Gears of my childhood response:

I have thought about this a lot since I read that this was one of our tasks for this week and to no avail.  I do not have a "gear" of my childhood.  I see a lot of myself in the way that Joi Ito described himself.  I get really interested in something and I do what I can to become reasonably good or knowledgeable in the subject.  At that point I either move on to something else or continue the activity as a side project.  This is how I have lived my entire life.  I am an interest based learner through and through. I have lots of things that interest me; food, education, music, politics, beer, coffee, technology, history, and many more that I have picked up along the way.  I can point to specific items or memories that have led to these interests but one does not stand out above the rest.

I even tried to think about kindergarten to tie in week 1 information.  I remember very little from kindergarten as it turns out but there are a few things that standout.  I remember that the door into the school was very heavy, my first friend, reading a "See Spot" book with my Mom, and building a chair out of blocks, sitting in it, and proclaiming that I was the Lincoln Memorial.  I still to this day do not know how I knew what the Lincoln Memorial was.

I think that this realization that I do not have a single thing that stands out is ok.  I am fine with being a interest based, jack-of-all-trades.  I just am not sure that it sets me up to be successful in a world where specialists are the people who are successful.

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This is the form to ask questions for the Ito panel on Tuesday.  The staff announcement said that they would mostly be asking questions about interest based learning and the text that we read this week.

Week 1 reflection:

I personally like the idea of kindergarten learning for a lot of different subjects but I do not believe that it is for every subject area.  As a Social Studies/History teacher this method can be used sometimes but for the majority of information that I want students to know this is not possible.  I truly believe that direct instruction is the best way to get a lot of information to the student in many cases.  

However, I think that the kindergarten method could be used very effectively in my classroom as way to reinforce ideas.  This would allow a student to spend more time on a subject that I feel they most know or a subject of their choice and create something that would demonstrate their knowledge or help them teach other students.  When you bring in the creators peers to critique and assist then this can be even more effective.

Other classes and subjects lend themselves to this style a little more readily but I still don't see how this can be the sole form of instruction.  There is just too much to cover in a limited amount of time.

As for incorporating this in to life-long learning, the kindergarten method is one that I enjoy using.  While this may not be the end all be all in an education setting it is certainly a method that should be taught and used and  it is a method that we should all use in our daily lives of learning and creation.

I look forward to seeing everyone else's thoughts and responses.

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This is the link for session 1 on youtube.  I missed it live but I will be watching very soon. Actual contents starts at the 45 second mark.

Learning Creative Learning - Session 1

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