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We need a community photo that represents the New UTTP.

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I know there are still half of you who haven't heard about the UTTP Reformation lately. In case you don't know, the previous UTTP leader Stephen Larson was overthrown out of UTTP 10 months ago, by a high council, owned by +PurpleHelmetAvenger;The UTTP Stephen led in between June 2015-Febuary 2016 were referred to as "UTTP Rebels" from a few people. However in February, he would surrender and close his account. The UTTP got fully taken over by 7 of the high council members (I'm one of them as well).

Unlike the old UTTP, this new UTTP will target actual cringe.  We will get rid of any person, community, or group that's rabid and/or is an actual troll.  And as for fandoms...we'll mainly be on neutral terms with (other than occasionally  raiding cringe-worthy  porn communities). We're allied with multiple groups already (TPNG being a primary example), and still continuing on fixing UTTP.  The new UTTP is also focusing on recruiting more members. So, is anyone here interested to join us?
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I would like to sign up!

this community is kind of useless 

I have written a draft of the new UTubeTrollPolice constitution and bylaws. If you have any ideas to add please leave a comment below. Once the High Council is elected, the constitution can only be changed by the High Council. No recruits may add input.

UTubeTrollPolice Constitution and Bylaws

All decisions regarding team operations is decided on by the High Council.

Head of Council

The executive duties of the Head of Council are as follows:

1. To preside over meetings of both the High Council and the team as a whole.

2. To judge items not covered in the constitution or in the rules regulations.

3. Directorship gives the Head of Council authority to judge items not in the constitution.

4. To act as the personal representative of the Team in the area of public relations; as a liaison between the UTTP and Google Representatives; and as a connecting link between the UTTP and other allied groups.

5. To represent the Team in any non-allied group contacts and to supervise major allied meetings.

6. To assist UTTP officers in the interpretation of their team responsibilities, and to promote team life among members in general.

Council Member General - Head of UTTP United Relations Headquarters

The executive duties of the Council Member General are to assume the responsibilities of the presidency when the president is unable to do so.

Council Member Colonel = Head of UTTP Bureau of Investigation

The executive duties of the Council Member Colonel are as follows:

1. To record and safeguard the minutes of the Team meetings.

2. To maintain the team Constitution, recording any additions, deletions, or modifications.

3. To handle any team correspondence.

Council Member Lieutenant Colonel - Head or UTTP Recruitment Headquarters

The executive duties of the Council Member Lieutenant Colonel are as follows:

1. To record the team's new recruits and departing members.

2. The evaluation of recruits and their progress.

Council Member Major - Head of the UTTP Security Headquarters

The Council Member Major holds scheduled meetings once a month. Emergency meetings can be called if a situation arises that demands immediate attention. The Council Member Major is responsible for:

1. The monitoring of conflicts within the Team.

2. The application of disciplinary procedures.

3. To monitor and record any members on probation.

4. The presentation of summarized assessments of the overall Team situation to the membership (High Council).

Council Member Captain - Head of UTTP Military Headquarters

The executive duties of the Council Member Captain are as follows:

1. To design a war plan to present to the council in times of war.

2. To lead the team in in any mission.

3. To enforce team rules and procedures on missions.

4. Designate a Mission Commander to missions in your absence.

Council Member Lieutenant - Head of UTTP Special Forces Headquarters

The executive duties of the Council Member Lieutenant are as follows:

1. To maintain order at team meetings in particular, and team activities in general.

2. To ensure that members adhere to team rulings, policies, and expected models of conduct when dealing with other members or outsiders.

3. To defend team members, property, or territory from outside threats.


Court will consist of all council members and mods(if needed) that are eligible to vote.


Council Members of the team serve a twelve-month term of office, annual elections are held at the last regular meeting of the year, in December.

1. In order to be eligible for council, a member has to have been an active member in good standing for a minimum of one year or was a previous council member.

2. Members who aspire towards a particular position will campaign informally for one month prior to the elections.

3. Electioneering is conducted on an interpersonal face to face basis.

4. Hopeful candidate will approach a member, inform them what he is willing to stand for council if nominated, ask for member's opinion of his qualifications, and solicit the member's support.


