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Today marks the 1st anniversary of the General Assembly of Greens Macau Partido Kalikasan-OFW. We congratulate everyone in their effort in helping us built this organization and reached out and organized the Filipino "diaspora" in Macau, and around the world. The Greens Macau PK - OFW Officers and Members wished you Mabuhay, Let's continue our Environmentalism purposes and the four core values of our organization:
*Ecological sustainability
*Social justice
*Grassroots democracy
*Peace and Non-violence

Again Mabuhay to All of us.....

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2014 was the First time in 40 years when CO2 emissions stayed flat while the economy grew.  China actually cut its coal consumption by 3%, the first drop this century.  This is good, since China uses 50% of the coal burned worldwide. Chinese CO2 emissions dropped 1 percent in 2014 even as their economy grew by 7.4 percent.

some reasons for buying your next car electric, installing solar panels and supporting renewable energy:

1.  help humanity since you no longer generate carcinogenic exhaust, otherwise known as smog, which kills millions of people each year and leads to lower IQ and autism ► Also, note that explains that 40% of deaths due to pollution.  Smog kills billions earlier than their normal time.  

2.  save lives since you reduce heart attacks caused by traffic noise ►   Electric cars are much quieter.

3.   save humanity from oil wars that destroy the environment and kill countless civilians.  Iraq war trillions could have powered all US with solar/wind ►  

4.  you no longer have to change oil or spark plugs; no more smog check either; electric cars have 60% less parts, so you will go for repairs much less.  Combustion engines are noisy and only 15% efficient;  electric motors are 90% efficient. 

5.  bring the end of gas stations that poison the water wells with MTBE or other compounds leading to billions of dollars wasted in cleaning up the well water (example:  $0.4 billion settlement ►

6.  save money as you spend 4-8 times less money on "fuel" depending what area of the globe at the current low prices of oil.  If you have enough solar panels,  you get free CLEAN fuel for life, since you charge at home and utilities pay you for energy you put on the grid.  Likewise, Tesla Motors offers free solar ☼ charging for life  

7.  save money for noble purposes because electric cars are cheaper than many oil cars after the federal and state rebates:  in Colorado, you can buy a Nissan Leaf for only 15, 000, while in most other states for 18-21, 000.  A Smart EV costs only $12, 000 in Colorado, see  Mitsubishi i-MieV is only $13, 000 in California and $10, 000 in Colorado ►

8.  Save money since it is cheaper to buy solar panels over 5-12 years than to pay the electric bill without panels - so you save MONEY and the environment - just choose the best deal, they got 12 year loans for 2-3% interest rate - plus after 12 years you get free electricity for the next 30 years or longer if panels last 50 years.  

9.  Electric car batteries and solar panels are far greener than alternatives.  Battery recycling for today's oil car lead batteries is happening at a 97% rate globally. It will be even better for the far safer lithium car batteries.   Lithium Ion batteries are classified by the federal government as non-hazardous waste.  Lithium ion batteries are made from nontoxic lithium carbonate (used in ovenware), nontoxic cobalt oxide (in pottery glaze), nontoxic graphite (in pencils), and a polymer (plastic) membrane. The most toxic components are the electrolyte and lithium cobalt oxide, neither of which are persistent in the environment and both of which are increasingly being replaced by safer compounds.  Wang Chuan-Fu, CEO of BYD, demonstrated the safety of the electrolyte in their lithium ion batteries by drinking it. Zero Motorcycles founder Neal Saiki said that the Lithium Ion batteries they use are safe to eat

Solar is way better than coal, oil or natural gas which spew 100-1000 times more carcinogens in the environment per unit of energy produced, besides far more CO2.  How long does a solar panel system have to operate to recover the energy used for making the panel? Energy payback for rooftop panels is 1-4 years depending on type.   Assuming a life of 30 years for a panel, that means that most energy produced will be free from pollution of any sort ►   

10.  save time, thus money, since you are allowed to use the carpool lanes to avoid traffic if you drive an electric car, in many countries, even if there is only 1 person in the car.  

