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Basic Information

First Name: Francis
Last Name: Mignon
Name Meaning: first- Frenchman, of France. last- cute, dainty, pretty
Name Pronunciation: FRAN-sis min-YAWN
Nickname: Frankie, or by their alias, "Brimstone"

Gender: Demiboy (prefers they/them, he/him is okay)
Sexuality: Pansexual

Birth Date: November 13th, 1998 (assuming modern day)
Real Age: 19
Mental Age:
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Birth Stone: Topaz. Their associated stones are Tiffany stone, Charoite, and labradorite.

Species: Mutated Human
Powers: Transmutation- the power to change the base material of any object/ alchemically manipulate the material world around them by touching something with their bare hands. They cannot summon material from nothing and must follow the laws of equivalent exchange (they can't turn dirt into gold unless, say, they had a piece of gold or something equally valuable that they could transfer the value from the object to the dirt).

Theme Song (Optional)

Normal Theme: Grace Kelly- MIKA, Geraldine's Routine- Tape Five
Joyful Theme: Lollipop- MIKA , Lets Face it I'm Cute- 11 acorn lane
Intense Theme: Midnight- Swingrowers, Lone Digger- Caravan Palace


Personality: Frankie is allergic to commitment. They flit from person to person, seducing and dropping people everywhere they go- a regular cassanova. They're very laid back and calm under pressure, remaining their witty, flirty, coy self even in situations of high stress. Frankie is self-preservation above all else, leading them to frequently fuck people to get the possible outcome for themselves. They're a sly bastard, and it's very difficult to tell when they're lying and when they're telling the truth due to delivering almost everything they say in the same low, gravelly tone of voice. They're a self proclaimed agent of chaos, and will do just about anything for the right price. Their alignment is chaotic neutral. Drinks soda from a wine glass.
Likes: Frankie is a connoisseur of the fine arts, and loves gemstones/mineralogy. They love tea- they collect and try as many different kinds of tea as they can. Their guilty pleasures include adorable animals and cute kids (which they are really good with). They also like themselves, which is good.
Dislikes: they're not a big fan of bigots, or putting their toes in other people's business. They're pretty selfish, so they don't like doing things for free, and they don't like commitment. They aren't a big fan of cinnamon, and they HATE coffee.
Biography: Frankie was alone from a very young age, and they either don't remember why or aren't willing to tell the truth on their matter. Stories of their childhood vary wildly, but it's completely true that at age 13 they managed to successfully pickpocket a mob boss in broad daylight despite him being guarded on all sides. He was so impressed that he took Frankie under his wing and sculpted them into the sharpshooting mercenary criminal that they are today. However, when a heist went south one day when they were 17, Frankie threw him under the bus in order to escape alive and the mob boss died in an explosion. Frankie has remained under the radar ever since, doing their shady dealings under the alias Brimstone.

Ethnicity: second generation French American immigrant.
Religion: never been in one place long enough to pick one up
Voice: Ngl, I designed them while listening to Grace Kelly by MIKA, so I always imagine them sounding like that. However, I would say the best description of their voice is low, breathy, and kind of gravelly. It's a fairly androgynous voice and could probably be mistaken for a woman's.
Accent: none/flat American, but they can speak several languages (including French, which they learned from their parents, German, and Spanish),

Hobbies: Crime, tea brewing, singing, committing crimes, studying chemistry to improve their powers, alchemy
Good Habits: good personal hygiene/snappy dresser
Bad Habits: crime????????
Addictions: Tea of any kind, dusty old books
Fears: death, commitment, being poisoned.
Talents: They have an excellent singing voice and a physique that lends itself well to rock climbing, acrobatics, and agility.
Skills: They're a skilled marksman, clearly through training and guidance, and they also have an artistic eye. They have pretty good spatial reasoning skills too.


