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Another question by email. This is a Doremus type D, with station name in killer.



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I recently got this email:

" I got my hands on a bunch of covers and I’m in the process of sorting through them looking for interesting machine cancels. One cancel struck me as unusual, it looks like an American Machine flag cancel but with an weird configuration of stars (please see attached scan). I’m used to seeing the stars in a 3-2-3-2-3 vertical pattern but the scan shows an “eye” shape of 13 stars. I was wondering if this is a knock off of the American Machine cancel by another company or if this is really from American Machine? Can you tell me if this is a rare or common cancel? "

My reply was that this is the "ovate" flag type, one of many described by the late Frederick Langford in his huge study of American flag machines.

If I understand the book correctly, this is quite common, number 16. B-4(3) different die. Ovate cancels are well-liked by collectors.


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Bob Swanson has posted a new MCS Auction closing on May 18, 2017 on our website. Go to to see the rules and the auction.
Hope you see something of interest.

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Attached postal stationary I found yesterday in a 1 € box. 1888 is early for a machine cancel, so I took it. After browsing thru Bob's "Cancel Finder" I'm no longer sure that this is a machine cancel. Any ideas?

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Bob Swanson has just posted a new MCS Auction on our website. Go to to see the auction. The auction closes Feb 21, 2017. Be sure to read the rules also if you have not done so before. 

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Grazie anche ai consigli degli amici, che seguono questo mio percorso collezionistico con affetto quasi maniacale, dopo l’ultima revisione della mia divagazione dedicata alla meccanizzazione postale, ho deciso di smontare e rimontare l’intero apparato espositivo, fedele alle teorie di Jean Piaget sull’accomodamento. Occasione imperdibile per inserire anche nuovi reperti accumulati nel frattempo e che faranno quindi inedita comparsa tra le pagine dei miei album sull'argomento.

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Bob Swanson has just posted a new Machine Cancel Society Auction on our website. The auction ends on November 29, 2016.
You can see it at

Hope you find something of interest.

Don Pearson

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L'acquisizione di nuovi reperti per la mia divagazione dedicata alla meccanizzazione postale è ghiotta occasione per la solita divagazione postal filatelica...

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I have uploaded the ZIP file that contains the
PDF files of his auction notes, as mentioned in
the body of this post:

Joe has several lots in the upcoming Rasdale auction, and
wants machine cancel collectors to know more about
the lots. See the correspondences below for more information:

Bob Swanson

- - - - - - - - -

From Don Pearson

May 9

An MCS member has some lots that will be in an upcoming Rasdale auction.
Our member does not feel that the Rasdale descriptions does justice to his material,
so he asked me to send information that he has
attached that will better describe what is being offered.

Having read his descriptions, I see some very desirable material in machine cancels.
So if any of you are interested then you might bid on the lots in Rasdale's auction.


Don Pearson

MCS Auction Manager

- - - - - - -

Original Message­­­­­
Sent: Mon, May 9, 2016 4:25 pm

Subject: From Joe Pundai: My Lots in Rasdale #428 Auction...Attachments

Hello Don,

Here is the "Stuff" that I promised to send regarding the Lots that are in Rasdale's upcoming
auction #428 (First Session)

As you will see when you open the attachments, I included my personal, more descriptive
details of the Lots...which should help.

When we said you may be able to send this information on to other MCS
members, so they may have an opportunity to view the more detailed information about my
Lots. The list of "research literature" may be of interest to the members as well...Lots 8 & 9...
over 125 pieces of philatelic references/guides...Most relating to Machine Cancels but there
are many covering Postal History....You'll see when you look at the list.

- - - - - - - -


To all dealers & fellow cover collectors. Enclosed please find attachments: “Cover Letter”, (SEE LINK ABOVE)
Reference Literature Inventory for Lots 0008 & 0009 and a pdf file of my cover lots as listed
in the: Rasdale Stamp/Cover, 428th Public Auction (First Session)

The "First Session Auction" will be held on Saturday, May 21, 2016 starting at 9:00 AM
View at:

Click on “Browse Auction” to see a few examples
(photos) of the items in the particular lots.

A phone description of my lots will available from "Rasdale" , Wednesday, May 11th through
Wednesday May 18th ­ (630) 794­9900. If you can...speak to Jack, he is the person who put
my lots together.

Good Hunting...

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I contacted Bob with a question regarding a postcard with which I thought a machine cancellation. But Bob thinks that it is a Barrel roll postmark, and I believe that he is absolutely correct. But I would like to see if anyone has a different opinion about it. Please see attached picture. In the mean time, I am working on a new exhibit dedicated to US postmarks with animal town cancels and would like to know if anyone has any of them as duplicates and would like to either exchange them or simply sell. Will be happy to add any missing ones to my collection.
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