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Look what I found with @ClawbertGame #Clawbert

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Look what I found with @ClawbertGame #Clawbert

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(I am not into mcd but I will join the rp I might not be on a lot tho anyone can use my characters when I'm gone so :)

question can I have menphia the furys relic?

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I know this isn't roleplay, but I'm not completely caught up with the episodes... SO NO SPOILERS. Episode 81... Those FEELZ..... I was crying for 2 hours.. I had to take all the emotions out and I drew this...


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Name full : Rose Melody Thorne
Age: 18
Village: Dragon's Eye
Magicks: None.
Rank: Head Guard
Bio: Her entire village was destroyed. She was out one day many years ago, and came back to see her village in ruins. There were no survivors. Her family, her friends, everything was gone. She grabbed her closest belongings and ran. She ran and ran further and further until she found a village. The village was known as Dragon's eye. She began training as guard. She emerged as best in her class, and was appointed head guard.
Parents: Margaret Thorne(dead) Cole Thorne (dead)
Friends: Lina Stadardd and Tanner Morgan (I'll make their bios later)
Crush: She doesn't really have one.
Relationship: None.
Favorite food: BREAD
Favorite color: GREEN!
Likes: Nature, Archery, Running, Hanging with friends, Building, and anything adventurous
Dislikes: Brats, People who are mean to her, or not getting sleep.
Personality: Brave, Strong, Sassy, Caring, Hyper, Cheerful, and Not shy at all!
Favorite saying: Whaddya gonna do about it, huh?

rose skin made by me, all artwork is mine, and I am working on building her village
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Name full : Chase, last name unknown.
Age: About 18
Village: Thieves Guild
Magicks: None
Rank: Second in command
Bio: After his mother dying in birth and his father abandoning him with his aunt, Chase had a pretty good childhood overall. Although nervous at first, he eventually made friends other than his younger cousin Eliza, a quiet redhead. Years passed until the time came when he was 15 and Eliza 13, when a fire swept through their village. In an attempt to get Eliza and Chase out, their 'mother' passed. After one and a half years, Chase was caught trying to mug a member of the guild, and taken prisoner. Year after year passed, and Chase eventually became a valued asset. In that time he met Xavier, a black haired assassin, and Xavier pretty much wouldn't stop hanging around him until they eventually became friends.
Parents: Mother deceased, Father's residence unknown.
Friends: Xavier, (leader of thieves guild), and a couple more people yet to be named.
Crush: None
Relationship: None
Favorite food: Beeeeeef
Favorite color: Red
Likes: His one and only, his precious wittle Crimson cloak.
Dislikes: People who hardly talk and made every encounter really awkward.
Personality: Slow to anger, has a soft spot for the little family or friends he has, gets really giddy about some things, and can be a bit (very) overprotective.
Favorite saying: "As if!"
//Shoot the image quality got screwed up//

The problem with me is that I don't start crying immediately. I'm left in shock. Then I can't stop thinking about what happened. Soon I just become a emotional mess. I need to find something else to describe me right now other than emotional mess.

Rest in peace, Aaron.
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