Strength: 5/10
Intelligence: 9/10
Creativity: 9/10
Charisma: 8/10
Durability: 6/10
Agility: 9/10
Kindness: 3/10
Honesty: 1/10
Loyalty: 0/10
Respectfullness: 4/10
Responsibility: 4/10
Childishness: 5/10
Compassion: 6/10
Fairness: 5/10
Temper: 6/10
Humility: 2/10
Forgiveness: 6/10
Courageousness: 8/10
Generosity: 2/10

Appearance (Not needed if picture)

Weight: Slender but not waifish, so maybe in the 140-160 range?
Height: 5'11"

Faceclaim?: one of those androgynous models with the long slender faces and high cheekbones, I guess.
Body Type: Ectomorphic but well built

Hair Type: Curly, forms large ringlets
Hairstyle: Undercut in the back, grown out, usually worn in a low ponytail
Hair Color: Dark enough that it's effectively black in most lighting.

Eye Color: Golden hazel, nearly yellow.

Clothes: when in costume, they wear a black columbina mask (a different one each time) and a long dark grey trenchcoat. Other than that, their favorite pair of shoes is a pair of black leather ankle boots, and they're almost always seen with a black band choker.

Other Information: They have a small apartment in a city that's been cut in half by the seasons. It's stocked to the ceiling with books, and the nicest thing in it is a China tea set that they inherited from their mother.
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A masked Francis Mignon sits on a short brick wall, lit by an alley street lamp in one of the darker districts of the city. The sound of rainwater dripping from gutters overhead is spliced with the occasional car rushing by on the main street. In their hands, Francis turns a wallet over and over, inspecting it idly like the leather might be more valuable than what's inside.
They're looking as though they're about to nod off when they're roused by the sound of footsteps, and they look up to see a man standing in front of them.
"Well well well, if it isn't Brimstone. You steal that to pay for what you owe me after you f#cked us over in that last gig?"
Francis seems more smug than startled.
"Charlie, is that you? It's been so long!" Francis grins, pocketing the wallet. As they do so, the man draws a gun- but is interrupted by...

Xavier is sitting in the back of a bookshop, in a bay window behind several twists and turns of bookshelves. His nose is stuck in a book: the annotated Hamlet. He's mouthing the words, occasionally voicing disagreements with the annotations under his breath. His face is straight, emotionless, like he's concentrated on the words (though he's clearly read it before), and he doesn't even notice when...
((+Meggie ))

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Basic Information

First Name: Charles
Last Name: Sirupartig
Name Meaning: Syrupy
Name Pronunciation: See-roo-par-tig
Nickname: Charlie

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual

Birth Date: July 3rd
Real Age: 17
Mental Age: the dirty humor of a 12 year old and the... that's it
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Associated Stone: Chalcanthite

Species: Magic/Mutated human
Powers: An unknown chemical found in high concentrations in every part of his body (from his hair to his spit) is poisonous and deadly to humans, and he is only kept alive due to his strong healing factor. The chemical reacts with sugar, causing it to form a caustic, foul smelling sludge.

Theme Song (Optional)

Normal Theme: Lets Face It I'm Cute by 11 Acorn Lane or Geraldine's Routine by Tape Five.

(Pretty Boy by Ultramarine, The Bird and The Worm by Owl City, and Be Still my Heart by the Postal Service are some good soft Charlie bops too)


Personality: Charlie isn't great with boundaries. He tends not to think before he acts and says whatever comes into his mind as soon as he thinks of it. If he wants something he's the kind to go out and get it. He's annoying- he likes to needle and pester people, and has a really immature and dirty mind. He takes up space with no shame and takes no shit. However, beneath his kind of douchey surface, he is inquisitive, curious, intelligent, and hardworking. Just like how he often mistakenly judged people by their outward personas, it's easy to overlook how smart and talented he is and how genuinely passionate he is about what he loves.
Likes: Musical Theatre- he acts in stage productions at his school and works incredibly hard to balance school musicals with class work. Chemistry- he's been interested in chemistry since his mutation develops and finds it fascinating how chemical reactions and elements work. He also likes singing, dancing, gymnastics, dentistry/orthodontics, cheesy romance stories, bright colors, the German language
Dislikes: not getting what he wants, homophobia, isolation, boredom, bullying of any kind of any person, thinking about mistakes he's made, eating sugar

