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End of the line people....
XOSP is officially ending today, no more updates are going to be made, no more support so basically the project is shutting down completely.
The builds for our Official Devices are going to be released during these hours so have a bit of patience.
I also updated the XOSPApps where there was the necessity to be done and I also disabled natively the possibility to update Album and Sony Music from Play Store.
That was done because of some issues which were covered already before on the XOSP Channel on Telegram and basically to avoid the automatic updates this
had to be done. If you will try to update it manually from Play Store that will not be possible.
The major changes made to the last update are all covered here if you want to check up:

Regarding the project, guys, 4 years of an amazing journey for me, I honestly learnt many things by developing this project, I also met fantastic and nice people but as well as jerks so it was a bit of both. What made XOSP so popular in the last years was the fact of the growing community so big thanks to all of you who supported me starting from the Galaxy S+ Days with S+ Reborn (Hard Core Galaxy S+ Users for sure tried it on their terminals :) ) , another part are the maintainers and the people who wanted to compile this OS on their terminals and share it among the forums so thank you as well guys.
Lastly, the diversification, you guys know it very well that this is not the stock Android experience you find it with the other ROMs and this was a BIG + for the Project.
Many articles and reviews were made and all the people who tried XOSP left a good impression about it.

I am very sad right now writing this and I really hoped to continue even more this project because it has or sadly had lot of potential but it seems that not many good people wanted to do this, I am nothing contrary with their decisions because I know this OS is not made for everybody tastes so it is shared among a group of specific people who want the Sony Xperia Style badly.
Then, there is also the whole concept regarding keep the OS at a specific minimal standard and this was appreciated but as well as controversial for many.
In the end, XOSP, remained on the minimal and stood by many of the discussions saying that many features were missing and so on, even with the fact of the Native OMS support which was never included Officially by me and you know why...
I really hope that this project inspired some out there in the Android Custom ROMs community to create something new and out of the generic box which you can find among the various OS Variants available right now.
Maybe we will see a Samsung ROM or an LG one :P , just kidding it doesn't need to be an OEM oriented Style or as in terms of features but just something new and pleasant for the users.
I am glad that this project gave satisfaction and smiles to many users across the globe so I think my goals and missions were fully achieved thinking that this job was never something professional or that this project was done by a group of people in the team.

So with all said enjoy this last build of XOSP and don't worry about me, I will still be around here and there but for now I will just take a break and focus on Life Priorities.

See ya guys!


I am using zenfone 2 Z00A.
Having some problems installing the term for nougat... As they are not working at all... The only term version that works is 3.0.2-0.. Therefore I cannot install xosp nougat rom.. Currently using xosp marshmallow... Please give information on how to up to latest rom... Thanking you in advance...

Any chance to get Rom for Samsung a7 2017

Does this system support Sony's theme?

Hello I built xosp for Lenovo X3, but I'm facing some issues can anyone help me out?

hi masters Rom is good for my device kenzo.
I using now but I can not use fpc FP

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Xosp rom

hello guys
excuse me i want ask something,i am interesting with this project i am read many article on xda,website blog and 5 get cusrom official nougat xosp,i am go to check & download on official website,but on option list nougat rom nexus 5 hammerhead is nothing but only in option marshmallow nexus 5 get official,can you share link official nougat xosp for me?sorry my english language no good

Hi, how can I create a rom for the Vernee Apollo? Thanks and if I'm posting in an inappropriate place I apologize.
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