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"Welcome to Four Seasons roleplay! Make a profile, and explore the world!
Long ago, four sisters rules the earth in harmony- Spring, Winter, Autumn, and Summer- until a mysterious boy named Leap appeared, and their pining for him drove them mad and tore a rift between them. The world is divided into four! An icy wonderland ruled by melancholy Winter, a warm paradise ruled by sunny Summer, a flowering garden ruled by Silly Spring, and a chilly forest ruled by mischievous Autumn...
This is a modern day fantasy community! Although do keep in mind, the lore is still in progress! If you want to send me any pictures of the world being divided into four, feel free to do so!
We ask that you keep all roleplay content PG13 with no excessively mature or non-child-friendly content! Please submit a profile of your character to be approved before posting, and post everything in its appropriately designated categories!
1. No rule 34 or porn.
2. No ridiculously overpowered Mary Sues. Make your character realistic.
3. No swearing. At least censor it.
4. Always have a mod or an owner approve your profiles before you start RPing.
5. Any and all spam will result in immedeate temporary ban. ((Repost this or die.))
6. Be descriptive and make sure to use good grammar and spelling!
7. Respect the mods and the owners.
8. No advertising please.
9. There is a cap of 5 OCs per person at the moment. This will change once we get more members.
10. Any person who is not active for a week will be kicked. Be active!
11. Be respectful to EVERYONE and their OCs. If you so much as say something offensive to anyone for their OCs beliefs, sexuality, race, or ethnicity, I will personally make sure your experience at this community is not fun.

Basic Information

First Name:
Middle Name:
Last Name:
Name Meaning:
Name Pronunciation:


Birth Date:
Real Age:
Physical Age:
Mental Age:
Zodiac Sign:
Birth Stone:

Powers: ~Do not go over 5 abilities

Theme Song (Optional)

Normal Theme:
Joyful Theme:
Emotional Theme:
Peaceful Theme:
Intense Theme:
Love Theme:



Likes: ~List at least two
Dislikes: ~List at least two

Biography: ~At least a paragraph


Good Habits:
Bad Habits:
Talents: ~Type at least two
Skills: Type at least three


Strength: /10
Intelligence: /10
Creativity: /10
Charisma: /10
Durability: /10
Agility: /10
Kindness: /10
Honesty: /10
Loyalty: /10
Respectfullness: /10
Responsibility: /10
Childishness: /10
Compassion: /10
Fairness: /10
Temper: /10
Humility: /10
Forgiveness: /10
Courageousness: /10
Generosity: /10

Appearance (Not needed if picture)


Body Type:

Hair Type:
Hair Color:

Eye Color:


Other Information: 
Canon Characters:
Lady Spring: +Meggie
Lady Summer:
Lady Autumn:
Lady Winter: +Astria The Angel Shark
Leap: +Flare Strider
Owners: FrodoParadox and +pipistrello
Mods: +Flare Strider
We look forward to roleplaying with you! Make sure to follow the rules and you will have a great time!

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Basic Information

First Name: Xavier
Middle Name: (N/A)
Last Name: Corbin
Name Meaning: I chose Xavier because it sounds like Saviour and Corbin because it means raven
Name Pronunciation: Zay-vee-er Kor-bin
Nickname: (N/A)

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual

Birth Date: December 1st, 1990
Real Age: His age is suspended in tims
Physical Age: 16
Mental Age: the maturity to handle gruesome and adult things but the childish emotional unintelligence makes it hard to pin down.
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Birth Stone: Officially Turqupise but his associated gemstone is Goldenite Hornblende

Species: Corrupted Human/Lich
Powers: In DnD a Lich is described as a being who has merged their soul with their magical essence. They are incredibly unstable and need a strong emotional anchor to prevent themselves from completely losing control of their mind. Xavier is similar in that regard, but instead of just losing his mind, as his grasp on reality slips away, so does his form, slowly deteriorating into that of a Raven. Do to this, he can summon and fly with large black wings, but as he does and as he uses more magic, feathers start to overtake his body and he gets tired and starts to slip away. He can stabilize himself by stealing bits of people's souls. He can cast various magic spells with a wand or summon small flames, sparks, illusions or gusts of force without one.

Theme Song (Optional)

Normal Theme: Black- Toby Fox (Homestuck OST)
Joyful Theme: Howl's Moving Castle theme- Joe Hisaishi
Emotional Theme: Unspoken Love- Joe Hisaishi (Howl's Moving Castle OST)
Peaceful Theme: (See Above)
Intense Theme: MeGaLoVania- Toby Fox (Homestuck OST)


Personality: Xavier's persona is that of a charmer, a sweet talker, a Casanova, but his facade unravels around those he has no need to woo. He's generally aloof, not caring for people beyond what he can use them for. His emotions seem guarded and he resists any hint of vulnerability. He's in there somewhere, but he's buried deep under a lot of mistakes and bad behavior, and I wouldn't recommend digging for him. Demeanor wise, he's cocksure, sarcastic, laid back, and witty, with a bit of theatrics and grandiosity.