Biography: Charlie grew up fairly poor and constantly having to fend for himself. His mother worked two jobs in order to provide for him, so if he ever needed something he had to get it on his own. His power surfaced when he was 14, his mother kissed him and was hospitalized due to the toxins in the oil on his skin. He was immediately taken in by a boarding school for dangerously gifted students and got interested in chemistry as he studied the properties of his poison. During his first two years in high school, he was constantly bullied by a girl his age named Colette, whose rich father funded the private boarding school they both attended. The bullying often got violent, but people tended to side with Colette since Charlie's personality was off putting and annoying. At one point during an altercation Charlie permanently damaged Colette's eye in self defense by spitting into it- fortunately he remained in school, but became a complete outcast.

Ethnicity: Of German and Irish heritage, American
Religion: Atheist
Voice: Kind of like the singer from Owl City, but more boyish
Accent: light Chicagoan accent

Hobbies: Stage performance, singing, speaking German
Good Habits: Avoiding eating sugar and good dental hygiene
Bad Habits: disrespecting people's boundaries and needling people
Addictions: bright and garish purples, blues, and pinks.
Fears: isolation, accidentally hurting someone
Talents: Acting, singing, and dancing
Skills: Chemistry, studying, German (though he's still a novice)


Strength: 5/10
Intelligence: 8/10
Creativity: 8/10
Charisma: 5/10
Durability: 5/10
Agility: 10/10
Kindness: 4/10
Honesty: 7/10
Loyalty: 5/10
Respectfullness: 2/10
Responsibility: 8/10
Childishness: 3/10
Compassion: 7/10
Fairness: 7/10
Temper: 3/10
Humility: 3/10
Forgiveness: 2/10
Courageousness: 6/10
Generosity: 6/10

Appearance (Not needed if picture)

Weight: ~140 ish pounds?
Height: 5'4"

Faceclaim?: crypticcanine on tumblr
Body Type: Ectomorphic

Hair Type: Wavy
Hairstyle: Longer on the top and sheared short on the sides; a typical teenage boy's cut
Hair Color: Naturally red, but he dyes it blue

Eye Color: Pale blue

Clothes: Typically button down shirts and suspenders, but he's also a fan of femme clothing like shorts and stockings. He wears a blue jersey jacket with no logo and white Mary Janes most of the time

Other Information: He's got a few light freckles, but other than that his skin is clear. He lives in summer.
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Oh my god hey guys! A while back I deleted Google+ and I forgot about all this stuff I'm so sorry.
I'm back though and I'll be a better owner this time I swear I'm so sorry.

+Flare Strider
God, he still wasn't sure if it was an official date.
If ordering take-out, watching movies, and lighting sparklers on his couch was, then he supposed he was having a date with Charlie tonight. Devoid of the pink in his pale locks and finally detatched from his bomber jacket Luca looked..different. Stronger, maybe, with the absence of heavy sleeves.
He told himself he'd play hard to get, but in any case, he found his mind drifting off to the little blue boy from time to time.
Waiting outside was too needy. He lounged in the living room, arranging conversations in his head in hopes of finally not getting flustered around him.

Early Sunday morning.
One of those beat-up little coffee shops on the outskirts of town.
Clementine had muddled through getting ready in a place that reeked of cigarette smoke and cough medicine. She loved her dad, she really did. At least, she used to. After the divorce he never really left the house. Just seemed..drained of energy.
Fall was a lovely season. That was the upside to biking to work. The ride there was a mosaic of vibrant orange and red.
Little bells chimed as she unlocked the place, though the smell of chai already filled the room from last night's sales.
Clem hummed absentmindedly, cleaning the counter and starting up all the usual chores before customers came. Foaming milk, brewing coffee and tea, etc
She checked her watch. Typical. She was supposed to open with Katherine and she had yet to ever show on time.
She looked back up to watch for customers, although her mind had yet to fully awaken on account of how early it was.
She'd be lucky just to get one elder to stroll in at this time.

