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Sunset & Me Sleeping
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+Princess Twilight Sparkle +dominick armstrong

Tank RP

Sarge : blasts through everything with his tank HA! Direct hit!

Simmons : excellent work sir!

Sarge : shut it Simmons!

Simmons : yes sir!

Yang : woah! What are you guys doing?

Sarge : ah miss xiao long, we're testing our new tanks and blasting them on the walls!

Wiess schnee : and it didn't accure to you that it might cause NOISES!!!! >:-(

Sarge : silent for a moment but blasts more

Griff : that's what you get for trying to reason with a deranged old man!

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Sunset & Kyle ^^

+Princess Twilight Sparkle
the park at night
Kyle (me) : hey sunset? You awake?

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Sunset Vs. Anubis

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Sunset Shimmer & Kyle Akers go on adventures along with their friends as the protect the world from the heylin empire
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