Numbers are looking like this:

Year End

DSO 50 till end of November
CASH: JUST £33m to find
60 day Doc Debt: a tiny £23m to find


Cash: £12.8m to go and a reasonable £646k in the bank today....we do need a few big cash days now.
60 Day DUE debt: £1.678m to go
Interco Debt: £260k to go
Historic Interco Debt: £112k to go
Cash Team Unallocated Cash; 1.36% to match
Cash Team Credits: £586k to match
Manual Billing Credits:£709k to match
Manual Billing unallocated cash: 1.36% to match
Manual Billing dispute value: £209k to resolve
AP Unprocessables: ONLY 19 to reach target
Query Team Dispute Value: £186k to resolve
Query Team Avg Days in dispute: ON TARGET
Legal Cash: £13.5k to find
MI Accuracy; 99%
Risk Validations: ON TARGET

Cash: £35.3m to find
60 Days: Currently at £28.9m.....DON'T PANIC!! this is worst case scenario and would be this number only if noone pays anything over 60 days between now and the end of the year (which isn't going to happen!).....you need to be at £4.6 (roughly) to be at 15% of ledger
DSO 50 - 3 to go = roughly £1.8m off the month end finishing value vs last month.

Congratulations to the 6 of you I hope you all have a fantastic evening.

These 6 are all people who give 100% effort 100% of the time. As I've already mentioned we all need to display 100% effort for the next 8 weeks to get us over the line and this leads me to today's thought.................definitely one to consider.....here it is:
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