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New Video is up

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Pathfinder Adventure - Tehar - Home-brew

This past Saturday (September 3, 2016), the group that I was so fortunate to meet on reddit, has come together very nicely we have played a 5e campaign for about 2 months and it was very enjoyable. What started as a group of four has gained three more members. and if you are at all curious how it went you can find it here ( and they have another one coming up in about a month or so, but I am here to talk about pathfinder. So lets begin....

The setting is a world that I had been trying to make since I have gotten involved with RPG's, its a steam punk setting but where magic and science are still melding together, a world where we are just seeing the early stages of an industrial revolution. So with out further delay lets look at the make up of the party...

Party Members

Dekrus, son of Alukos, son of Cator - yes that is a mouthful but this interesting character is played by Michael P., The race is known as an Essant a custom race modeled after the race of Ogier from the Wheel of Time books by Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson. Michael is a wizard, with a few interesting spells to boot for his selections, but none the less a valuable member of the group. He also has a fox familiar named Nissy

Temperance Lindholm - This I find the most curious as she is and Elf who is a barbarian but was once a loyal paladin belonging to an order of religious zealots, but left for some mysterious reasons. She is played by Jacques "Jackie" H. She carries a greatsword as her weapon of choice.

Finik Rhyllori - played by Nick S. is a Ifrit bard, who has a devilish charm and a way to get under some people skin. Nick does a great job playing this utility class and is also very charming and witty to boot. He graced us with a song to heal one of his fellow team mates that night and it was very entertaining. He has a shortbow for his weapon

Katsuhide Tezuka - played by Adrian B. is a Kitsune gunslinger, who is human most of the time and has not revealed his true-self as he doesn't trust the others just yet with his identity. He carries a beat up musket has his weapon along with a Kunai (Japanese Dagger)

Eleanor Kamirth - played by Alex G. is a Suli blood kineticist, now I have never had psychic PC before but I wanted to try it out least and before some one goes on to say well they will ruin the game, hold on for a bit as I have kind of tweaked to where its more elemental based than psychic based. I have really imposed a few restriction on this PC to make it more or less balanced but I think Pathfinder has done a great job doing that. Her weapon of choice is a special rapier along with her elemental blast and blood wracking abilities.

Is'Kanii - played by Chey H. who is a Fey/Dragon mix, now I know I have lost some of you here. How can you have such a weird creature, well easy, I built it simply. This character has very interesting background as well as she is the only one of her kind, the PC was of course happy and okay with being an outcast and was more than happy to go along with plot points that I have in store for her. Glaive is her weapon of choice.

Last and by no means least is Ayrs Astryder - played by Adrian S. he is a blind monk, Ha Ha, that's right a blind monk. Ayrs is also a custom race and this is based off the Final Fantasy series of video games known race as the Viera, a bunny like folk. She gets around for the most part pretty well and is not all that bad in combat, how did she become blind well that itself is a mystery. Furry of blows is the route he has taken with her.

As you can see it is a pretty intersting group of people and I know that is like the 6th or seventh time I have said that. More can be said but I will be posting our games here and I hope you can join us Saturdays around 5 pm for our livestream on twitch. The link will be posted ASAP. If you missed out or want to get in on the adventure our first episode will be up soon on our youtube channel NerdingAround take care fellow GM's, DM's and PC's, remember to keep rollin them dice!

Getting ready for this new campaign to kick off, need to stock up on some good brews any advice for the season?

Alright Now I am running A Star Wars Campaign but I miss Fantasy a lot and I am thinking of running a Home brew pathfinder/D&D 3.5 Game, starting with my Favorite Module Murder in Baldur's  and just stemming from there in a world I have created myself, This would be a long drawn out thing, but I am up for a challenge I have not quite yet decided but if any interested parties in I can fill you in on the details.

I had some decent beers this weekend. One was Wells Banana Bread Beer and the other is Rogue Dead Guy Ale. Wells Banana Bread was a bit sweet, I know what I was getting myself into when I choose it, and is balanced by a bit of bitterness. The Dead Guy Ale had a less fruity flavor and a spicy finish. It was the first time I had either and I really liked the Rogue beer.

The best part was i got to drink them with eleven of my former TTRPG friends over dinner.

I haven't been doing much playing because of school or that much drinking at least, I have enjoyed my share of ABITA Purple haze, This is a smooth beer that I liked after a meal, Now I never saw a "purple" hue or haze in my glass but I did find pieces of raspberries that are added after filtration. At least I hope it was raspberries, ha ha ,but overall its a good chilling out beer and a after dinner beer with ice cream or good cobbler.   

I need one person for just a sub or if you want a permanent spot in a quick game in roll20 we are using savage worlds system any takers, noobs or some experienced players would be nice 

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I did this one cause i was bored, for an up and coming pulp game its a small town near a dig site in Mexico.

Has anyone tried any decent brews they would like me to try?

It has been a rough 2015 so far at least for gaming for me, I have no real time to plan or game, with work and me going back to school I can not even finish my side products. I might host a random one shot pulp style game maybe by spring break for which would be in 8 school days, yeiiii!!! But i will keep you all posted.
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