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Some more abstract art for Xavier- Aesthetic and musical!! Basically a big Xavier mood
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Basic Information

First Name: Xavier
Middle Name: (N/A)
Last Name: Corbin
Name Meaning: I chose Xavier because it sounds like Saviour and Corbin because it means raven
Name Pronunciation: Zay-vee-er Kor-bin
Nickname: (N/A)

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual

Birth Date: December 1st, 1990
Real Age: His age is suspended in time
Physical Age: 17
Mental Age: the maturity to handle gruesome and adult things but the childish emotional unintelligence makes it hard to pin down.
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Birth Stone: Officially Turqupise but his associated gemstone is Goldenite Hornblende

Species: Corrupted Human/Lich
Powers: In DnD a Lich is described as a being who has merged their soul with their magical essence. They are incredibly unstable and need a strong emotional anchor to prevent themselves from completely losing control of their mind. Xavier is similar in that regard, but instead of just losing his mind, as his grasp on reality slips away, so does his form, slowly deteriorating into that of a Raven. Do to this, he can summon and fly with large black wings, but as he does and as he uses more magic, feathers start to overtake his body and he gets tired and starts to slip away. He can stabilize himself by stealing bits of people's souls. He can cast various magic spells with a wand or summon small flames, sparks, illusions or gusts of force without one.

Theme Song (Optional)

Normal Theme: Black- Toby Fox (Homestuck OST)
Joyful Theme: Howl's Moving Castle theme- Joe Hisaishi
Emotional Theme: Unspoken Love- Joe Hisaishi (Howl's Moving Castle OST)
Peaceful Theme: (See Above)
Intense Theme: MeGaLoVania- Toby Fox (Homestuck OST)


Personality: Xavier's persona is that of a charmer, a sweet talker, a Casanova, but his facade unravels around those he has no need to woo. He's generally aloof, not caring for people beyond what he can use them for. His emotions seem guarded and he resists any hint of vulnerability. He's in there somewhere, but he's buried deep under a lot of mistakes and bad behavior, and I wouldn't recommend digging for him. Demeanor wise, he's cocksure, sarcastic, laid back, and witty, with a bit of theatrics and grandiosity.

Likes: Musical theatre, libraries, reading, avian biology, dark and secluded places, chilly weather, dressing well, brunettes, classical music, the finer things, violence, jazzy old small coffee shop businesses
Dislikes: Losing, people who dislike him, loud people, crowded places, pop music, most people his age, Lich hunters, the police

Biography: Xavier lead a fairy charmed life, getting plenty of lead roles in musicals and having his fair share of girlfriends. When he was sixteen, though, he fell in love with a faery. To impress him he tried to become a powerful magic wielder, and in doing that tried to turn himself into an immortal like the fae. Not only did it fail, as the faery found him superficial and manipulative, but it also led to his physical ruin, corrupting him and forcing him to hunt down people's souls to attempt to maintain his own.

Ethnicity: Ancestrally French but American
Religion: atheist
Voice: or but also a bit like Howl Pendragon?? Ehhh you feel me
Accent: whatever accent those guys have

Hobbies: acting, shooting/marksmanship, reading
Good Habits: well groomed
Bad Habits: murder
Addictions: see above
Fears: losing himself
Talents: Talented singer and performer
Skills: Skilled marksman, excellent vocabulary, good at murder


Strength: 8/10
Intelligence: 10/10
Creativity: 5/10
Charisma: 8/10
Durability: 4/10
Agility: 8/10
Kindness: 3/10
Honesty: 3/10
Loyalty: 3/10
Respectfullness: 6/10
Responsibility: 6/10
Childishness: 5/10
Compassion: 4/10
Fairness: 4/10
Temper: 6/10
Humility: 3/10
Forgiveness: 3/10
Courageousness: 8/10
Generosity: 5/10

Appearance (Not needed if picture)

Weight: 150/160 lbs
Height: 6'0"

Faceclaim?: I've drawn him too much to make a face claim
Body Type: lanky but well built

Hair Type: straight smooth and fine
Hairstyle: a little grown out and shaggy, it sticks out in tufts and covers one of his eye
Hair Color: corn yellow

Eye Color: black/dark brown in one eye, blue in the other.