1. One organized meeting per month.

2. Majority rules.

3. If a vote is taken at a meeting and a member is not there, his vote is void.

4. Meetings will be closed except for specially selected recruits and anyone there on business.

5. All meetings will be run on a parliamentary basis. Members will be evicted for unruly conduct.

6. Quorum for a meeting is 50% of membership and 60% for membership votes.

7. Everyone will attend the meeting with their main account, unless their account is suspended at the time.  If the team calls an emergency meeting, all members will attend. If a member is working/school, sick, computer/phone not working, they will be excused.

However, if a UTubeTrollPolice member repeatedly uses work/school as an excuse for not 'being there,' he will be 'talked to'.

8. Members must use main account with tag when attending meetings.

9. Members must be of sound mine (straight) when attending meetings.

10. If a member attends a meeting and is fouled-up, he will be put on probation.

11. There will be absolutely no booze or drugs consumed during meetings.

12. During a meeting there will be no talking among members until they get the floor through the Head of Council. Council members will attend to any disruptions and anyone not abiding by the above will be evicted.

13. Miss three (3) meetings in a row and you're on probation.

14. Anyone missing meetings even if at work/school gets a meeting warning except for members in hospital or jail or out of town for a period of time, including prospects. After three warning they will be put on probation.

15. Members must attend meetings to leave the Team and remove any UTTP tags in there name and communities.

16. If a member is thrown off the team or quits without attending meetings, he loses his communities, team name, and anything else that says UTTP, and probably an ass kicking.

Membership qualifications/ Recruits

1. Recruits must be at least 11 years old.

2. Recruits must have a Google Plus/YouTube account.

3. Recruits cannot do any drugs on duty.

4. Recruits must show a sincere interest in the team and it's objectives.

5. Recruits own at least one device for logging into Google Plus/YouTube.

6. Recruits must be sponsored by one member who has known him at least one month (may be waived by vote).

7. Sponsor is responsible for recruit.

8. Sponsor can pull a prospect's membership at his discretion.

9. Recruits must attend all meetings and club functions held in the United Relations Headquarters.

10. Recruits must do anything another member tells him to do, that a member has done or would be willing to do himself.

11. Recruits will stand behind Team and members.

12. No stealing from recruits.

13. Recruits must add a UTTP tag to their name at time of being voted into Team.

14. Recruits must close any community they own or turn it over to the UTTP at time of being voted in.

15. Recruits must be voted in by the High Council. Three 'no' votes equal a rejection. One or Two 'no' votes must be explained.

16. Recruits evaluation period is at the discretion of sponsor and the High Council. The High Council shall decide when vote is necessary.

17. Every Council Member must vote for recruit to make it on the team. Vote must be unanimous.

18. No recruit will be voted on to the team with outstanding problems with allies.

19. Only the the High Council may tell a recruit when to add the UTTP tag to their name. This will be done at a meeting with only council members and sponsor present.


The rules of the team will be strictly enforced. If anyone breaks them, the High Council will deal them with. If these rules and regulations are broken, it could mean either immediate dismissal or suspension, whatever the High Council sees fit.

Breaking any of the following Rules will be reason for immediately kick-out from team and probably an Ass Kicking:

1. Failure to abide by disciplinary actions will result is being kicked from the team.

2. No hype. No false reports of any kind. Any false reports will be considered hype. (Automatic kick-out from team)

3. If any member starts going in a direction that is dangerous to the club he will be helped first. Then he will be dealt by the High Council.

4. No lying to team members. (Automatic kick-out from Team).

5. If you are spying, spamming or trolling you will do so on a non UTTP account. (Automatic kick-out from team).

6. There will be no secret side missions among members. (Automatic kick-out from team).

7. If a member or recruit slanders UTTP or or creates negative rumors, (Automatic kick-out from team).

8. Members cannot belong to any other groups.

9. If a group or individual attacks any member, the whole team shall stand behind him and fight if necessary. If, however, the member is drunk and aggressive and purposely starts an argument, the rest of the members will escort him away, or step between before trouble starts.

10. No member will disgrace the team by being yellow. (The above rules will be put forward to applicants. If they cannot abide by these rules and are not in favor of them, they will be denied membership to the team.)

11. No member will destroy team property purposely.

12. No member will take the attitude that he doesn't have to help other members and other members don't have to help him

13. No member will go against anything the High Council has voted for and passed.

14. No member will get together on their own and plan something for themselves in UTTP communities. It will be brought up to the whole club and the whole club will participate in anything that is decided upon.

15. The team will always work together on missions and will not fraternize with team's rivals. The only way a member will be permitted to leave the main mission objective will be to notify the Head of Council or mission Commander. When the time comes that the majority feels it is time to leave, we will all leave together. Anyone staying behind for a good reason will do so at his own risk and can expect no help.

