hope xosp-rom can use xperia theme
by bacon

Guys i've got a big problem..this evening while i was using my one plus one as usual ( currently running xosp rom 7.1.1 ) immediately after switching on the screen while playing a game, my phone was like dead: tried to press to power buttons many time... nothing happened..tried to enter recorevery...nothing happend.. the screen keep stay black.. please help! Rom worked perfectly so far.. until 20 minutes ago....

edit... after a while my phone endend up in bootloop, now i am clean wipe and than flash again ...

Hello there, just flashed your great Rom, everything works smoothly, just one bug : if I tap on Sony battery equalizer the settings crash, maybe you already know 😀

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Is it best?? 

Hello , it's me , Pedro Kalil, XOSP N Bacon maintainer . My bacon is defective , so , if you face any issue , I need of your feedback to fix it . If you do face one issue , post a logcat of the issue + description , reboot the phone , and send /proc/last_kmsg. Copy them into some website like Hastebin and send it here. BTW , I'm using one relative's account because my phone is broken and I use 2step verification .

OnePlus X (Onyx) camera is broken. Fix please.

I installed the rom as per instructions, always seem to end up with a faulty camera app that always crashes after 5 seconds of black screen. Any idea what might cause this?
Tried variants of gapps, NO gapps too, even with just the rom installed on my One Plus 3, camera is faulty. Any help here?

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Guyz...tell me some updates of new one plus three..Its recent reviews about performance .
Give both negative + positive points about it!!


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Camera is not showig in drawer and other camera is also not working in my oneplus x latest 6.3 xosp official please help me

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