11. Natural gas and Coal can be replaced with solar-wind immediately:) as a public health priority, especially since they are cheaper in many areas than fossil fuels and storage eliminates the need for sun-wind 24-7 ►  In China's worst areas, smog makes people live only 4 decades ►   Coal-fired plants lead to birth defects in China, see the 2 min video ►  In all nations, including USA, people near coal-fired plants often die of cancer at 45 or so, see the 10 min video ►  Coal pollution leads to cancer, asthma, autism (mercury), etc. Clean coal doesn't exist ►

12.  Germany increased its solar capacity 16000 times between 1990 and 2012  It's possible.   In 2014, Denmark generated 39% electricity from wind ► For comparison, the current renewables percentage in the US is 17%, India & China 15%,   Germany 31%, Paraguay & Norway & Lesotho & Bhutan 100% (hydro), All Africa 32% (hydro), Japan 11%, Russia 15% (hydro), Mexico 26%, Indonesia & UK 19%, Canada 60% (hydro), Portugal 60% (hydro+wind), Brazil 90% (hydro), Iceland 100% (hydro+geothermal), Ghana 75% (hydro), Spain 45% (wind-solar-hydro),  New Zealand 80% (hydro+geoth+wind).

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A new report from the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate has found that investments to help fight climate change can also drive economic development and jobs, but time is running out for the massive shift needed to secure a stable climate. The report has been timed to inform discussions at the September 23 climate summit in New York.

“As the world’s leading economists have just stated, planning for a low carbon, high innovation economy is the best way to secure our future economic prosperity and protect the environment from runaway climate change,” said Green Party Co-leader Dr Russel Norman.

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世界上最大最贪婪的官僚资本家集团是中国*共产*党, 他们要为“群众”们设立个*道德*委员会,哈哈哈

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The Newly Organized Greens Macau Partido Kalikasan-OFW is hoping to become a part of these Federation Soon......

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If you are still green with the procedures needed to participate in the Proof of Concept (PoC) Competition happening in Vietnam, two sets of one-on-one consulting sessions will open starting next week to make sure that everyone is part of this exciting opportunity. The sessions will take place in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi respectively.

In addition to the consultation sessions, another two Proof of Concept (PoC) Competition workshops will also be introduced in Da Nang and Can Tho on 22 and 24 July 2014.

Get the action-packed details here:

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The APGF and Global Greens have been working hard this past year on setting up our statutes, rules and registration for institutionalising our organisation.  At the same time grassroots self-organising behaviour is among the Greens' core principles.

So I'd like to introduce Chaordic stepping stones, this article & video explain how to find a balance between: too little structure which could produce chaos or, on the other hand, too much order that could stifle creativity & agility.

I look forward to participating in conversations about applying chaordic principles in the APGF.

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Hi ladies from around the world! 
Please see below for a list of progress regarding the Global Greens Women’s Network. 
1.  Facebook and website
Facebook page:
Please ‘like’ it and ask your Greens party branches and friends from your respective parties.    The page has really taken off very quickly and currently has 200 + members. 
Men and women alike, and members, non-members and supporters of the Greens are all welcome to join this page, which is our official communication and campaign site on FB. 
Facebook group: 
In keeping with our decision from the November meeting last year to have women as participants in the Global Greens Women’s Network, I have established the group for Greens members identifying as women. 
It is currently a closed group, and all members can post and share equally.  This is to enable us to share information and communicate freely as we form the Network.  We can change the settings to open if that is preferred by the Network members at a later stage.
If you can find me and request me as a friend, I will add you to our FB group.
Find me on Facebook here  and I will add you to the group. 