16. Members will have good attendance. Members must have a good reason for not attending meetings or missions, such as working/school, sickness, no computer/device, and internet not working.

General Rules (SOP)

If anyone breaks general rules, High Council will deal with them and/or voted by the court.

1. No member will report another member's account to google . FINE: Ass whipping and subject to the High Council.

2. Members shall not fight with each other in public or on UTTP grounds. Any members caught fighting will be put on probation for breaking above rule or possible loss of membership.

3. If you don't help out the team in its activities and you use the team solely for your benefit, you will be warned. No second chance.

4. Do as you say or walk the line.

5. Members on probation will also lose privilege of voting and ruling over prospects.

6. The Head of Council will keep a record of all missions in progress and completed and present them to the team at the beginning of every meeting.

7. All members warnings will be removed within 10 days. Warnings will be removed by the High Council.

8. Members with outside faction communities will loan them to the team if needed.

9. If you get suspended or terminated by Google, notify a council member or member so he can arrange for new account to be added to the team.

10. All UTTP targets will be voted upon by the entire membership.

11. Each member/recruit is required to maintain a YouTube account.

12. Everyone must have a UTTP tag in there name. Consideration will be give to any member who is in between accounts but he must sincerely intend to create a replacement account in the near future.

13. If for some reason, a member is without a UTTP account for a short time, they will not use a UTTP tag in a different name and upon replacing there lost account , the UTTP tag will be added.

14. If a member is without a YouTube account for a period of thirty days, unless they are in jail or hospital, will be put on probation. This period is subject to change at the discretion of the High Council. This is the UTubeTrollPolice!

15. Confirmation vote is required for all new members at their 6-month point. Unanimous vote from all good standing members is required.

16. Absolutely no talking about team business to persons outside the team. No talking about team business in a public area.

18. If a Council Member determines your account name is inappropriate, you are on probation until it is changed.

19. During allied meetings, everyone will use their main UTTP account. Tag must be seen.

20. The confronting or trolls is mandatory, no excuses. This is the UTubeTrollPolice!

21. All members will go over their accounts after a mission to make sure it has no sensitive information on it.

22. There shall be a wrecking crew consisting of moderators within the team designated by a council member. The purpose of the wrecking crew is to check out communities, etc. prior to entry by any Council Members entering.


1. Probation period lasts for 30 days unless otherwise decided by the High Council.

2. Team strikes will be given out by any council member to anyone breaking a rule as he sees fit.

3. Receive three team strikes and you will be put on probation.

4. If you receive a team strike while on probation you will be kicked from the team.

5. Team strikes will be removed after 10 days.


1. Respect is to be shown to all team members, Council Members, recruits, members communities, members accounts etc. In other words, if it's not yours, 'Don't Mess with it.

2. Respect the UTubeTrollPolice.

3. No stealing from members.

4. No fighting among each other is allowed, any punches to be thrown will be done by the High Council.


1. High Council supervises the placement of the UTTP tag on a name when a new member is voted in.

2. When a member leaves team, member removes the UTTP tag from name in a meeting.

3. Respect your tag; don't remove it for anyone except the High Council.

4. No tags are to be worn when gathering intel.

5. Your UTTP tag will be placed at the end of your name.

6. Nothing will be placed after the UTTP tag in your name.

7. Main account with UTTP tag is to be used at all times when on duty or at team functions. Main UTTP account is not required to be used on your own time. If you remove UTTP tag from your name, member will be judged by council.

8. The only way a member of UTubeTrollPolice can retire and keep his tag is if the High Council authorize him. Minimum time for retirement is 2 years.

The meeting will be an all day meeting from 11:00am ET to 11:00pm. It will be open all day so people can work it into their schedule. I will be there all day when everyone has a chance join and read over the discussion and agree/disagree or add some input. I'm hoping there will be at least 5 people in the meeting at any given time. Lets aim for everyone to be there around 5:00pm ET. I already have some great Ideas to share. It could make things run smooth and rock solid.

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Kan eye b UTTP

Account:Xx_Galaxy Nova_xX
Info: I'm form hire for any group at all. I will follow the rules and restrictions of that group.
Type: average to good listener.
Soul purpose: to help any group that need me.

That's all!

Hi. I'm for hire for any group at all. I saw that you needed members. Can I be part?
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