Likes: Musical theatre, libraries, reading, avian biology, dark and secluded places, chilly weather, dressing well, brunettes, classical music, the finer things, violence, jazzy old small coffee shop businesses
Dislikes: Losing, people who dislike him, loud people, crowded places, pop music, most people his age, Lich hunters, the police

Biography: Xavier lead a fairy charmed life, getting plenty of lead roles in musicals and having his fair share of girlfriends. When he was sixteen, though, he fell in love with a faery. To impress him he tried to become a powerful magic wielder, and in doing that tried to turn himself into an immortal like the fae. Not only did it fail, as the faery found him superficial and manipulative, but it also led to his physical ruin, corrupting him and forcing him to hunt down people's souls to attempt to maintain his own.

Ethnicity: Ancestrally French but American
Religion: atheist
Voice: or but also a bit like Howl Pendragon?? Ehhh you feel me
Accent: whatever accent those guys have

Hobbies: acting, shooting/marksmanship, reading
Good Habits: well groomed
Bad Habits: murder
Addictions: see above
Fears: losing himself
Talents: Talented singer and performer
Skills: Skilled marksman, excellent vocabulary, good at murder


Strength: 8/10
Intelligence: 10/10
Creativity: 5/10
Charisma: 8/10
Durability: 4/10
Agility: 8/10
Kindness: 3/10
Honesty: 3/10
Loyalty: 3/10
Respectfullness: 6/10
Responsibility: 6/10
Childishness: 5/10
Compassion: 4/10
Fairness: 4/10
Temper: 6/10
Humility: 3/10
Forgiveness: 3/10
Courageousness: 8/10
Generosity: 5/10

Appearance (Not needed if picture)

Weight: 150/160 lbs
Height: 6'0"

Faceclaim?: I've drawn him too much to make a face claim
Body Type: lanky but well built

Hair Type: straight smooth and fine
Hairstyle: a little grown out and shaggy, it sticks out in tufts and covers one of his eye
Hair Color: corn yellow

Eye Color: black/dark brown

Clothes: typically a t-shirt (I draw him in green) or dress shirt, black jeans, and purple converse shoes. He always wears a black choker made of ribbon. He wears winged eyeliner.

Other Information: When using his powers, his lips, gums, tongue, general insides, and sclera go black, his irises turn a pale baby blue, and oil-colored feathers begin to grow around his cheeks, up his neck, across his back and down his arms. His wing span is approximately 14 feet when completely unfolded. His fingers turn into birdlike black claws as his transformation worsens.
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(Not done)
Inspiration: Googling "nature themed names" and the poem "Oranges" by Gary Soto. Also it's 1:30 am help.

First Name: Clementine
Last Name: Fitzgerald
Name Meaning: Mild and Merciful
Name Pronunciation: Cluh-em-en-tyne fits-jer-old
Nickname: Clemmie, Em

Gender: Female
Sexuality: Into guys, but is likely asexual. (NOT aromantic, there is a difference)

Birth Date: May 19th
Real Age: 17
Physical Age: 17
Mental Age: probably 17
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Birth Stone: Emerald

Species: Human
Powers: Blocking out all of her surroundings to focus, Pure earth manipultation (create, manipulate, and control good and pure earth materials)


Personality: The shy wallflower type. Philosophical and cynical. Enjoys sarcasm, kinda bitter. Has the tendency to romanticize things. Has too many things to say and not enough people willing to listen. Wants to be an optimist- and find that vintage movie kind-of friendship, romance, and lifestyle. True to her zodiac sign- calm and content with being independent, but still pretty down to earth. Kinda like "the cool older sister" if you befriend her.
Actually will fight you but probably won't win. Too tame to be a wildchild but wants to be a wild child.

Likes: ~List at least two
Dislikes: ~List at least two

Biography: ~At least a paragraph

Ethnicity: American, French
Religion: Christian, believes in ghosts.
Voice: Quiet, a bit low- no trace of a foreign accent.
Accent: None, I guess? Well-spoken

Good Habits:
Bad Habits: has to have a very clean workspace/home, awful at making friends.
Addictions: Collecting crystals.
Fears: Public speaking, school dances, tight clothing, erasable pens (witchcraft???)
Talents: Playing ukulele, remembering to water her plants.
Skills: Gardening, Meditation


Strength: 6/10
Intelligence: 9/10
Creativity: 4/10
Charisma: 5/10
Durability: 9/10
Agility: 4/10
Kindness: 7/10
Honesty: 7/10
Loyalty: 9/10
Respectfullness: 4/10
Responsibility: 10/10
Childishness: 3/10
Compassion: 6/10
Fairness: 8/10
Temper: 7/10
Humility: 9/10
Forgiveness: 6/10
Courageousness: 9/10
Generosity: 8/10


Weight: 130 lbs
Height: 5'9.

Body Type: Tall, kinda boyish in the body, thin, smaller chest, small hands.

Hair Type: Thick curls
Hairstyle: Down and a bit wild. Sometimes ties a little bandana headband
Hair Color: Dark, chocolate-y brown

Eye Color: Light green

She's biracial. She has freckled cheeks and a somewhat wide, albeit, cute nose. Strong eyebrows and some baby hairs, which she is quite fond of.