Clothes: typically a t-shirt (I draw him in green) or dress shirt, black jeans, and purple converse shoes. He always wears a black choker made of ribbon. He wears winged eyeliner.

Other Information: When using his powers, his lips, gums, tongue, general insides, and sclera go black, and oil-colored feathers begin to grow around his cheeks, up his neck, across his back and down his arms. His wing span is approximately 14 feet when completely unfolded. His fingers turn into birdlike black claws as his transformation worsens.
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First Name: Clementine
Last Name: Fitzgerald
Name Meaning: Mild and Merciful
Name Pronunciation: Cluh-em-en-tyne fits-jer-old
Nickname: Clemmie, Em

Gender: Female
Sexuality: Into guys, but is likely asexual. (NOT aromantic, there is a difference)

Birth Date: May 19th
Real Age: 17
Physical Age: 17
Mental Age: probably 17
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Birth Stone: Emerald

Species: Human
Powers: Blocking out all of her surroundings to focus, Pure earth manipultation (create, manipulate, and control good and pure earth materials)


Personality: The shy wallflower type. Philosophical and cynical. Enjoys sarcasm, kinda bitter. Has the tendency to romanticize things. Has too many things to say and not enough people willing to listen. Wants to be an optimist- and find that vintage movie kind-of friendship, romance, and lifestyle. True to her zodiac sign- calm and content with being independent, but still pretty down to earth. Kinda like "the cool older sister" if you befriend her.
Actually will fight you but probably won't win. Too tame to be a wildchild but wants to be a wild child.

Likes: Chai lattes, thinking of ways to avoid social interation with strangers.
Dislikes: Gym class, people making fun of her toothgap, white chocolate, small children.

Biography: Her parents got divorced when she was 10. She moved in with her dad, who seems to have no interest in anything other than cigarettes and crime tv shows. She works at one of those little donut-and-coffee shops.

Ethnicity: American, French
Religion: Christian, believes in ghosts.
Voice: Quiet, a bit low- no trace of a foreign accent.
Accent: None, I guess? Well-spoken

Hobbies: Being a good plant mom
Good Habits: ??? Sometimes she makes origami frogs and she'll give one to you if you ask.
Bad Habits: has to have a very clean workspace/home, awful at making friends, fingerguns in every situation.
Addictions: Collecting crystals.
Fears: Public speaking, school dances, tight clothing, erasable pens (witchcraft???)
Talents: Playing ukulele, remembering to water her plants.
Skills: Gardening, Meditation


Strength: 6/10
Intelligence: 9/10
Creativity: 4/10
Charisma: 5/10
Durability: 9/10
Agility: 4/10
Kindness: 7/10
Honesty: 7/10
Loyalty: 9/10
Respectfullness: 4/10
Responsibility: 10/10
Childishness: 3/10
Compassion: 6/10
Fairness: 8/10
Temper: 7/10
Humility: 9/10
Forgiveness: 6/10
Courageousness: 9/10
Generosity: 8/10


Weight: 130 lbs
Height: 5'9.

Body Type: Tall, kinda boyish in the body, thin, smaller chest, small hands.

Hair Type: Thick curls
Hairstyle: Down and a bit wild. Sometimes ties a little bandana headband
Hair Color: Dark, chocolate-y brown

Eye Color: Light green

She's biracial. She has freckled cheeks and a somewhat wide, albeit, cute nose. Strong eyebrows and some baby hairs, which she is quite fond of. Slight gap between her two front teeth.

Clothes: Mid-sleeve length tees, colored short overalls, flower-printed dresses, lavender-hued converse and leather sandals.
She loves pale olive green and white.

Inspiration: Googling "nature themed names" and the poem "Oranges" by Gary Soto. Also it's 1:30 am help.
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