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Name: Princess Blasticus

Species: Angel

Forms: Angelhog, Angelfox, Hedgehog, Fox, Hedgehog, Bee, Rabbit, etc

Age: 1-100 (Depending on RP)

Gender: Female

Power: Magic Tricks

Abilities: Cooking, baking, etc

Likes: Everything good

Dislikes: Everything bad

Brothers: Red, Flutter Fairy (This sounds like someone messed with the time/space rift!)

Sisters: Princess Cloud, Mash Clash

Father/Creator 1: Truth

Creator 2: Princess Cloud (I know; it's kind of crazy...)

Mother/Creator 3: Sauce

Friends: +Cyan The Hedgehog, +Sonicfan12, +Niko Prower King of Lynphea, +Zerion The Shadowhog, Princess Cloud, Truth, Sauce, Red, Flutter Fairy, etc

Enemies: Shadowed Blast, etc

Rivals: None

Weapons: Machine Gun, Sniper Rifle, knife, Blaster Cannon/Cannon Blaster (If it's called "Blaster Cannon" it's in it's Blaster transformation. If it's called "Cannon Blaster" it's in it's Cannon form)

(Pictures only show Blast's forms.)
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the unamed mascot tries to think of a side to join

Me: Is in hedgehog form, and is punching a bag surprisingly fast, +Cyan The Hedgehog sees this, and you...

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Here's my bio
Quote: I am the hope of the universe I am the answer to all living things who cry out for peace I am protector of the innocent I am the light in the darkness I am truth,ally to good! Nightmare to you!
Powers:Chaos energy,Ki,Chakra,Pyrokinesis,Lightning,Telekinesis,Wind,Can write anything that comes to life,Sonic speed,Mimicry(Can copy Any skill,Technique,Power)
Likes:Training,Reading,Being lazy,Video games,Anime,Bunnie Rabbot,Fiona Fox,Fighting Strong opponents
Dislikes:Nazo,Mephiles,Haters,Bullies,Stalkers,Seeing innocent people get hurt,Water,Needles
Abilities:Hand to hand combat,Flight,Instant transmission,Using magic,Telepathy
Weapons:Guns,Sword,Power pole
Bio: Kronos is a saiyanhog who was born on the planet flair which was the home of the saiyanhogs and was born with a power level of 75,000 and was sent to planet earth later on as years past by Kronos has fought many strong opponents and his power level increased to 5 million!,Ever since then Kronos became the strongest saiyanhog there is. In another realm where gods rule Kronos has been watched over by a being named whis who has been watching kronos during his recent battles he had on planet earth. Whis was impressed by Kronos power level and has decided to take him under his wing and train him like he trained lord beerus and make him a god the other gods seemed to agree with whis's decision how ever there was one being who goes by the name of lord beerus who is known as the god of destruction who also found interests in kronos's power level. At some point in time Kronos eventually became so so strong that he defeats beerus in hand to hand combat. Thus Kronos has been known as the god of worlds dimensions and the god of earth.
(His voice sounds like goku's)
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+Zlayer3Smash 98​ yo wanna fight stretches

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like:travel to different universe,training,relaxing,being laxy,meeting new friends and allys,LOVES donuts

Dislikes:evil people,annoying people,does NOT like others taking my donuts with permission,people hurting my friends

abilities: make any part of my body into metal,make and control fire also can eat it,ki control,super strength and speed,fire dragon mage magic,teleportation,flight,ring on tail can give me a energy/ki boost,knows some justus(fire,lighting,wind mix),make portals,make items come out of portals,mix my forms

weopon: sword(black blade sword and my swird named dragin breath),and anything i can get my hands on

forms:super,super form 3,baserk mode,ring boost mode [i will update my profile later with more forms once i got all the drawings and some extra stuff added in later in like a week or two],kirby form

Bio:hehehe just here to pick a fight
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Name:  Cyan
Species: Artificial Hedgehogs
Age: 9
Gender: Male/Boy
Powers: Psychic, Chaos, wind
Abilities: Psychic powers, chaos powers, wind powers
Likes: Makin' friends, racing, battling, magic
Dislikes: Evil, murderers
Transformations: Robot, Super Robot, Hyper Robot, Super, Hyper
Weapons: Lightsabers, armcannons, auto/semi-auto guns (sometimes)
Quote (Starting/Joining battle): "Heh-heh....  '[Insert comeback here]'"
Quote (Win battle): "Told you a recolor can still fight.."
Quote (Lose battle) : "Ugh, but h- How??"
Quotes (During Battle) : "TAKE THAT!","Oof!","PSYCHAOTIC WIND!","PSYCHAOTIC FLASH!","Your moves cannot damage me, I am nearly immortal!".
Bio: Cyan The Hedgehog is an artificial psychokinetic/Telekinetic hedgehog who can run slightly slower than Sonic and has chaos energy sealed within him (similar to Shadow), Dr. Eggman once captured Silver, Sonic, and Shadow and used their DNA to make Cyan, but Cyan betrayed him and now lives in peace with other Sonic OCs/FCs
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