Clothes: Mid-sleeve length tees, colored short overalls, flower-printed dresses, lavender-hued converse and leather sandals.
She loves pale olive green and white.

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Basic Information

First Name: Francis
Last Name: Stark
Name Meaning: Frenchman, (interchangeably, like the English word cool) Strong/Awesome
Name Pronunciation: Sound it out, honey
Nickname: Fran

Gender: Nonbinary
Sexuality: Bisexual

Birth Date: August 1st
Age: 18
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Birth Stone: Peridot, but their best gemstone is probably ruby or garnet, or maybe sunstone.

Species: Human
Powers: The power... of dance! I mean, damn, them legs tho...

Theme Song (Optional)

Normal Theme: Let's Face It I'm Cute- 11 Acorn Lane, Can You Feel It- Apples in Stereo, or Mass Romantic- The New Pornographers
Peaceful Theme: Fireflies- Owl City
Intense Theme: Letter from an Occupant- The New Pornographers
Love Theme: The Bird and the Worm- Owl City, Such Great Heights- The Postal Service


Personality: Francis, if described briefly, would be described as energetic, laid-back, confident, and arrogant. Fran could generously be described as someone who gives very few sh**s and will generally just do whatever the hell they want. This may explain why their grades are slipping and they're so often absent from class. Fran would probably be pretty smart if they actually applied themselves to school, but, eh. They don't really think far enough ahead, and they're stubborn to the point of being lazy. However, when Fran is passionate about something, they're really, really passionate, to the point of rallying or fighting. They can be a bit of an asshole, not to mention arrogant and cheeky, but they're actually quite the empath when it comes to having real conversations with people, and they're a good listener. Fran is, deep down, incredibly insecure. They feel like an idiot for letting their grades slip, and a failure for letting everyone think they're a lazy bum. They're caught between a want to impress everyone and a need to tell everyone to go f**k themselves.

Likes: dancing, singing, music (typically electronic and rock music), space, astronomy, killer clothes kicking nerds in the nose
Dislikes: School, being bored, being confined, bullying, anti-sjw's, and country music.

Biography: As a kid, Fran was always really into space and astronomy. However, as they grew up, their engagement and their grades began to slip and fail. They still dream of being a scientist, but their homework is always late and they're scraping together their grades with mostly tests and extra credit. Their senior year is coming to a close and college is impending- they're trying to ignore the "what are you going to do with the rest of your life" questions that graduation brings.

Ethnicity: French and hispanic
Religion: agnostic
Voice: Probably this guy:
Accent: see above

Hobbies: Singing, dancing
Good Habits: Good hygiene and exercise, in general healthy
Bad Habits: bad time management, serial procrastinator
Addictions: music
Fears: They fear that they'll never amount to anything, but they're also afraid to not be themselves.
Talents: Man can Fran sing- and move them hips tho!!
Skills: Astronomical knowledge, athleticism, and golden pipes.


Strength: 5/10
Intelligence: 7/10
Creativity: 6/10
Charisma: 7/10
Durability: /910
Agility: 9/10
Kindness: 6/10
Honesty: 5/10
Loyalty: 5/10
Respectfullness: 4/10
Responsibility: 1/10
Childishness: 5/10
Compassion: 8/10
Fairness: 9/10
Temper: 6/10
Humility: 1/10
Forgiveness: 6/10
Courageousness: 7/10
Generosity: 7/10

Appearance (Not needed if picture)

Weight: 140-150 lbs
Height: about, maybe, 5'11" ish?

Faceclaim?: n/a
Body Type: Dancer body type

Hair Type: Straight, thick, soft and floofy
Hairstyle: Chin length, with bangs that have long since grown out and cover their face.
Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Black, same as the hair.

Clothes: They usually wear high-waisted jeans- something flexible- and a graphic shirt. They have suede high-heeled boots and a hoodie that's way too big for them, and they wear dangly star earrings.

Other Information: Autumn!

Charlie rushes after the umbrella that has just blown out of his hands, his oversized raincoat not doing much to keep the beating rain out of his face. The umbrella skids down the sidewalk, stopping in front of you. You...

Near the woods, off the main road and mostly rusted over, is a somewhat abandoned playground. Nobody ever really visits it, save for Peter. The small teen makes his way up a structure that is not clearly designed to be climbed, seating himself on the roof of one of the old castle-shaped metal slides. He wipes away a few stray leaves that have long since rotted, leaning back against a post. He takes out a notebook, clicking his pen a few times before starting to write. A loud shout startles him, and he slips, falling off the structure and landing face first in the wood chips.
"Hey freak," He hears as he inspects a bleeding cut on his face. He looks up to see his usual tormentor, plus...

Zeph pulls his hair back into a ponytail, huffing as strands fall back into his face. He's sitting on the railing of a stair case at the back of his school, flipping through a textbook that's barely fighting the wind. He has his earbuds in. He looks through it, seeming to be studying. Suddenly, a large gust of wind hits, scattering all of his papers upwind. He yelps, jumping down and running after the loose homework.

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