The Global Greens Women’s Network page is here  
There is currently nothing on the page (but it does have 6 ‘likes’!)  In order to use the page and upload information to it, we will need to raise funds to pay the webmaster.   
How to do this is a proposed agenda item for the upcoming meeting.  As background, during the inaugural Global Greens Women’s Network meeting in Dakar, some women MPs indicated that they would like to fund the creation of the Women’s Network section on the website. 
2.            Next meeting
I would like to propose our next meeting for the following date and time, later this week.  I’ve set it so that it hopefully might work for the people who are most likely to attend, based on our previous meeting.  
Sorry about the early start for those in GMT zones and beyond on the other side of the world.  I’m trying to get the best option for everyone and we can call a meeting for a different time in a few weeks. 
The time and date is below (please select your city from the list below.  If you’re not sure, check your location against Melbourne, Australia at 4 pm on Friday 9th May.
·  Brussels (Belgium)   Friday, 9 May 2014 at 8:00:00 AM    CEST UTC+2 hours  
·  Dakar (Senegal), Friday, 9 May 2014 at 6:00:00 AM GMT  UTC  
·  Helsinki (Finland)  Friday, 9 May 2014 at 9:00:00 AM    EEST UTC+3 hours  
·  Jerusalem (Israel)   Friday, 9 May 2014 at 9:00:00 AM    IDT  UTC+3 hours  
·  La Paz (Bolivia)  Friday, 9 May 2014 at 2:00:00 AM    BOT  UTC-4 hours  
·  London (United Kingdom) Friday, 9 May 2014 at 7:00:00 AM    BST  UTC+1 hour   
·  Los Angeles (U.S.A.) Thursday, 8 May 2014 at 11:00:00 PM PDT  UTC-7 hours  
·  Melbourne (Australia)  Friday, 9 May 2014 at 4:00:00 PM AEST UTC+10 hours
·  Nairobi (Kenya)   Friday, 9 May 2014 at 9:00:00 AM    EAT  UTC+3 hours  
·  Paris (France) Friday, 9 May 2014 at 8:00:00 AM    CEST UTC+2 hours 
·  Taipei (Taiwan) Friday, 9 May 2014 at 2:00:00 PM    CST  UTC+8 hours  
·  Tokyo (Japan)   Friday, 9 May 2014 at 3:00:00 PM    JST  UTC+9 hours  
·  Zürich (Switzerland - Zurich)   Friday, 9 May 2014 at 8:00:00 AM    CEST UTC+2 hours 
·  Wellington (New Zealand)         Friday, 9 May 2014 at 6:00:00 PM NZST UTC+12 hours 
·       Corresponding UTC (GMT)           Friday, 9 May 2014 at 06:00:00 AM                       

After this meeting, I think it would be good to set up a fixed meeting schedule.
Suggestions about the fairest way to do this are most welcome. Please send them to me and I can compile them.  
3.  Agenda items
Suggested agenda items (draft):
Process for developing a mission statement for the Global Greens Women’s Network
Structure (including sub groups) and processes/functions of the Network 
Funding to establish our webpage/s on the Global Greens site. 
If you have any agenda items, please forward to me by Wed 7th May your time and I’ll add them.
4.  Decisions of the November 2013 meeting
We agreed on the following short term priorities:

- establishing Facebook page, website and a blog
- uploading the declaration about the network* (see attached) to the website
- bringing together national women's networks
- fundraising globally for female candidates (via GG PayPal account)
- promoting female candidates via website and FB
- appointing an interim Convenor (Alex Bhathal, Australia) and Secretary (Tamar Primoratz, Israel/Australia) 
- vote about the name of the network and whether all genders can participate – meeting decided that women should participate and men can support initiatives of the Network.   
Tamar will send the formal minutes out before the meeting, so please look out for them on this email list.
Things to do before the meeting:
1.       To join the meeting, please contact me on Skype at this address:   alexbhathal

And I will add you to my contacts. 

Read through the attached contacts list.  Check you're on it.  Let Tamar and Kavitha know if there is someone who needs to be added to it – their email addresses are:  Please send through name, country, email and phone.
Send any suggested agenda items to me by 5 pm Wed 7th May, your time. 
Send any ideas or proposals about the structure and functions of the Network to me by 10 pm Wed 7th May, your time. 
 Thanks, see you on Skype,  Alex 

Welcome everyone to the Asia-Pacific Greens Federation Google+ Group. I've been using this platform with a few other networks and it's a nice system for having discussions and sharing information.  I hope that this space can help us to build stronger relationships among APGF members and the broader community.  It is through our relationship with one another that we together can realise the world of our aspirations.

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Here is a beautiful video that speaks to our relationship with one another. Enjoy!
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