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Hey everyone, I'm receiving many reports from maintainers who are unable to compile for all sort of errors... That's because LOS is rebasing on CAF currently so some stuff are broken...

At the same time I decided to make a huge rebase on XOSP too, we will no longer fetch most of the repositories from LOS since all will be resident in the main XOSP org so now you're probably asking on which I'm going to rebase XOSP, that's still unknown. But mostly it will be CAF with various compatibility commits from LOS in order to keep easy the process for the maintainers to compile the ROM for their devices.
The rebase will take a while so XOSP for some time will be in the shadows with no updates, also all the LOS featured stuff like Privacy Guard or idk other proprietary features will be no more. This process is important in order to be fully independent and to continue on the path I and the whole community wants, I'm not discarding also the possibility to have OMS in XOSP but as I said in the last message that will need to be deeply tested

See ya guys✌🏻


Hello! What ROMs and where can I download it for MOTO E? Thank you

Hey! İs there any official/unofficial nougat rom for Htc one m7? ( i mean xosp rom:))

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Does it support sd card for Xiaomi Mi 4s (aqua)?

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After a while i realized that i don't have a file manager. Have I missed something? 

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Hello! I have strange problem.
It's standart font in game on first picture. And my font in game is on second picture (sorry for my English :)) It's bug and don't know how to solve it. Help me please. This font is awful. Game: castle clash: rise of beasts. Kenzo 11 feb
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Where can I fimd wallpapers like these 

Hope you can make it for Xiaomi Mi 4s (aqua) for this rom

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