Hello. How can I remove or update xposed on version xosp-6.3 (not official)?
Device: HTC Desire 526G

Xosp rom

hello guys
excuse me i want ask something,i am interesting with this project i am read many article on xda,website blog and youtube.nexus 5 get cusrom official nougat xosp,i am go to check & download on official website xosp.org,but on option list nougat rom nexus 5 hammerhead is nothing but only in option marshmallow nexus 5 get official,can you share link official nougat xosp for me?sorry my english language no good

Hi, how can I create a rom for the Vernee Apollo? Thanks and if I'm posting in an inappropriate place I apologize.

Man i have used most of the roms for a feature so i thought i should ask you people does CAST SCREEN is working I got a android tv but i cant cast my phone so pls........ help me and try to answer it...........
if its working i will definitely switch to this rom.......

Hello, built this rom for an xperia-fan friend of mine, and going strong for over 6 months. I know that your time for this project is scarce, but is it possible to implement the blur notifications properly before you drop the curtain? There are a lot of roms that borrowed ( you may say kanged :) ) this unique feature of your rom (including the one i built and using now) and i would love to have it in its entirety, like on marshmallow. Thank you for your hard work over the years.

Problemas no App de álbum, está fechando sozinho. Alguma correção?

+Călin Neamţu Hi. Can you update Xapps? SonyHome is not working on latest Xapps. It work if manually install.

Erm.. still kenzo under official development?

can XOSP rom turn off background process and start up rom ?
I use z008 zenfone 2
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