Test on Wednesday. Expected topics:

 * softlinks vs hard links
 * creating groups
 * based on a set of permissions, which group would people have to be in to do something
 * change ownership
 * read output of "ls -l" command
 * “s” in permissions (what does it mean)
 * default file permissions (name of command, how it is used, and octal & symbolic values)
 * info in “finger” command and how to change it
 * converting between octal and symbolic permissions
 * what file contains groups
 * how do we make a script executable
 * giving a file superuser permissions to write to another file
 * search through file system for files that meet certain criteria
 * change file permissions
 * purpose of different commands

I missed a couple at the beginning of the list, so if anybody caught those, feel free to add them.

Hey gang,

I'm not going to make it to class tonight. Let me know what was covered so I can study up. Extra points for a history file.

The next quiz is coming up on Wednsday (May 13th). It includes fill-in-the-blank questions. Deb emphasized searching within the braindump file using the commands we have learned since the last exam (April 22nd).

Wan, I must have copied your email address incorrectly. If you see this, contact me and I can try to get it to you as soon as possible. Otherwise, we can sort it out tomorrow in class.

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Hey all,

This Oliver person put together a really neat Unix tutorial. For me it's the perfect after class value-add.


Test on Wednesday (the 22nd). Multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank, plus bonus points for identifying classmates by name. Most questions drawn from brain-dump files.

Hey, everyone. Welcome to the group.
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