Hey everybody. I just joined this community. How's everyone? 

Sometimes I find myself with writer's block. How do you all come up with ideas for your posts?

Hey! I feel like I don't follow enough bloggers on Twitter so leave me your links below :)

Hi everyone! 
Every time I post a link to any blog post of mine, the image always shows one picture but I don't want it to be that photo! any suggestions? For example, I posted a link to my new blog post but when it appeared, a photo of my about me profile showed up but nothing from my actual blog post pictures :(

Hi everyone!
I'm fairly new to blogging & am really enjoying it! I'd really like to invest in a DSLR & was wondering what you would all recommend. I need it for filming YouTube videos & taking blog photos as well as family photos documenting new born upward. I need something that can be used without flash & is fairly light weight as I have a number of medical conditions that make these two things a necessity. I'm currently looking at the Canon 100d, 700d & Nikon D5300. Any input on these or other cameras would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks! Xx

Is anyone on Tumblr?  Do you like it?  I just got an account because I'm intrigued by the short form and I'm typically very long winded, so thought I'd give it a try.  Seems like a different community over there.  Thoughts?

I have a question--if you find a craft tutorial on the internet, can you share it on your blog as long as you give credit to the author?

Does anyone have any good blog posts about gaining followers/views?  I find it difficult to be consistent with my social media feeds and find it to be hit or miss anyway.  Thoughts?

Hey Everyone! How are we all doing? Decided to break up the many blogpost links with a text one! 

A question for you all! How do you follow blogs?! Do you use G+? Bloglovin? GFC? Twitter? Facebook? You found the blog and you want to follow so what do you use! I'm torn at the moment and want a decent platform! 

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Random question. Does anyone know how to make the pictures you upload on your business google+ page visible to visitors? I've tried just about everything and nothing seems to work... Can you see the photos in the photos tab on my page? https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/111717901325734803023/111717901325734803023/photos

Hey guys! So I have a question for you. How often do you post? I'm trying to increase traffic to my blog and I can't decide would more posts put people off or would they increase it? What do you think or do you not really think about it too much? :)
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