was expressing how she wanted to live in Ireland forever and not be stuck on applying for a visa as she learned that her sister wasn't going to be her dependent and Maria wanted to stay. She did some research to learn that she could stay longer if she was planning to get married to an Irish Citizen.

They got married on the 08/September/2010 and Moved to Belturbet County Cavan that year she had to wait two to three years before getting a working visa and she got employment on the 27th of July 2012 and that's when he learned that when they was applying to get married in the registration office and in St. Kevin's Church in Dublin she provided a death certificate of her husband in the Philippines with the help of her daughter only to find out he wasn't dead. He tried to get help and found out that she put on her application that she had only four children and one husband only she has six children and two husbands in the Philippines and explain all of this to her Immigration officer Paul Cullen in Ballyconnell Garda Station and was told by him in his own words “if that's what she wants to do then that's her choice” she convenient me time and time again that her husband was dead.

Maria and her Irish husband haven't been living together since 2012 and she got her Irish Citizenship in April 2015 now he has been trying to get a Judicial Seperation of marriage for the past year to no success as he needs to get an address for her. He and many other have tried and failed to get her to provide an address but every time she hears the word Seperation she moves to a different address or country. On one occasion he learns that she was living and working in England at one time and learned she came back to Ireland and learns that in May she went back to the Philippines.

She has expressed that she would go to the Philippines to get her children and try to get them to live in Ireland. But she can only do that if she can provide a living address and marriage certificate. I also learned she was able to get job seekers allowance.

When Maria was applying for work visa and citizenship she provided an address she doesn't live at. So his problem for the judicial Seperation is how do you find someone who doesn't want to be found.

Here is all her and her family and husband details and photographic proof

Maria Liza Villanueva Salvador Navas Gordan Date of Birth 27/July/1966 other names she uses Lyza Salvador or Liza Salvador Navas her PPS Number is 1190234-b someone on the following list has knowledge of her true location and attentions but none of them are talking

Aira Salvador (Daughter)

Angel Ching Navas (Daughter)

Luz Villanueva (Salvador) (Mother)

Jego Salvador (son)

James Roy Salvador Navas (son)

Jeric Salvador Navas (son)

Rogelio Salvador (Father)

Lynn Frial (Sister)

Nica Frial (Niece)

Jim (James) Navas (Husband)

Lyza Salvador / Maria Liza Villanueva Salvador Navas Gordan
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